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Review: My Experience With JetBlue Mint

I’ve never minded flying – whether it’s a short-distance flight or a longer, cross-country, or international trip. But, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve valued having more space and in-flight amenities during my flight.

On two recent trips from LAX to Boston Logan Airport, I decided to upgrade to JetBlue Mint to experience it for myself and enjoy some relaxing time while flying home.

Disclosure: I attended a media launch for JetBlue Mint years ago, but I paid for my own tickets to actually experience it in flight. All opinions are my own. I’ve worked with JetBlue on other campaigns over the years.

JetBlue Mint balloons

What is JetBlue Mint?

JetBlue Mint is their premium class, offered on only select flights (typically longer-haul flights). While it isn’t officially called first class or business class, it’s very similar to the business class seats you’ll find on other airlines. Mint is the most premium experience on JetBlue.

When purchasing your flight, you’ll see the option to purchase Mint if it’s available for your flight. It’s a relatively small section in the front of the plane, so there aren’t a ton of seats available.

For my LAX to Boston flight, I think there were 16 or so Mint seats (all of them were occupied). There are several different configurations of seats.

Most of the rows have two seats next to each other on either side of the aisle. However, there are also several JetBlue Mint suites, which are single seats with a door that closes you in. On my second LAX to Boston flight, all of the suites were singles.

As a premium class, Mint is significantly more expensive than a standard, core seat. It does come with a lot of great benefits, however, and that may be worthwhile for you – especially for a long-haul flight.

Currently, Mint is available on select cross-country, Latin American, and Caribbean daily flights, as well as London and Amsterdam flights.

JetBlue Mint seats

What premium travel amenities/perks do you get with flying JetBlue Mint?

There are lots of great amenities and perks that you get for flying Mint. As soon as you arrive at the airport, you’ll see a dedicated line at the counter specifically for Mint/Mosaic passengers to check in to their flight and check luggage.

I’m already Mosaic, so this isn’t necessarily a benefit to me because I already have access to that line. But, if you aren’t, it can be a great way to save time at the airport, especially when it’s busy.

Mint/Mosaic customers will get a priority tag on their checked luggage. It’s supposed to arrive on the baggage carousel first. My bag was among the first bags to show up on the carousel at Logan Airport, along with the other Mint bags. This can be a huge benefit if you are in a hurry because waiting for bags can take up precious vacation time.

You’ll also be the first boarding group called, after the passengers who need additional help. Again, this is also a Mosaic benefit, so it may not be as beneficial to you.

With seats and blankets made by Tuft and Needle, you’ll be comfortable as you fly in Mint. You’ll also receive some amenities, including a wellness kit by Wanderfuel and a snooze kit. Premium headphones from Master & Dynamic can be borrowed on request.

In my opinion, the biggest benefit of Mint is the large, comfortable seats. These cushioned, lie-flat seats can be moved in a variety of configurations, and also include massagers. You’ll also have access to free WiFi, live TV, in-flight entertainment, power outlets right at the seat, personal lights, and lots of individual storage space.

Passengers in this premium class also are served premium snacks and beverages. These include a variety of complimentary alcoholic beverages, Hu snacks, espresso drinks from Brooklyn Roasting Company, and seasonal small-plate meals.

JetBlue also offers a front-row Mint Studio. This has a larger TV and other amenities including a guest chair and table. Mint Studio is offered at a higher premium.

My amenity kit from JetBlue Mint
My amenity kit from JetBlue Mint (from 2020, the new kit is different)

My Experience on Mint

For my last two trips to California, I opted to purchase a Mint seat for my return flight from LAX to Boston. I had flown to Long Beach Airport on the way to Los Angeles, and Mint service wasn’t an option for that leg.

The first time, my flight was at 6 am, and I was pretty exhausted as I boarded the flight. I was immediately greeted with the blanket/pillow package, as well as my amenity kit on my seat. There was also a welcome note from the flight attendants.

After I sat down, one of the two flight attendants for the cabin welcomed me and offered me a beverage before the flight took off. Hot beverages can’t be prepared until after takeoff, so I ordered sparkling water rather than the coffee I wanted. She also provided me with a menu for breakfast.

It’s important to note that there isn’t any underseat space (although there is a small section that could hold a small purse), so all of your carry-on luggage needs to go in the overheads for takeoff and landing. The flight attendant helped with that, so I’d have my purse as soon as we were at a safe cruising altitude.

Once we were in flight, I was able to order my breakfast. There was a selection of five items, and I was able to choose three. Before breakfast came, I was served a warm croissant and my coffee.

I really enjoyed the breakfast – everything I ordered was delicious. Then, I moved my seat back into the flatbed and napped for a little while. The seat was very comfortable, and I had plenty of room to relax.

After breakfast, we were also served the standard JetBlue snacks. Of course, we could get beverages at any point during the flight, on request.

On my second JetBlue Mint flight, I flew later in the day. On that flight, we were served a delicious lunch rather than breakfast.

JetBlue Mint Window seat

Mint on Flights to London and Amsterdam

When JetBlue launched its daily flights to London, they reimagined Mint with new cabins. These private suites on the London flights include extra space, an extra guest seat, a 17-inch television, an amenity kit, a convertible blanket, and more.

Is JetBlue Mint worth it?

This is really a personal decision. I definitely loved being in Mint, and really appreciated the amenities. For a longer, cross-country flight, it was a great way to relax. These premium seats are most definitely the best seats on the flight.

It is, however, an expensive upgrade, so it really depends upon your budget. I especially appreciated it for my early-morning flight, because I really wanted to sleep. But the lower fare may be worth sticking with the regular cabin.

My experience with JetBlue Mint, a premium cabin that is offered at an additional cost. It includes lie flat seats, an amenity bag, and delicious food.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.