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Visiting Funko HQ in Everett, WA

My son has been an avid collector of Funko Pops for a while, so when we visited Seattle, Washington, we knew we’d have to make the drive up to Funko HQ, the headquarters of Funko. Here, you’ll find a large shop that is a Funko-lovers paradise.

If you aren’t a Funko lover, you may be wondering what the fascination is with these pop culture collectibles. Funko Pops, Vinyls, Dorbz, and other products from the company celebrate various characters from television, comics, music, movies, companies, games, sports, and other aspects of pop culture.

These items range from widely available to extremely rare, and there are so many that it’s nearly impossible for any one regular store to carry all of them. The Funko HQ store is the closest you’ll come to seeing everything available.

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Funko Pop fans will love visiting Funko HQ, a shop dedicated to everything Funko, located in Everett, Washington about 40 minutes from Seattle.

Where is Funko HQ?

Funko HQ is located in Everett, Washington, on the Puget Sound. Most out-of-towners will likely be staying in Seattle, which is about 40 minutes south of Everett. It’s an easy drive, and there are some stops you can make either on the way there or back.

The store is typically closed on Mondays, and hours can vary. You’ll want to check the website before leaving to see what the times are for your visit. During holidays, the hours may change, so it’s best to call. We visited over the Fourth of July weekend, and called in advance to make sure it would be open for our visit.

Exterior of Funko HQ
The Exterior of Funko HQ

What You’ll Find at Funko HQ

Depending on which way you arrive in Everett, you’ll probably pass by Funko Field. This minor league field is named for the company, but isn’t the location that you’ll want to visit for shopping. Drive a little further and you’ll arrive at Funko HQ.

As you reach the building, there’s no mistaking where you are. Huge, life size Funko Pops will greet you from the front of the store, above the store, and on the pedestrian bridge leading to the next building. Parking is available on the street, and we had no issue finding a spot.

We arrived right before it opened, and there was a small line. However, if you are visiting on a day when a limited edition Pop is offered, you are likely to encounter a longer line. In fact, there are signs informing visitors that camping overnight is not permitted.

Marvel area of Funko HQ

Lockers are available by the front entrance if you are bringing in large bags or other prohibited items. There’s a small security desk that you’ll pass by, and you can get a price list and map there. None of the items have prices on them – so you’ll need the list.

Funko HQ is a collector’s paradise. There are several different rooms within the building. These include a room dedicated to their own personal brand, Wetmore Forest. There are also separate rooms for DC, Marvel and Star Wars Pops, Harry Potter, and Anime.

Within the rooms, you’ll find Funko products for purchase, in addition to life size displays with Funkos. Even if you aren’t planning on purchasing anything, it’s still fun to look at and pose with the displays.

In addition to the Funko products, you’ll find a small supply of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and non-Funko products. The majority of the store, however, is the Funko merchandise, including a few exclusive items that can only be purchased at the store.

Pop Factory

There’s also a “build your own Funko Pop” area called the Pop Factory. Here, you’ll be able to choose from among dozens of parts to create either a Freddie Funko (Funko’s mascot) or a monster. For a collector, this is an exclusive opportunity to create something completely unique.

Overall, we spent about 45 minutes at Funko HQ. My son was quickly able to spend the allotted amount of money he had, and easily would have spent more. There really is so much there.

Beyond the store, there isn’t much else at Funko HQ for consumers. The actual store has restrooms, but there’s no food right at the location. If you are hungry, however, there are plenty of options in Everett that you can visit during your stay there.

Disney area of Funko HQ

Hotels in Everett

I’d definitely recommend staying in Seattle for your visit to Funko HQ, because there are so many things to do in Seattle with kids. The drive isn’t too far, and you can either use a rental car, or get a ZipCar if you haven’t rented a car.

If you do want to stay in Everett, however, there are a few options. We stayed in Seattle, so I don’t have first-hand knowledge of these hotels. However, these have good reviews:


On the Way Back to Seattle

If you are staying in Seattle, and want to make the journey to Funko HQ, there are some stops you may consider along the way.

In Mukilteo, Washington, which is right on the drive, you’ll find the Boeing Future of Flight Museum and Boeing Factory Tour. We didn’t plan ahead, and the tickets were all sold out when we arrived. So, I’d definitely recommend ordering them in advance. Wear comfortable shoes as the tour does have quite a bit of walking.

Also in Mukilteo, you’ll find the Mukilteo Lighthouse Park. We decided to visit there, and took advantage of the beautiful weather by sitting outside for a while. Metered parking is available at the park.

There’s also an Ivar’s seafood restaurant location, called Ivar’s Mukilteo Landing. You can either eat in the sit down restaurant, which does offer outdoor seating. Or, there are windows where you can order food to go and take it to the park to enjoy while watching the ferry boats take off.

To learn more about Funko HQ, visit the Funko website. Also visit our web story.

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