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All About the Disney Wonder Restaurants

If you’ve been on a Disney Cruise before, you know that food is a big part of your experience. Most of the food is included in your experience at no additional cost, so you’re encouraged to try lots of new things. During my trip on the Disney Wonder last year, I loved the three Disney Wonder restaurants that I visited – Tiana’s Place, Triton’s, and Animator’s Palate.

If you are planning a trip on the Disney Wonder soon, here’s everything you need to know about the Disney Wonder restaurants.

Disclosure: I had the opportunity to travel on the Disney Wonder during the Disney Social Media Moms Conference. I paid for my attendance, but received extra perks and discounts. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links. A purchase/click through one of these links may result in a commission paid to us at no additional cost to you.

Disney Wonder restaurants, including Tiana's Place, Cabanas, Triton's, Animator's Palate and Palo.

Disney Wonder Restaurants

Like other Disney Cruises, the Disney Wonder cruise ship offers a rotational dining experience. You’ll be assigned to one of the three main dining rooms each night, and your wait staff travels with you each night.

There are two dining services each night – an early one and a later one. You’ll choose your dining time when you book your reservation. You usually have the opportunity to change it before you leave, or maybe even on board when you arrive. 

I’ve done both the early and late dinner seatings and have found benefits to both. The shows on board the ship are typically held during dinner, so if you have the early dining time, you can see the late show (and vice versa).

If you have specific preferences of which restaurants you want to visit on each night, you can make a request before you set sail. It’s not guaranteed, but they will try to accommodate you as best as they can.

During your cruise, you can see all of the dinner menus on the Disney Cruise Line app. We typically like to look at them in advance to help plan our meals for the day.


Triton’s, named for Ariel’s father from the Little Mermaid, offers delicious French cuisine for dinner. I found that it’s most like Royal Court/Royal Palace on the Disney Fantasy/Disney Dream.

It feels like the most upscale of the three rotational restaurants. My menu choices are the escargot, the chateaubriand steak, and the Grand Marnier souffle (one of my favorite desserts on board). There are other delicious options, but I can’t seem to stray from my favorites.

Tiana's Place on the Disney Wonder

Tiana’s Place

The newest restaurant on board the Disney Wonder is also my favorite. Tiana’s Place, named after the main character in the Princess and the Frog, features delicious food inspired by the state of Louisiana.

As you eat your dinner, you’ll be entertained by a full live jazz band. Don’t miss the delicious beignets – you may even be able to order them at other restaurants on the Disney Wonder. Another fun touch is the light up dessert menu – so fun!

Because of the show, Tiana’s is typically the loudest of the restaurants, so plan on that before heading there for dinner.

Animator's Palate on the Disney Wonder

Animator’s Palate

If you’ve been on the Disney Dream, Disney Magic, and the Disney Fantasy, you are already familiar with Animator’s Palate. A version of this restaurant exists on all four ships, although they aren’t all exactly the same.

Like the version on the Disney Fantasy, at the Disney Wonder Animator’s Palate, you’ll be able to animate your very own character. You’ll be given a special paper with an outline of a character. Personalize it in your own way, and later during dinner, you’ll be treated to a show with all of the characters.

The menu includes Pacific island-inspired food, and my favorite include the Jumbo Shrimp Salad, the Smoked Salmon, and the Cookies ‘n Cream sundae. Animator’s Palate feels fun and casual, and kids love it.

If we end up skipping a dining room meal for a night at Palo, however, this is what we typically skip.



Cabanas, which offers a delicious buffet for breakfast and lunch, is a casual and delicious place to dine.

On Pirate Night (on the Caribbean itineraries), you can also enjoy a full spread after the fireworks. There are so many great options – it’s easy to fill up on delicious food.

When the weather is cooperating, I love to grab some food at the buffet at Cabanas and sit outside.


We absolutely love dining at Palo, the upscale, adult-only restaurant. There is a small upcharge, unless you are a Disney Castaway Club platinum level member, but it’s absolutely worth it.

Unlike the Disney Fantasy and the Disney Dream, Palo is the only premium adult-only restaurant on board the ship. There’s no Remy on the Disney Wonder.

Palo typically offers dinner on the ship, as well as a delicious brunch. You can make your reservation when your booking window opens. The brunch is especially popular and more limited, so you’ll want to book that in advance. On occasion, reservations may be available once you board the ship.

You can read more about Palo here.

Daisy's de Lites

Other Quick Service Locations

You definitely won’t go hungry on board the Disney Wonder. If you find yourself looking for food between meals, there are still some great options. 

Daisy’s De-Lites and Pinocchio’s Pizza offer grab and go items like pizza, hot dogs, and sandwiches. My kids always love the complimentary soft serve ice cream – I usually find them getting cones at least once a day.

Room service is also available 24×7, except for your last day. Most of the items available through room service are included in your cruise fare, although there are a few items that are offered for an extra fee.

When I have the second seating for dinner, I usually grab a quick bite at one of these locations so that I’m not hungry while watching the show. My kids love going to get their own snacks on board. 

Have you been on the Disney Wonder? What is your favorite restaurant?

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