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A Complete Guide to Boston Logan Airport

Boston Logan Airport often gets a bad rap due to the traffic guests face in driving to the airport, as well as the parking fees and flight delays. But, I actually love flying through Logan International Airport. It offers lots of different airlines and flight destinations, making it easier to get flight deals.

Logan is also fairly convenient to get through on the Mass Pike, something that improved greatly with the infamous Big Dig. Whether you are flying to Logan on your vacation, or use the airport as your home origin, here’s our complete guide to Boston Logan Airport.

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A complete guide to Boston Logan Airport including rental cars, hotels, terminals, parking, and more.

A Complete Guide to Boston Logan Airport

Logan Airport Terminals

If you are flying through Logan, or are beginning or ending your journey there, you’ll need to know about the Logan Airport terminals. There are three domestic terminals, and one international terminal. All offer different amenities and restaurants, but they are all fairly modern.

In true Massachusetts fashion, there’s no Terminal D at Boston Logan International Airport. In the past, there was a terminal D, but its gates were moved over to Terminal E and Terminal C. The letters for all terminals remained the same, however.

Terminal A at Logan Airport

When I first started flying out of Logan, Terminal A was closed and was being renovated. It opened in 2005 as primarily a Delta terminal. Although that was 13 years ago, the terminal does still feels modern and new. Southwest Airlines and WestJet also operate out of this terminal, although Southwest will be moving sometime this year to Terminal B, making Terminal A primarily a Delta terminal.

Terminal A has a bit of an unusual shape. Once you go through security, you’ll reach a concourse with a series of gates. However, some gates are on the other side of the terminal, and you’ll need to go down a large escalator, across on a moving sidewalk, and then back up on another escalator. It can take up quite a bit of time to do that, and you won’t want to travel between areas. So, if you want to eat at any of the restaurants, you’ll want to make a plan based on where your gate is located.

Amenities at terminal A include a kids’ play area “Kidport”, currency exchange, and shoe shine. There are also some shops, including L’Occitane, Brookstone, Johnston and Murphy, inMotion, and several newsstands.

Restaurants in the terminal are Legal Test Kitchen, Lucky’s, Game On Sports Bar, Vino Volo, and Harpoon Tap Room. There are also some food court style counters including Currito, Sbarro, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Fresh City, and Wendy’s. Seating is fairly limited for these restaurants, but you can always take things to eat by your gate.

Terminal B

Terminal B is, in my option, the most frustrating of the terminals at Logan. If you are being dropped off at the airport, you’ll want to know exactly what gate your flight is leaving from. There are two separate areas, and you’ll want to make sure you are going to the right door. Airlines leaving from Terminal B include American Airlines, United Airlines, Air Canada, and Spirit.

There’s also a small Air Canada area with its own security. It’s important to note that there are almost no amenities beyond a bathroom and small concession booth in this area once you pass through TSA. If you are planning to eat before your flight, you’ll want to do that before you pass security. One time, when I was flying Air Canada, I arrived nice and early for a full sit down breakfast and was very disappointed with the limited options.

There are lots of different amenities located in this terminal otherwise. Restaurants at Logan Airport Terminal B include Legal C Bar, Stephanie’s, Todd English’s Bonfire, Cisco Brew Pub, and Vineyard Grill. There are also some counter-style restaurants, including Peet’s Coffee, Dunkin Donuts, and Villa Pizza. For grab and go food, there’s a Berkshire Farms Market that also has a coffee counter and some hot food. It’s a great option for quick, healthy food.

Other amenities include a shoeshine, American and United clubs, a KidPort kids’ play area, and currency exchange. Sunglass Hut, Swatch, inMotion, and several newsstands are among the shops that you’ll find in the terminal.

Terminal C

I find myself spending most of my time in Terminal C, because I typically try to fly JetBlue whenever I can. In addition to JetBlue, Terminal C is also home to TAP Portugal, Aer Lingus, CapeAir, Sun Country, Virgin America, and Alaska. JetBlue definitely has the largest presence at the terminal, however.

Because of a fairly recent renovation, I find Terminal C to have the best layout and amenities. It does, however, also seem to have the longest security lines. This can vary of course, by day, but be prepared.

Like the Air Canada area in Terminal B, the Virgin America area of Terminal C has its own gates. These have separate security and little amenities past security. Plan ahead before going through TSA.

There are a number of restaurants in the terminal, both before and after security. You’ll find a Legal Sea Foods, Wahlburgers, Johnny Rockets, Davios, and Boston Beer Works after security. There are also some counter service and grab and go locations, including Dunkin Donuts, UFood Grill, Camden Food Company, and Starbucks.

The shopping in Terminal C is probably the best at the airport. There are several specialty shops including Natalie’s Candy Jar, Victoria’s Secret, and Travel + Leisure, along with several newsstands and gift shops.

Amenities at Logan Airport’s Terminal C include a chapel, hair salon (before security), KidPort kids’ playspace, a shoeshine, a USO lounge, and “The Lounge”. JetBlue doesn’t offer a lounge specifically for their passengers, but those with Priority Pass access can get into The Lounge (sometimes you’ll have to go on a waiting list). Day passes are also offered.

Boston at Terminal E

Terminal E

Terminal E is the International terminal at Logan Airport. Not every international flight departs from this terminal – so check your airline for terminal information. In addition, some domestic flights leave from Terminal E. For instance, Frontier flies out of Terminal E.

Most international flights will arrive at Terminal E unless you go through US customs at the foreign airport you depart from (I’ve done this in Toronto and Nassau Bahamas in the past).

When leaving from Terminal E, it’s important to note that they don’t offer TSA PreCheck at this terminal. Pack your bags knowing that you’ll need to remove your liquids and electronics (keeping in mind that TSA rules are always subject to change), even if you are enrolled in TSA PreCheck.

When flying on Frontier, I was able to go through security without taking off my shoes. This was because I had TSA Precheck. But keep in mind you’ll still have to remove items from your bag, and will need to wait in the regular line.

If you are arriving at Terminal E, and need to go through customs, it’s a pretty streamlined process. There are separate kiosks for those with Global Entry, and Mobile Passport is also accepted. I highly recommend Mobile Passport if you don’t have Global Entry – it’s free to use although there is a premium version for an additional fee.

Restaurants at Terminal E include Vino Volo, Durgin Park, Legal Sea Foods, Monica’s Mercato, and Vineyard Grille. There’s also a Starbucks, Sbarro, Burger King, and Fuel America.

I’ve found that sometimes the terminal seems empty, while other times it’s very crowded. Because of the nature of international flights, evenings are typically the busiest in Terminal E.

There are also several shops in the terminal. These include Hugo Boss, Michael Kors, Mont Blanc, Travel + Leisure, Kiehls, a duty-free shop, and two newsstands.

The terminal offers several different airline premium lounges as well as currency exchange. If you are visiting the airport just for your Global Entry appointment, you’ll find that office in Terminal E before security. Terminal E is attached to Terminal C and you can easily walk between the two.

The whole airport offers free WiFi that is fairly reliable. The amount of outlets/plugs available really varies by gate. Some have plenty available, while others don’t have many at all. Signage to the gates, ticketing areas, and baggage claim is pretty clear throughout the airport.

A new app, called AtYourGate, offers retail and food delivery right to your gate. I haven’t used this yet, but it’s a great option if you have family members who are looking for different food.

Logan Airport Parking

Parking at Logan International Airport is not always a great experience. It’s expensive, and sometimes the central parking garage can be full, especially midweek. If you are planning on parking, it’s always a good idea to go early.

The Central Parking Garage services all of the terminals and is the most central to Terminals A and C. There are special parking spots for hybrid and electric cars, along with electric car chargers. These are all first-come, first-served. I’ve been with my Prius when the lot was full, and have been able to get a hybrid spot. However, on another occasion, the hybrid spots were all taken. It’s definitely not a guarantee.

There’s also a separate parking garage for Terminal B, as well as a lot for Terminal E. While the Central Parking Garage can be used for those terminals, you’ll have these additional options.

There’s also economy parking available. This can be used if you want to save money, or if the Central Parking Garage is full. It’s a bit further away, and you’ll need to take a shuttle bus to get to and from the economy garage.

For an even better price, look into, where you can reserve off-property parking. Keep in mind that these are independent lots and maybe a distance away from the actual airport. Plan accordingly. 

If you frequently drive to Logan and want to be ensured a spot, there’s a premium program you can sign up for. Called Passport Gold, this program charges an initiation fee, an annual fee, and slightly higher parking rates. However, you’ll have access to dedicated spots reserved only for Passport Gold members so you won’t have to drive around looking for a spot.

Picking someone up from the airport? There’s a cell phone lot that you can wait in until you get the call that your friend/family member is ready to be picked up. There are also dedicated rideshare lots if you are taking Uber/Lyft. These have recently changed, so keep an eye on the signage.

Getting to and from Logan International Airport

If you don’t want to drive, there are a number of different ways that you can get to the airport. My favorite is the Logan Express – a bus that travels between several Boston area communities and Logan Airport. These stations are in Framingham, Peabody, Braintree, Woburn, and Boston’s Back Bay. Check the website for the schedules and parking information at those locations. I find Logan Express to be very convenient.

The MBTA also has airport transportation on the Blue Line and the Silver Line. The airport has a free bus that goes to the Blue Line Airport Station, which then goes to Downtown Boston.

The Silver Line SL1 is free to Boston’s South Station and stops at each terminal. From South Station, you can transfer to the Red Line.

There are also other bus services that go to and from Logan Airport from areas as far as New Hampshire. These include the Plymouth & Brockton bus line, Peter Pan, Concord Coach, as well as other buses. Check with those individually for rates and schedules.

Of course, you can also take private cars, limo services, Uber, Lyft, and taxis to the airport. There are drop off locations at all terminals in the departures area.

Logan Airport Car Rental

If you are planning to rent a car once you land in Boston, you’ll have plenty of options. There’s a relatively new Rental Car Center building, which is located a short distance away. A shuttle bus is available right to the center. You’ll find most major rental car companies at the facility. 

the Hyatt airport hotel

Logan Airport Hotels

Want to stay near Boston’s Logan Airport? There are lots of hotel options in the area. The Hilton Boston Logan Airport is the most convenient. It’s connected to all of the airport terminals through a sky bridge, and a shuttle is also available. We stayed there on our honeymoon before an early morning flight, and we loved the hotel. It’s very comfortable.

There’s also the Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor. This hotel isn’t connected via sky bridge, but does have a complimentary shuttle. It’s also convenient because it’s located on airline property. I haven’t had the opportunity to stay there yet, but I’d like to.

There are other chain hotels in the area that are very close to the airport. These aren’t on airport property but are pretty convenient. Some of these also offer park and fly services where you can stay at the hotel before your trip and park during your trip. Inquire specifically for that service when you book.
Hilton Garden Inn Boston Logan Airport
Embassy Suites by Hilton Boston at Logan Airport
Courtyard by Marriott Boston Logan Airport

Wondering how early should I arrive at Boston Logan Airport? The answer will really depend on where you are going. I highly recommend listing to the guidance provided by your airline and would consider arriving even earlier during holidays and other busy times.

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