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Disneyland Packing List: What To Pack for Disney

With Disneyland reopening to California residents, you may be considering a trip. Although we aren’t sure exactly when residents of other states will be welcomed, it’s always good to see a step in the right direction. If you are planning a trip to Disneyland, you may be looking to put together a packing list for Disneyland.

When visiting Walt Disney World and staying on property, you’ll feel like you are in a “bubble”. It’s more important to make sure you pack everything you need because it can be an inconvenience to leave the property. However, with Disneyland, you’ll be able to walk to several pharmacies to get anything you may need.

While it’s still very important that you pack personal items and other things you need for your trip, at least it’s good to know that you’ll be able to get most things you need nearby if you forget something. It takes the pressure off of packing.

Disclosure: I’ve received complimentary/discounted admission to Disneyland and Walt Disney World, as well as complimentary products (some listed below) over the years. This post contains affiliate links. A click-through/purchase through one of these links may result in a commission paid to us at no additional cost to you.

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Pixar Pier

Packing List for Disneyland

Before packing for Disneyland, it’s a good idea to look at the list of prohibited items. In addition to the items you’d expect, other things are prohibited. These include selfie sticks, wagons, rolling coolers, folding chairs, toys that look like weapons, and more.

I offer two downloadable theme park packing lists. The master Disneyland packing list is for whoever is packing for the family because it contains things that will need to be packed for the whole family as well as personal items.

There’s also a separate child list. Depending on the ages of your kids, you can download this packing list and let your kids pack for themselves. For younger kids, you’ll want to look over their stuff because it goes into the luggage.

Types of Clothes

One of the things that I love about Disneyland Resort is the weather. Southern California has fairly consistent weather, and it doesn’t get as oppressively hot as Florida does. You’ll still want to check both the average temperatures for the time of year you are visiting and the weather forecast right before you leave.

Throughout the year, you’ll find highs from the 60s to the 80s and lows from the 40s to the 60s. As you’d expect, the summer is the hottest.

You’ll want to pack casual comfortable clothes. It’s best to focus on comfort first, although there are several restaurants that are a little more formal. It may be a good idea to pack one or two nice outfits in case you decide that you want to eat in a nicer restaurant.

Bring along a sweatshirt or a sweater, for the cooler evenings. I own several Disneyland sweatshirts that I had to purchase when the sun went down and the weather suddenly got colder.

Comfortable walking shoes are also important. You’ll be doing lots of walking during your theme park days – between the two Disneyland parks and maybe even from your hotel. I’d recommend wearing whatever comfortable shoes you prefer, but flip flops aren’t usually a great idea.

Some people prefer sneakers, while others (like me) find them to be more uncomfortable. Don’t wear new shoes. Make sure whatever you bring is broken in so you are completely comfortable walking around in them.

Rain Gear

Rain is a lesser factor in California than it is in Florida. Therefore, you won’t necessarily have to worry too much about sudden downpours or soakings at Disneyland. However, if rain is in the forecast before your trip, you may want to pack some rain gear or perhaps your rain jackets.

Our favorite rain ponchos for travel are included in this post. However, if sudden rain does happen on your trip, the Disneyland shops will sell disposable ponchos that you can buy for the day.

lockers at Disneyland

Theme Park Bag

I love handbags, so I’m always thinking about the best theme park bag for my trips. I generally carry a lot with me (including my daughter’s EpiPens, my credit card, and other essential items), but I don’t want to have a heavy bag.

Think about functionality as well as style when choosing your theme park bag. I generally like to carry a cross-body bag because then I can be hands-free. You’ll probably also want something that closes along the top so you don’t lose your important items – especially on the roller coasters.

Another good option is a backpack. If it’s especially hot, a backpack can be a little uncomfortable on your back, however. Don’t bring along a bag that is too expensive or delicate though, especially since it may get wet.

Keep in mind that security goes through bags at the bag check entrance of the parks. Because of that, I try to make sure my bag doesn’t have too many pockets. That will help you save time.

Don’t worry too much about basic first aid supplies for your day in the park. If you happen to need a bandaid, you can go to the first aid stations. Other items can be purchased at most of the gift shops.

I like this crossbody bag for travel, and it’s great for theme parks as well. It’s available in several colors/patterns.

Autograph Book

Traveling with young kids? My kids always loved visiting the Disney characters and gleefully clutched their autograph books as they waited in line.

Unfortunately, in current times, the characters aren’t giving autographs. I’m hopeful that standard meet and greets with characters will be offered again in the future. In the meantime, guests are encouraged to take selfies with characters in the background of their photo.

Once autographs are permitted again, I always recommend bringing your own autograph book before visiting the parks. Once you have one, you can use the same one for returning trips.

Refillable Water Bottles

I am constantly drinking water, even when I’m sitting at my desk working. When I’m at the theme parks, I’m less likely to stay hydrated unless I always have a bottle of water with me. Reusable water bottles are a good, affordable way to make sure you drink plenty of water on your Disney trip.

Whether you are driving or flying to Disneyland, make sure you have your reusable water bottle with you in your carry-on bag or by you in the car. You won’t be able to go through TSA with a full bottle, but you can always fill it up once you are past security. Bring one for each family member.

Any refillable water bottle is good, but be sure to look for something that won’t leak in your bag. My favorites are these CamelBak bottles. Wash them each night so they are ready to use again in the morning.

FuelRod kiosk at Boston's Logan Airport

Phone Chargers

I typically need a portable charger anytime I use my phone all day. At Disneyland and Walt Disney World, I use my cell phone even more – to take photos, keep track of reservations, and to use the Disney apps. The last thing you want is to walk around with a dead phone.

At Disneyland, I recommend FuelRod chargers. These small portable phone chargers are available at airports, on Amazon, or at theme parks. Although they don’t hold quite as much of a charge as other phone chargers, they can be exchanged throughout the property for a device with a full charge.

When purchasing a FuelRod, it comes with the actual charger as well as three power cords that can be used with various devices (including the iPhone). It can be charged with any USB adaptor, and you can also trade it out at a kiosk for a fully-charged device.

FuelRod also has an app where you can find kiosks and get credit for free trades. They aren’t the cheapest or most powerful charger, but they are definitely very convenient for Disneyland or Disney World.

You can purchase a FuelRod Portable Charger Kit on Amazon.

Water rides

Planning to go on Grizzly River Run or Splash Mountain at Disneyland? These water rides as so much fun and can be a great way to cool off in the sun. But, you’ll want to make sure that your phone is protected from the water.

You’ll have several options. Lockers are located in the parks, but aren’t always the most convenient, especially for just one or two rides. If a member of your family isn’t planning to ride, they can always hold the bags.

To protect phones that you bring with you on the ride, you may consider bringing along waterproof cases for your phone. These relatively inexpensive cases are a great way to protect your phone. You can also use them for other trips – to water parks or to the beach.

Another option is to pack sealable plastic bags. These aren’t as reliable as a case made specifically for this purpose, but at least a plastic bag can provide some protection from the rain.

Lip Balm

Lip balm is a travel essential for me, no matter where I am going. The dehydration associated with traveling can definitely lead to chapped lips, which can be uncomfortable. Bring along a lip balm that has SPF, so your lips will be protected from the sun as well.


I always recommend packing sunscreen, regardless of your travel destination. Even cool, cloudy weather can lead to too much sun exposure. When traveling to theme parks, I usually pack several types of sunscreen.

Depending on how many days I’m visiting, I usually bring at least a bottle or two of regular, body sunscreen, which I apply before I leave for the day and leave in my hotel room. Then, I pack several small travel-sized bottles that I can slip into my park bag for the day. Finally, I pack face sunscreen, which I also carry in my purse.

If you are planning on visiting your hotel pool or a water park, you may want to bring along additional bottles to make sure you don’t run out. Of course, sunscreen is readily available in case you need more.

Safety Tattoos

Traveling with younger kids? When my kids were really little, I always made sure I had safety tattoos for them. You can have these temporary tattoos customized with your cell phone number (as well as allergies and any other essential information).

They are easy to apply, and you can teach your kids to show these to an adult if they get lost. Luckily we never had to do that, but I was always happy knowing my kids were wearing them.

We recommend SafetyTats. You’ll want to order them in advance of your trip to make sure they arrive in time.


Bringing along a stroller can be a big decision. If you’ve got really little kids, you’ll probably want to have your stroller from home. That way, you’ll have it at the airport, at the hotel, and throughout your trip.

As kids get older, however, you may consider traveling without one. But remember that even kids who can walk well may get tired after a day of walking through a theme park. Luckily, the parks offer stroller rentals that can be a great option if you only need the stroller at the theme parks. They can be worth the extra cost.

Hand Sanitizer

I have always traveled with hand sanitizer. It’s a good idea to use it both at the airport and at the parks, so you’ll want to have enough. I like to bring the hand sanitizer bottles with a little clip to attach to my handbag. That way, it’s always readily accessible.

Bathing Suits

Most of the hotels near Disneyland (including the Howard Johnson’s Anaheim Hotel) offer water parks, pools, or splash areas. Don’t forget to pack your bathing suits so you can spend some downtime at your hotel.

Face Masks

Face masks/coverings are required for the Disney parks now, so you’ll want to make sure you pack plenty for your trip. Before going on vacation, test a few different types (including disposable masks) to see which ones you like best. Then pack enough for your whole trip (or plan to wash them if bringing reusable ones).

Mickey Ears

If you have your own Mickey ears, or other Disney souvenirs from your last trip, be sure to pack them. That way, you won’t have to purchase new ones. If you don’t have any, you can buy them in advance on shopDisney.

You can download our packing lists for Disneyland here.

Visiting Disneyland in California? Download our packing list for Disneyland including essential items you'll need for your trip.

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