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Restaurants on the Disney Dream

Dining is a huge part of any cruise, and the Disney Cruise Line is no exception. With their unique rotational dining system, you’ll keep the same servers but will visit multiple restaurants during your cruise. There are three restaurants on the Disney Dream, with either one each night (on a 3-night cruise) or one each night with one twice (on a 4-night cruise).

The three restaurants are all unique and fun, and it’s hard for me to choose a favorite. In addition to these main dining rooms, there are other dining options as well. If you are cruising on the Disney Dream soon, here are the restaurants on the Disney Dream that you’ll be experiencing.

Disclosure: I’ve been on twelve Disney Cruise Line cruises, including two cruises with Disney Social Media Moms and one complimentary media cruise. The others were at my own cost.

Seafood buffet at Cabanas restaurant on the Disney Dream
Seafood buffet at Cabanas restaurant on the Disney Dream

Restaurants on the Disney Dream

Tables at Animator's Palate

Animator’s Palate

My son’s favorite restaurant can also be found on the Disney Fantasy, the Disney Magic, and the Disney Wonder. Offering delicious seafood and meat dishes, Animator’s Palate is bright and colorful for kids.

The animator’s motif can be found throughout the restaurant, including the paintbrush table numbers and the colorful Mickey-themed chairs. Don’t miss the Cookies and Cream sundae, which is my favorite dessert on the ship.

On the Dream, Animator’s Palate includes a dinner show featuring Crush from Finding Nemo. Crush swims around the restaurant, interacting with the families seated throughout the restaurant. It’s so much fun, and younger kids will especially love it.

Mickey statue and fountain

Enchanted Garden

Enchanted Garden holds a special place in my heart, because it was the first Disney Cruise Line restaurant that I had the pleasure of experiencing. Located on the 2nd floor of the ship, Enchanted Garden is a beautiful restaurant that changes over from daytime to nighttime over the course of your dinner. Because of the location of this restaurant on the lower level of the ship, I tend to feel the movement of the ship a bit more here.

So, when possible, I prefer to have my dinner here on the second or third night, when I’m used to the movement. My favorite food here is the ahi tuna and avocado tower. I could eat three of them for my appetizer, dinner, and dessert.

Walls at Royal Palace
Royal Palace on the Disney Dream

Royal Palace

Arguably the most formal of the three main restaurants, Royal Palace features the motif of famous princesses and princes. The food is French-inspired, and my favorite items are the escargot and the chateaubriand. Of the three restaurants, this one has my favorite menu, and I usually have a difficult time choosing my meal.


Cabanas, located on the eleventh floor of the Disney Dream, offers a full buffet for breakfast and lunch. It does tend to get crowded during the most popular dining hours. If the weather cooperates, I always recommend eating outside for gorgeous views.

The buffet features a huge variety of food choices, so you definitely won’t go hungry. My kids usually come back from the buffet with plates loaded with delicious food. You’ll find healthy options as well, including salads and fruit.

tables at Cabanas
Cabanas restaurant on the Disney Dream

Cabanas does not have a dinner buffet, however, they are open for dinner. If you choose to forgo your usual dining rotation and eat at Cabanas, you’ll be seated with table service. I’ve done that once, and enjoyed my meal. It’s a good option if you don’t want to spend too much time eating during your regular dining time.

Palo on the Disney Cruise Line
Palo: One of the adult-only restaurants on the Disney Dream

Remy and Palo

The Disney Dream also offers two fine-dining locations that guests can book for an additional fee. Remy is the more upscale version, offering French cuisine, while Palo offers Italian food. Of the two, I’ve only been to Palo, but have always enjoyed it.

You can choose either dinner, which is offered every night, or brunch, which is offered on the Nassau day. Both are fantastic. Book reservations in advance, and check the dress code when you are packing. (Read here for more information on Palo).

The Cove coffee bar
The Cove on the Disney Dream

Other spots

In addition to these restaurants, you’ll find other places to grab food on the Disney Dream. Of course, room service is available at no cost (except for some packaged/premium items). Pizza, salads, sandwiches, and burgers can be found at Flo’s Cafe on deck 11. It’s a great place to get a snack between meals.

Coffee-loving adults can enjoy a premium coffee drink (a fee applies) at the Cove Cafe. I love getting a cup of iced coffee at the Cove. It’s a nice relaxing spot.

On Castaway Cay, you’ll be able to dine on BBQ at Cookies and Cookies 2. It’s always one of our favorite lunches, because there are loads of delicious options.

In addition, pub food is served at the Pub 687 (for an additional fee). If there is a game on TV while you are cruising, this is the perfect spot to watch.

Have you been on the Disney Dream? What was your favorite restaurant?

Restaurants on the Disney Dream, including Animator's Palate, Cabanas, and Enchanted Garden.
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