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Best Souvenirs to Buy at Disneyland (You’ll Actually Want)

We’ve all done it. You are at a theme park or other tourist attraction, and you get reeled in by some flashy souvenirs. But when you get home, they go in a closet or a drawer until you forget you even bought them.

Disneyland, located in Anaheim, CA, has many specialty gift shops located throughout the theme parks, Downtown Disney, and hotels, so it’s easy to get caught up in shopping among the wide range of souvenirs. You’ll need a shopping plan with the best souvenirs to buy at Disneyland that you’ll actually use and want when you get home or when you return to the parks on another vacation.

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If we didn’t include your perfect souvenir, leave us a comment below!

Red and blue spider bots in packages

Best Disneyland Souvenirs {That You’ll Actually Want}

Disney Mugs and Water Bottles

I have more coffee mugs and water bottles than I need, but I still use them all. Over the years, I’ve gradually moved my collection over to bottles and cups that actually mean something to me and that remind me of my travels.

Many Disney souvenir shops offer various water bottles and coffee mugs with your favorite Disney characters and Disney landmarks, so you’ll have plenty of options. Not only are they a great memento of your vacation, but they are also functional.

You can even use the water bottle while you are on vacation. Make sure you wrap the coffee mugs in clothes so they make it home in one piece.

If you collect Starbucks cups and mugs, you’ll also find some limited versions at the Starbucks at the two theme parks and Downtown Disney. Drinking out of a Disney coffee mug each morning can be a great reminder of the happiest place on Earth.

Mickey Ears

Okay, so you may be wondering if your Mickey Mouse ears will be useful beyond your vacation. And while you probably won’t be wearing them once you get home, they are a great souvenir. They are affordable and come in so many different styles.

If they are something you and/or your kids will wear at the parks, you may find yourself starting a collection during your trip. Just be sure to pack them on your next Disneyland vacation so you have them to wear.

Disney Pins

I absolutely love Disney pins as a souvenir. They are highly collectible, affordable, and easy to pack and store. I’ve bought dozens of pins over the years – always focusing on pins that mean something to me, whether it’s a resort, attraction, favorite character, or event that I’ve enjoyed. For those reasons, they are great Disney souvenirs.

Disney Pin Trading is a big thing at the Disney theme parks. You’ll be able to trade pins with participating cast members and can bring home some really special pins.

If you are traveling with kids and want to participate in pin trading, you may want to purchase some pins online from the Disney store before you visit Disneyland Resort. That way, your kids can get started trading pins right away.

One of the best things about purchasing pins is that you can really collect them in any way you’d like. We’ve never wanted to trade our pins because we always bought them with our favorite characters and didn’t want to change them.

Pressed Pennies

Like Disney pins, pressed pennies are an easy souvenir to collect. They are affordable, easy to pack, and small enough to store in a drawer. You’ll find pressed penny machines throughout the theme parks, so you can get them for all sorts of attractions.

To make a pressed penny, you’ll need to input your own penny. Therefore, you may want to collect them before your vacation so you’ll have plenty to choose from. Save pennies that are especially new and shiny. They make for a great souvenir of your Disney vacation and are also a fun activity and a bit of a scavenger hunt.

At the parks, you’ll also be able to find holders for the pressed pennies. Alternatively, there are some available on Amazon. Because pressed pennies aren’t exclusively a Disney souvenir, you may also be able to collect them from zoos, museums, and amusement parks.

Spider Bot display with bots in package and backpack

Spider Bots

One of the most popular souvenirs that we saw at Disneyland this summer is Spider-Bots. These remote-controlled bots can be seen in the Web Slingers attraction at Avenger’s Campus, and they are extremely popular. In addition to the actual bots, you can also purchase a backpack that is specifically made to transport the Spider Bot.

Spider-Bots are expensive, so I wouldn’t purchase one unless you knew your kids would actually use it when you get home. Kids who love remote-controlled cars and other devices will love them.

They are very fun, but they could also easily be impulse purchases. Be prepared with your decision before you go to the parks because they are ubiquitous and impossible to avoid.

White Mickey pillow and white and blue Mickey pillow

Disney-Themed Housewares

I think housewares are one of the best souvenirs to purchase for yourself because they are almost always useful. Many Disneyland gift shops offer various housewares for purchase, including kitchen accessories, pillows, wall art, and other home decor items. The level of Disney theming varies, and there are very subtle options if you want a reminder of your vacation without outfitting your home in full Disney.

Disney-Themed Ornaments

I find Christmas ornaments to be one of the best souvenirs of my travels. It’s always fun to pull out the ornaments during the holiday season and see mementos from our various trips on the Christmas tree.

Disney ornaments can be found throughout the theme parks and Downtown Disney, in all sorts of styles and price ranges. Buy one on every trip, and start a tradition that you can continue every time your visit Disneyland.


MagicBands have been available at Walt Disney World for years, but they were just recently introduced at Disneyland. In addition, the new rechargeable MagicBand+ has just come out, with lights and vibrating motions that sync with the various nighttime spectaculars.

MagicBand+ is always completely optional but can be very convenient. They are available in many different designs, including some limited edition versions and options for special events. Although you’ll only use one MagicBand at a time, many Disney travelers purchase more than one. You can use them on different days of your trip and collect them.

At this time, MagicBand+ (only this new enhanced plus version can be used at Disneyland) can be used to enter lightning lanes with Genie+ reservations, to enter the parks, and for other fun functionality. However, they currently cannot be used to open your hotel room at Disney hotels (unlike at Walt Disney World).

Ceiling of Droid Depot with component parts and pipes

Galaxy’s Edge Souvenirs

Star Wars fans looking for Star Wars merchandise have two souvenir options at Galaxy’s Edge that are both splurges. At the Droid Depot, you can build a droid from the BB, C, or R series. Reservations are required to actually build a droid at the Droid Depot, although two guests can enter with the builder (but can’t build themselves). You’ll also need to make sure you have valid park admission as well as a theme park reservation (this will be changing in 2024).

Another option in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is to build a lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop. These are very expensive souvenirs and are not to be confused with some of the less expensive lightsaber options. Like the Droid Debot, Savi’s Workshop requires reservations to build a lightsaber. Two guests can accompany the builder but cannot build themselves, and you’ll also need a theme park ticket and a park reservation.

These are great gifts for a special occasion, but they are both major splurges.

Autograph Books

My kids always loved getting autographs of the different characters they met at Disney parks. You can easily find a gift shop selling autograph books.

What is your favorite Disneyland souvenir?

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Spider Bot retail display with Spider Bots and backpacks.

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