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Essential Guide to Miami’s Terminal V – Virgin Voyages Adult Only Cruises

When Virgin Voyages launched their paradigm-changing, adult-only cruise lines several years ago, they started with a single cruise ship – the Scarlet Lady. While they now offer European sailings (on the Valient Lady), the Scarlet Lady still calls PortMiami its home port.

Shortly after launching its first cruise ship, Virgin Voyages opened its own cruise terminal at PortMiami. Terminal V is a Miami-based Arquitectonica-designed building that is perfectly themed to Virgin Voyages. This beautiful new terminal is one of the only LEED Gold-certified buildings and has a clean, mid-century design that is reminiscent of the earlier days of travel.

Terminal V opened in early 2022, and I first sailed on the Scarlet Lady in May of 2022. I later returned for an additional sailing in January of 2023. Both times, I enjoyed the seamless experience of checking in to my sailing.

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If you are a regular reader of this blog, or if you are just reading the title of the blog, you probably know this isn’t our usual family-focused content. Instead, it’s part of a new category here called Gen Travel X . This new category will focus on travels beyond family travel when you are ready to progress into mid-life travel. However, Virgin Voyages is also a great option for an adult-only trip even when you have younger kids.

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Cruise port building - terminal V -Virgin Voyages with Sail the Virgin Way written on it.

Essential Guide to Miami’s Terminal V – Virgin Voyages

Location of Terminal V and Getting to Terminal V

Terminal V is located at 718 N Cruise Blvd, Miami, FL 33132 along Biscayne Bay along the western part of the port. If you choose to visit Bayside Marketplace before your sailing, you may get to see your ship docked. Once you are on board, before you sail away, you’ll also have beautiful views of the Miami coastline.

Parking and Transportation to the Port – Terminal V, Virgin Voyages

When we fly in for a cruise out of Miami, we always arrive the day before. I’ve had enough delayed flights and lost luggage to understand that it’s best to have some extra time built in. Then, I can wake up at my leisure, have a nice breakfast, and then get to the port just in time for my port arrival time.

If you are staying in the local Miami area after your flight, it’s easy to get a rideshare or a cab to the port. Parking is also available and is currently $22 per night for long-term, overnight parking. I wouldn’t recommend renting a car to get to the port, because you’ll have to pay for it to just sit there. But if you are driving, rather than flying, to Miami, it’s a good option.

When you check into your cruise in advance, you’ll be able to select a port arrival time. Virgin Voyages, like most cruise lines, sticks to those specific times. So, you’ll want to plan to arrive at Terminal V at just about the right time because you won’t be able to check in earlier.

Boarding group card with wearable bracelet

Checking in to your cruise

When you arrive at PortMiami, you’ll head directly to Terminal V. Either park your car, or get out of your ride share. Once you are at the entrance, you’ll be able to leave your bags with the cruise terminal porters if you’d like to check your baggage.

Unlike other cruise lines, you won’t receive luggage tags in advance of your Virgin Voyages cruise. So it’s a good idea to have your stateroom number ready to provide to the porter. They will write the luggage tags for you. The porters aren’t cruise line employees and do accept tips.

Terminal V does start accepting luggage at 9 am, although they prefer that you drop off bags on time. But it’s a good option to have in case you arrive early and want to explore a bit. There’s a shuttle to nearby Bayside Marketplace from the terminal.

Check-in for your cruise ship typically starts at 2 pm but you should arrive at your assigned time. This is later than most cruise lines, but this is because Virgin Voyages offers a later checkout time.

If you are a rockstar level on Virgin Voyages, look for the Rockstar VIP entrance, which also has a separate lounge area to enjoy. Otherwise, you’ll look for a sign with your port arrival time. There are separate lines for each time, and they are handled in order.

After you enter the terminal, you’ll be directed upstairs where you’ll go to officially check-in. Note that you won’t receive anything in the mail in advance, so this is where you’ll receive your wearable band and any necessary paperwork.

Keep in mind that you will need to go through security. There are some prohibited items that will be confiscated and held if you bring them to the terminal. You can see the list on their website here. It’s always easiest to just leave those items at home so you don’t have to worry about them.

After checking in, you’ll be given a boarding group number. You will take this number, and then wait in the lounge until it’s called. Once you are able to board the ship, you can go directly to your room, which should be ready.

Virgin Voyages ship sailing from Miami at sunset

Exiting Terminal V – Virgin Voyages

Don’t remove the luggage tag from your bag. When it’s time to disembark, you’ll use that same tag. For short sailings, many people choose to just carry off their bag, but you can also utilize their luggage service.

Once you exit the ship and enter the cruise terminal, you’ll find your bags under a sign, organized by deck number. Then, you can take your bag and go through customs. After you are all set, you can either go to the parking garage or the pickup area for your rideshare or cab.

Where to Stay Near PortMiami

Looking for a hotel? We’ve enjoyed our stays at the Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay, just a short drive from the port. We’ve also enjoyed stays at the Ritz Carlton South Beach and the Marriott Vacation Club Pulse South Beach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is parking available at Terminal V?

Yes, long-term, overnight parking is offered at $22 per day.

What is the check-in time at Terminal V – Virgin Voyages?

Check-in usually begins at 2 pm, but you’ll be assigned a time that you are required to adhere to.

How far is PortMiami from Miami International Airport?

The port is about 8 miles from the Miami Airport. However, the Fort Lauderdale Airport is also nearby.

Boarding group card with wearable bracelet, Miami port at sunset, Terminal V building with red lettering

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Monday 20th of November 2023

What size are the Virgin luggage tags?

Jodi Grundig

Tuesday 21st of November 2023

They don't send you tags. Instead, a porter will write up a tag for you at the port. I'm not sure of the size, they may vary.

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