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Review and Tips for Flying Frontier Airlines

I’ve been fascinated by discount airlines as they have grown in popularity. Flying can often be very expensive, and the low rates these discount airline carriers offer can be incredibly tempting. For my recent trip to Orlando International Airport, I decided to fly Frontier Airlines from Boston. Here is my review and my tips for flying Frontier Airlines.

Disclosure: I received a flight voucher on Frontier as part of a campaign that I worked on with my other blog. All opinions are my own.

A frontier plane at Orlando International Airport

Review and Tips for Flying Frontier Airlines

Overview of Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, is a low-cost airline. Travelers can get a great rate on various flights in the US, the Dominican Republic, Canada (Calgary), and Mexico, but without some of the perks included in the airfare. Instead, you’ll be able to purchase these add-ons as needed.

Where Does Frontier Airlines Fly?

Frontier flies from many major United States cities, as well as Calgary Canada, Montego Bay Jamaica, Punta Cana Dominican Republic, and several Mexican cities.

US cities include Minneapolis St. Paul, Denver International Airport, Washington Dulles, Atlanta, Boston Logan International Airport, Orlando International Airport, Chicago O’Hare, Buffalo, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and many more. See their website for specific cities and routes offered.

A screenshot of the bundle purchase screen – prices will vary depending on the route.

What’s Included in Your Frontier Airlines Flight

As an ultra-low-cost carrier, Frontier offers a low base fare that doesn’t include any perks. You’ll need to purchase the following if you want them included:

  • Carry on bag (a personal item that fits under the seat in front of you is included)
  • Seat assignment
  • Checked bags

You’ll also have to purchase any snacks or beverages that you’d like to enjoy on the flight. Complimentary items are not offered. Frontier flights do not have WiFi or inflight entertainment.

The biggest difference between Frontier and other major airlines is the fee to bring on a carry on bag. Those travelers who have paid for the carry on bag will be in zone one.

That’s how the airline employees can keep track of who has paid and who hasn’t. You’ll also have the purchase of your carry on bag printed on your boarding pass.

When purchasing your flight, you’ll have the option to add on various bundles that include these perks. If you are going to use them, this is a great way to save money.

The Works Bundle

The Works Bundle is only offered when you are purchasing your flight. It includes everything you’ll potentially need on your flight (except for in-flight food and beverage). This includes a seat assignment (you can even choose the stretch seating option), a carry on bag, a checked bag, priority boarding, refundability, and no change fees.

The Perks Bundle

The Perks Bundle has everything that the works bundle includes, except for the refundability and no change fees. That bundle is offered during and after you originally buy your flight.

You can also purchase the various add-ons a la carte. The prices do change depending on when you purchase them. It’s cheapest to buy them when you book your flight and most expensive to purchase them with an agent at the airport check-in counter or as you board.

The snack and drink selection on Frontier

On-Board Purchases

Frontier does not offer complimentary snacks and beverages like other major airlines offer. However, you’ll be able to individually purchase items that you want.

There are various bundles available onboard that can help you save money. These include packages with 2 nonalcoholic drinks and 2 snacks, as well as bundles with alcoholic beverages.

Discount Den

The Discount Den is a program that is offered through Frontier Airlines. Discount Den members pay an annual fee and then have access to special rates as well as the Frontier Airlines kids fly free program. If you frequently fly on Frontier, this may be worth looking into.

Frontier Airlines Kids Fly Free

Discount Den members will have access to the kids fly free program. On select flights, Discount Den members can get a free kids’ ticket for kids aged 14 or younger. You’ll need to check specifically for the designation, because not all flights are “kids fly free” flights.

Like other airlines, Frontier offers a credit card and a frequent flyer program. These can be a great way to accumulate points to get free flights – especially if you are someone who will be flying on the airline regularly.

My Review of Frontier Airlines

As mentioned above, I had a voucher for my flight on Frontier. I decided to use it for my flight to Orlando over Columbus Day weekend when rates were pretty high from Boston. I was able to get a great rate on Frontier.

When I made my purchase online, I decided to purchase The Works bundle. I knew that I’d have a checked bag, and decided to include the carry-on. While it can sometimes be difficult to know exactly what you plan to bring with you in advance, purchasing these items with your flight can help you save money.

I’m also pretty picky about where I sit on the plane, so I was glad to have the seat assignment included in the Works bundle I purchased. I was able to get a stretch seating seat, which was located in the exit row.

If you are flying Frontier out of Boston Logan, it’s important to note that these flights leave out of Terminal E, which is typically the international terminal. I had checked in at home, so I was able to head right to the baggage drop off desk. Then I went to security.

As the international terminal, Terminal E at Logan doesn’t typically offer TSA Precheck. I had “precheck” printed on my boarding pass, and the TSA officer stamped the pass so that I didn’t have to remove my shoes.

However, it was one line for regular security and TSA Precheck. So keep that in mind when arriving at the airport because you may need to plan for a long wait.

Boarding on Frontier was very easy. I was in zone 1, and they had us line up in advance of boarding. I headed on the flight, placed my carry on in the overhead, and then sat in my roomy seat. While the Frontier seats have less frills (smaller carry on trays and less padding), my seat was very comfortable.

We arrived early at Orlando International Airport, and I was quickly able to exit the aircraft. Because many of the passengers don’t have carry on bags in the overheads, I found that exiting the plane was a quicker and easier process than I’m used to.

While I was on the plane, I read some of the information in the seat pocket in front of me. In it, Frontier explains that they are able to be more fuel-efficient with the decreased amount of baggage and frills on the plane.

Overall, I had a great experience on my flight and will definitely book another flight on Frontier in the future.

A Frontier aircraft
A Frontier Airlines aircraft from the jet bridge

Tips for Flying Frontier Airlines

There are some easy ways to improve your experience – especially if you can plan in advance. Here are our top tips for flying Frontier Airlines.

Purchase any perks and extras in advance. While it can be a little challenging to decide what types of bags you’ll need, you’ll save money on your advance purchase. A bundle purchase can be a good value if you are going to use everything included.

Minimize the number of bags you bring with you to save money. Make good use of your personal item by bringing the maximum size possible (a backpack within the size limit is a good option).

Download entertainment to your personal device or bring along a book. There’s no onboard entertainment so you’ll need something with you.

Purchase snacks and/or beverages at the airport so you won’t have to buy them on board.

If you are traveling with others and want to make sure you are seated together, it’s worth buying seat assignments when you purchase your flight.

Calculate your total cost (including any extras) before booking your flight to make sure you are still getting a good deal. Seriously consider any add on to make sure that you need it.

Have you flown on Frontier Airlines?

Flying Frontier Airlines
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