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Disney Cruise Ships: Everything You Need to Know

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of cruising. My favorite cruise line is the Disney Cruise Line, thanks to the fantastic family activities, the fabulous service, and Disney’s beautiful private island, Castaway Cay.

Going on a cruise ship is a huge commitment because once you embark, you’ll only be getting off at the various ports of call. Almost everything you do will be on board. Be prepared for your next Disney Cruise with our guide to the Disney Cruise Ships – including restaurants, staterooms, entertainment, and more.

Disclosure: I’ve been on several media and discounted cruises, as well as many cruises at full price. All opinions are my own.

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Comparing the Disney Cruise Ships

Disney Cruise Line currently has four ships: the Disney Magic, the Disney Wonder, the Disney Dream, and the Disney Fantasy. The Disney Magic and Wonder were the first two ships, and are smaller than the newer Dream and Fantasy.

Wondering what the differences are? Check out this guide, which includes a comparison of the four ships, including restaurants, entertainment, and more. It will give you all the information you’ll need to decide which ship to sail on.

Complete Guide to the Disney Fantasy

The Disney Fantasy, the newest Disney Cruise Line ship (until the Wish sets sail later this year), was the first Disney Cruise Line ship that I sailed on. Our guide includes in-depth information about what you’ll find onboard, including restaurants, entertainment, and shops.

The Disney Wonder: Everything You Need to Know

The Disney Wonder was the second Disney Cruise Line ship in the fleet. It’s the same size as the Disney Magic, but does have some differences including different shows and restaurants. Here’s everything you need to know when booking a trip on the Disney Wonder.

All About the Disney Wonder Restaurants

While some of the food on the Disney Cruise Line ships are the same across the fleet, the restaurants are a bit different. On the Disney Wonder, you’ll find Tiana’s Place, Triton’s, and Animator’s Palate.

Tiana’s Place is my favorite restaurant on any of the Disney Cruise Line ships. The New Orleans-themed food (especially the beignets) and entertainment can’t be beaten. Read all about the various food venues in this post.

Sunset over the balcony on the Disney Dream

Everything You Need to Know About Traveling on the Disney Dream

I’ve been on the Disney Dream more than any of the other ships. With three and four-day itineraries departing Port Canaveral, it’s an easy cruise itinerary to combine into a Disney Land and Sea vacation.

Here’s everything you need to know about traveling on the Disney Dream, including things to eat, entertainment, itineraries, and more.

Restaurants on the Disney Dream

In addition to the three restaurants on the Disney Dream (Enchanted Garden, Royal Palace, and Animator’s Palate), there are other dining options on the ship. These include the Cabanas buffet, the adult restaurants (Palo and Remy), room service, and several quick service counters.

The Disney Dream Staterooms: What to Expect

Planning a trip on the Disney Dream? Review this post to see the various stateroom options before booking your trip. Options include interior rooms, oceanview staterooms, verandah rooms, and deluxe family staterooms that can accommodate up to five family members. While you won’t spend too much time in your room, you will want to find a stateroom that is comfortable for your family.

Everything You Need to Know About the Disney Magic Cruise Ship

After ten Disney Cruise Line sailings, I finally had the opportunity to sail on Disney’s first ship, the Disney Magic. Although I love the larger ships, I really do enjoy spending time on the smaller ships. There are fewer people, and it’s easier to navigate. Within a day, I already feel completely familiar with the ship.

The Disney Magic does have a variety of different itineraries throughout the year, including European sailings. This post offers an overview of everything you need to know before you go.

Tips for Your First Day on the Disney Cruise Line

The first day on a cruise is always stressful. You’ll need to go through security to board, make sure that you have everything you need, and attend the muster drill. This post helps you prepare for the first day.

Disney Cruise Line Tips for First-Timers

First time going on a cruise? This post contains must-read tips and hacks for first-timers, including information about how to book your cruise, when to check-in, what to bring, and what things to organize in advance of your trip.

Cookies and Cream sundae

Delicious Treats on the Disney Cruise Line

Food is a big part of any cruise vacation. The Disney Cruise Line offers some delicious treats to try while you are on board, including the popular Dole Whip, ice cream treats, must-try restaurant desserts, and more. Some of these are included with your cruise fare, while others are offered at an additional cost.

Palo on the Disney Cruise Line

Whether you are traveling with a group of adults, or have kids visiting the kids’ club, you’ll want to take time to eat at Palo. This Italian restaurant is adult-only and is available at an additional fee (unless you are a Platinum Castaway Club member). Book in advance for the best availability.

Must-Dos on the Disney Cruise Line

Although you’ll have time off the ship at the various ports of call, you’ll probably be spending a lot of time on the ship. The Disney Cruise Line app will contain a schedule of all activities – although some should be booked in advance of your sailing. Read about all of our must-dos before you go.

Disney Cruise Packing List

Wondering what to pack? Packing for a cruise can be a little challenging because you have to find the balance between bringing enough and bringing too much. There isn’t a ton of room in the staterooms for storage, but it can be hard to buy essentials. This list will help you pack what you need.

Kids’ Clubs on the Disney Cruise Line

If you are cruising with kids, you’ll definitely want to know about the kids’ clubs. When my children were younger, they always loved spending time in the clubs. The combination of organized activities and free play areas make for a fun experience.

Read about the kids’ club options, and then be sure to visit the open house on board on the first day.

Goofy in pharaoh costume on board the Disney Dream

Everything You Need to Know About Disney Cruise Line Fish Extenders

Before reading this post, note that this fun tradition has temporarily been suspended due to the current situation. We are keeping the post up with the hopes that it will continue in the near future.

If you aren’t sure what a fish extender is, or how a fish extender exchange works, you’ll definitely want to read this post, which contains all of the details.

Decorating with Disney Cruise Door Magnets and Decorations

Another fun tradition on the Disney Cruise Line is door decorating. The stateroom doors (with the exception of the concierge doors) are all metal, and many guests purchase or make magnets to decorate their doors. In addition to expressing their creativity, the decorated doors make it easier to identify your stateroom.

They do sell some magnets on board, but it’s best to bring your own before you go. Pack them in your cruise day bag so you can decorate right away.

Disney Christmas Cruise: The Very Merrytime Cruises from Disney Cruise Line

The Disney Cruise Line offers several different themed cruises throughout the year. One of our favorites is the Verry Merrytime Cruise, which takes place on select sailings in November and December. Read all about the activities that you can experience.

Is A Disney Cruise Worth It?

Although Disney cruises are very popular with families, when you start looking at prices, you may wonder if a Disney cruise is worth it. It can be more money than other cruise lines, but can also be worth it.

The Best Time To Take A Disney Cruise

Wondering when the best time is to take a Disney Cruise? There are different benefits to different times – learn more in this post.

The Complete Guide to the Disney Wish

Disney’s fifth ship is now in service. Read our complete guide including information about itineraries, staterooms, activities, restaurants, and more.

Guide to the Disney Wish Staterooms

While the stateroom categories and general layouts on the Disney Wish will seem familiar to some DCL guests, there are some distinct differences. Here’s our essential guide to the Disney Wish staterooms, which should help you decide on what to book.

Guide to DisneyBand+ (Magicband+ on the Disney Cruise Line)

If you’ve been to the Disney parks in the United States, you may already be familiar with the concept of the MagicBand. Now, the convenience of the MagicBand has come to the Disney Cruise Line. With the optional DisneyBand+, you can access your room, make purchases, and get magical surprises on this hands-free, wearable device. Continue reading to learn more about the DisneyBand+, and determine whether you need a new DisneyBand.

What’s Included in a Disney Cruise? And What Costs Extra?

I’ve always loved cruising on the Disney Cruise Line, and have found it to be especially convenient that so much is included in the fare. While these aren’t entirely all-inclusive vacations, cruises can be an easier way to budget for a vacation. However, you’ll want to know what is included in a Disney Cruise and what costs extra before planning your vacation. That way, you’ll have an idea of what to budget.

Disney Cruise Ships collage with sunset over a deck, Goofy in Halloween costume, and a ship docked at Castaway Cay.

Considering a family cruise? Check out our guide to family cruising, with posts about popular cruise terminals, cruise ships, and cruise lines, as well as tips for cruising.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.