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What Shoes to Wear at Disney World (It Definitely Matters)

When packing for Walt Disney World, you are likely to spend a good amount of time developing your packing list. There are so many things you’ll need; if you stay on property, you won’t have as many opportunities to shop for essentials. So, you’ll want to be sure to pack everything you may need during your Disney vacation.

In all of this preparation, however, it’s essential that you make sure to think about what shoes to wear at Disney World. You are likely to do a lot of walking each day with long days, and your feet can easily get tired or sore if you don’t pack the most comfortable shoes possible.

While you may worry about fashion as well, it’s essential to be sure your feet are hurting at the end of a long day. The last thing you want is to pack the wrong shoes and end up in pain for your Walt Disney World vacation.

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In this post, we’ll list out the best shoes to wear at Disney World (for adult women), based on our experience. There are a few key things to keep in mind, however.

Shoes are often the bulkiest things to pack in a suitcase. Often, when you start to run out of room, you’ll think about pulling out a pair or two. Try your best not to do that, because you’ll be wishing you had them later. One good idea is to wear the bulkiest shoes on the plane, so you’ll have more room in your bag.

We also recommend that you keep in mind that everyone’s feet are different and personal preference is important. One person’s best shoes for Disney World may be very uncomfortable for another. In general, things like arch support, rubber soles, and memory foam insoles are features that can be comfortable for most people, but the perfect shoes really don’t exist for everyone. The best shoes to wear to Disney will vary.

If you have issues like plantar fasciitis, the shoes listed below may not be your best option. You’ll probably want to try out a few different types of shoes for walking long distances before deciding which are the best walking shoes for you.

It’s also important to purchase the shoes well in advance. That way, you’ll have the opportunity to break into your new shoes before your vacation. Typically, even the most comfortable walking shoes still need to be broken in, or they can still be uncomfortable. You’ll be walking a long distance each day, and often won’t have time to go back to your hotel room in the middle of the day to change shoes.

In addition, I recommend packing several different types of comfortable shoes. Often, my feet are sore in certain places with one pair of shoes, and I like to try a different kind of shoe for the next day. You’ll want to have a few options. For instance, I’ll wear a sandal on the first day, and then a sneaker on the second day.

These shoes below are specifically for your theme park days when you are doing a lot of walking. However, if you have days planned at your resort (especially in the pool area), or at one of the two Walt Disney World water parks, you’ll need other shoes like water shoes or flip flops. Just keep in mind that these generally don’t offer enough support for a full day of walking around the theme parks.

You may also plan on having some nice dinners during your vacation. The Disney Signature Restaurants do have a dress code, but it’s not overly dressy. For these meals, you may want to bring a more formal pair of shoes – but it’s really up to you.

What about fashion? There are some great shoes that offer both comfort and style. While you may be tempted to wear Disney-themed shoes with your favorite characters on your Disney World trips, make sure they are comfortable and easy to walk in.

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three pairs of shoes (loafers, sandals, sneakers) in front of carry on bag

What Shoes to Wear at Disney World (It Definitely Matters)

Comfortable Sandals

As someone who lives in a colder climate, I appreciate the opportunity to wear sandals every time I’m in warmer weather. So, I’m always looking for comfortable sandals to wear to Disney World in the Florida heat. This is especially helpful if you are going on water rides because sandals will generally dry faster than tennis shoes.

My current favorite shoes are FitFlops. These comfortable but stylish sandals are specifically designed to complement the shape of your feet. I find them to be very easy to wear for long periods.

If you are interested in the flip-flop style, I recommend that you ensure a perfect fit. You will likely get tired of wearing them after a few hours if they are too loose. Of course, no one wants tight shoes either.

Many FitFlops have heels, so you’ll want to be okay wearing them for a long day. I prefer heels but not everyone does. You can find a selection of FitFlops here.

If you’d rather have a more supportive, flat sandal, I like the options from Vionic. Their Wanda sandal is my favorite. This does have more arch support, which may seem to be almost too much support if you have flatter arches. You can find that shoe here (along with other Vionic options).

sneakers in front of mini Disney backpack with black shoes popping out of it

Athletic Shoes

Because I prefer open-toed shoes in the warmer weather, I initially never wore athletic shoes to Walt Disney World – especially on a hot day. But that was a huge mistake because they really can be the most comfortable and best for your feet. They are worth bringing, even if you only wear them every two days or so.

There are so many new running shoe brands, and they all have different benefits. You should wear what you are most comfortable in. If you have a pair that you already own and love walking in, those are probably your best options.

During our recent Adventures by Disney trip to Portugal (where we did a good amount of walking), I spent almost all of my days in a pair of On Cloud 5 shoes and found them to be the most comfortable. I’ve also worn these shoes for cruises and while visiting Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

Another comfortable sneaker brand is Hoka. They are a popular running shoe brand that has great support and is comfortable for running. Both of these brands offer different styles with a nice variety of different colors, so you can choose what works best for your outfits and personal style.

Skechers Go Walk

Another comfortable brand of shoes for Disney World is the Skechers GO WALK. While I have the loafer version of the shoe, there are also sandals and lace-ups within the same line.

These shoes, especially the loafer are a great option because, in addition to being comfortable, they are also versatile. They are generally casual but can be dressed up a bit. They are also washable, so you can make sure they are clean and ready to go for your next Disney vacation.

I recommend that you make sure to break these shoes in. Although they do have a very comfortable, memory foam insole, the edges of the shoes may need to be broken in. I do find them to be very lightweight and easy to wear for a long day, with mesh, breathable fabric.

You can find a great selection of Skechers GO WALK loafers, sandals, and lace-up shoes on

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I consider when deciding what shoes to wear to Disney World?

Comfort is the biggest factor you should consider. Fashion is a distance second because you’ll mostly see people wearing comfy shoes in restaurants and attractions.

Can I wear flip-flops to Disney World?

Flip-flops come in many different styles. Traditional flip-flops are probably too flimsy and don’t have enough support for a full day of theme park walking.

How many shoes should I bring to Walt Disney World?

I’d recommend bringing at least two pairs (three if you are planning to go to the pool). That way, you can swap out every other day.

Athletic shoes in front of backpack with black shoes popping out.

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