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Guide to the Disney Wish Restaurants and Bars

Last year the Walt Disney Company debuted the newest and fifth cruise ship on the Disney Cruise Line, the Disney Wish. The Disney Wish had its maiden voyage in July 2022. Currently, you can either depart from Port Canaveral on three and four-night cruises to Nassau and Castaway Cay.

This new Disney ship has introduced some entirely new dining concepts that will be completely different dining experiences for seasoned Disney cruisers. These include two immersive dining experiences, perfect for Frozen and Marvel fans.

Headed aboard the Disney Wish? Review some of the Disney Wish restaurants and bars that you’ll get to experience. And, be sure to bring your appetite because there are some great options here!

I’ve been on a media sailing and two discounted Disney Cruise Line sailings, as well as eleven at my own expense. This post contains affiliates and a purchase through one of these affiliates may result in a commission paid to us at no additional cost to you.

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The bar at Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge with bottles along the counter and screen/window into space.

Guide to the Disney Wish Restaurants and Bars

Like the other Disney Cruise ships, the Disney Wish utilizes a rotational dining experience. You’ll be given your rotation once you are on board the ship. These three main dining rooms are included in your cruise fare and there’s no extra charge (except for alcohol).

While it used to be printed on your Key to the World card, now the rotation can be seen on the app once you are on the ship’s WiFi. If you have a specific request, you can call the Disney Cruise Line in advance to request a specific order for your rotational dining restaurants. It isn’t guaranteed but they can note your preference in your reservation.

Because there are three main dining restaurants, you’ll be assigned one for each night on a three-night cruise, and will repeat one on a four-night sailing. Because our four-night sailing was extended to a six-night sailing due to Hurricane Ian, we re-started our dining rotation from the start.

On your last day, before you disembark, you’ll be able to have breakfast in one of the sit-down restaurants with the same wait staff you’ve had all week. That restaurant will be the same one you ate in on the last night of your cruise.

When you book your cruise, you’ll have the option of two different dining times – the main seating time and a second seating time. That will remain your dining time for the entire sailing.

If you want to change, you’ll be able to once you are on board the ship – just check the Navigator app for the time and place for dining changes. Again, this isn’t a guarantee because it’s based on availability.

Your serving crew will also follow you each night, so they have the opportunity to learn your preferences and any special requests or needs. By the end of the cruise you’ll really get to know them.

Long hallway with red wallpaper, decorative wooden floor

Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure

Fans of the Frozen movies will absolutely love Arendelle, a Frozen Dining Adventure. During this Nordic-themed meal, you’ll have the opportunity to see a local Arendelle musical trio perform at Anna and Kristoff’s engagement party while also seeing your favorite characters Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and Oaken.

The characters do walk around and wave to guests, but this isn’t like a character meal at Walt Disney World. They don’t stop at each table for photos or autographs. It’s still such an experience for little kids. While I wasn’t traveling with any children, I did see the kids around us having a great time.

If you visit Arendelle for a second time during your sailing, there won’t be a repeat of the show. Typically, on a four-night sailing, the repeated restaurant is during the pirate night when there is a special, ship-wide pirate night menu.

I really enjoyed the food at Arendelle. The Swedish meatballs were a big hit, although the guests at my table who had the sea bass deemed it the best entree on the entire cruise. The baked scallops in puff pastry were also delicious.

interior of 1923 restaurant with long tables, chairs, and glass case with drawings - including a sketch of Flynn Rider.


The most elegant (and adult-friendly) of the four ships is 1923, named for the year the Walt Disney Company was founded. There are two sides to this atrium-adjacent restaurant – the Roy Disney side and the Walt Disney side. Many guests often unofficially view their night at 1923 as an opportunity to dress up in 20s attire.

The 1923 restaurant offers one of my favorite dishes on the Wish – the Burrata Mozzarella Cheese & Prosciutto di Parma appetizer. I would definitely order that every time I dine there! During our sailing, 1923 also offered a sit-down breakfast for 90 minutes each morning, as well as a sit-down lunch. It can be a nice break from the hectic pace of the Marceline Market.

Worlds Of Marvel

Worlds of Marvel is the third restaurant on the Disney Wish, and the one most likely to appeal to fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The main characters of the meal are Ant-Man and the Wasp, who appear on video screens throughout the dining room.

During your meal, you’ll be treated to various video clips of different scenes from Marvel movies and Disney+ shows. A Quantum Core device sits on every table and is a big part of the show.

My favorite dessert on the ship was from Worlds of Marvel. The Pym Doughnut Sundae features delicious dulce de leche ice cream and is such an extravagant treat. While I found the doughnut to be a bit much, the ice cream was absolutely delicious.

The Disney Wish also offers a Beauty and the Beast section of the ship that offers three adult-only venues. These are offered at an additional cost, and the two restaurants can (and definitely should) be booked well in advance. They were sold out very quickly during our sailing.

Lumiere figure hanging off a wall fixture


Enchante is a high-end French restaurant by chef Arnaud Lallement. It’s a new concept for Disney (the Disney Fantasy and the Disney Dream have Remy as their upscale restaurant) and is inspired by Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast.

During our sailing, Enchante offered breakfast, a dessert experience, and dinner. We didn’t visit because we wanted to experience all of the dining locations since it was our first sailing on the Wish. I did get a chance to walk in, however, and it’s very beautiful.

Entrance to Palo steakhouse with golden accents and large windows

Palo Steakhouse

The Palo Steakhouse is similar to Palo on the other Disney ships. Keeping with the Beauty and the Beast theme, it was inspired by Cogsworth. Palo offers brunch and dinner and booked up very quickly on our sailing.

Although Palo on the Wish has “steakhouse” in its name (unlike the other Palos), we didn’t notice any difference in the brunch menu from what we had experienced on the Disney Dream a year earlier. The food and the service were excellent, and I definitely recommend visiting there.

Marceline Market

The Disney Wish is the first Disney Cruise Line ship that doesn’t have a Cabanas buffet onboard. Instead, it has Marceline Market, which is similar to a buffet but has servers behind the buffet plating your food. Marceline Market is open for breakfast and lunch and offers a huge variety of food choices including global specialties, traditional favorites, and more.

Marceline Market is a great option if you want to eat quickly, and want to have a large option of choice. It’s also very casual dining, so you can toss on a coverup and grab some food.

Mickey and Friends Festival of Foods sign on the side of a kiosk

Mickey and Friends Festival of Foods

Another new concept on the Disney Wish is Mickey and Friends Festival of Foods. While there have been quick service locations on the other ships, these are different concepts.

This food court-style section includes Mickey’s Smokestack Barbecue, Daisy’s Pizza Pies, Sweet Minnie’s Ice Cream, Goofy’s Grill, and Donald’s Cantina. We especially loved Mickey’s Smokehouse Barbeque – it definitely seemed to be the more popular option.

With the exception of Goofy’s Grill, the Festival of Foods closed at 6 pm. I’m hopeful they will eventually stay open later because it’s a great option for dinner if you don’t want to get dressed up and head to the main dining rooms.

Joyful Sweets interior with statues of Sadness and Disgust next to machine with memory orbs.

Joyful Sweets

Located outside Marceline Market, Joyful Sweet is an Inside Out-themed dessert cafe offering specialty treats including gelato. These do cost extra. While I did go inside, I didn’t get any of the treats during this trip.

The Bayou

Unlike the other Disney ships, there isn’t really an adult nightclub area on the ships. Instead, there are various bars and lounges scattered throughout the ship. One of the prettiest of these is the Bayou, with a Princess and the Frog theme.

The Bayou offers a Bloody Mary and mimosa cart in the mornings, as well as beignets on their cocktail menu. An additional fee applies. During our sailing, there were various arts and crafts, trivia events, and entertainment hosted in the Bayou.

Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge

While the Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge originally required reservations on board, it’s now entirely walk-in. This Star Wars-themed bar is fully immersive, with sounds, sights, and lights that make you feel like you are in a ship in space. The drinks are really fun, and the atmosphere makes you completely forget that you are on a cruise ship and not in a Disney attraction.

The Rose

The Rose is a beautiful bar located right outside Enchante and Palo. It offers gorgeous views with almost all seats facing the windows. Whether you are dining at Enchante or Palo, or just want to get a drink and enjoy the view, it’s a great option.

Cove Bar and Cove Cafe

Located in the adult-only section of the cruise on deck 13 are the Cove Bar and the Cove Cafe. The bar has some special drinks including several with popsicles. These can only be found at this bar and the Currents bar.

Around the corner is the Cove Cafe, an adult-only coffee shop. I love the Cove on all of the ships – it’s a nice quiet oasis where you can get a specialty coffee drink and either enjoy it there or take it to go.

There are other bars and lounges located throughout the ship. These include Nightingale’s (a piano bar), the Keg and Compass pub, the Lookout Bar, and Currents (which offers the same menu at the Cove). There’s also 24-hour room service, which is mostly complimentary except for drinks and gratuities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many main dining rooms are there on the Disney Wish?

There are three main dining rooms, and you’ll be assigned a different one each night (on a three-day cruise). For a four-day cruise, you’ll be assigned one restaurant twice. There’s even Marceline Market, which is most similar to a typical cruise buffet.

Does the Disney Wish have specialty restaurants that cost extra?

The two adult-only restaurants, Palo Steakhouse and Enchante, cost extra and require reservations.

Does the Disney Wish have a buffet?

Marceline Market is the traditional cruise ship buffet. Unlike most buffets, however, crew members are available to help you in serving the food.

interior of 1923 with sketch of Flynn Rider, long red hallway to Arendelle, entrance to Arendelle with stone wall

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