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Are Adults-Only Virgin Voyages Cruises All Inclusive?

Virgin Voyages launched in 2021 and was very different from other cruise lines for a variety of reasons. Instead of sticking with some of the common cruise traditions like formal nights and huge buffets, this new cruise line created its own path. Gone are the main dining room and the buffet, and instead, there are delicious specialty restaurants and a food hall.

There are other changes as well, including the fact that it’s an adult-only cruise line. In addition, Virgin Voyages is a more all-inclusive experience, with more things included in the fare.

So, is Virgin Voyages All-Inclusive? While this adults-only cruise line isn’t entirely all-inclusive because not everything is included, (like an all-inclusive resort would be), it definitely is more all-inclusive than other cruise lines. Here’s what is included in the fare, and what isn’t.

Disclosure: I’ve been on three Scarlet Lady sailings at full price to me. This post contains affiliate links and a purchase or click through one of these links may result in a commission paid to us at no cost to you. All opinions are my own.

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Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady docked at Puerto Plata

Are Adults-Only Virgin Voyages Cruises All Inclusive?

What’s Included in Your Cruise Fare with Virgin Voyages?


Basic beverages are included in the fare. These include things like non pressed juices, drip coffee, soft drinks, and other non alcoholic beverages. There are no plastic containers on the ship, but filtered water is available in a carafe in your stateroom nightly.

Watermelon slice with berries/granola on top

Specialty Dining Venues

Virgin Voyages doesn’t offer a main dining room. Instead, guests can dine in numerous delicious specialty restaurants at no additional cost. These restaurants can be booked in advance, and availability is generally pretty easy if you book early.

These specialty restaurants, which include a steak restaurant, an Italian restaurant, and a Korean BBQ place are definitely on par with specialty restaurants on other cruise lines.

For more casual dining, there are several options. The Galley is a food hall-style venue offering booths with sushi, desserts, salad, panini, and more. There’s also a Poke Bowl venue, an ice cream shop, the Social Club (with snacks, popcorn, and hot dogs), and a pizza place. Room service is also offered.

Beach Club at Bimini with red and white umbrellas, palm trees, and pool chairs in front of a chair.

Bimini Beach Club

If you are sailing on an itinerary with a stop at the Bimini Beach Club, you’ll be pleased to know admission is free. You’ll pay for cabanas and alcoholic drinks, but you can enjoy the beach club (pool and beach access) at no additional cost.

Group Fitness Classes and Gym

Virgin Voyages very much has a “get fit in the AM and party in the PM” vibe. There are lots of group fitness classes available for booking in the app including HIIT, foam rolling, Yoga, and ab classes.

There’s no fee for these, although you will be charged a no-show fee that is donated to charity. If you prefer to work out alone, there’s a huge gym with lots of equipment as well as a boxing ring and a basketball court.


Gratuities for all crew members are included in the fare on your Virgin Voyages cruise. This includes bar staff, restaurant employees, and your stateroom attendant.

If you want to show extra appreciation for someone who went above and beyond, you can also mention their name in the survey you’ll receive after your voyage. Additional gratuities are accepted but are definitely not expected.

Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady main pool at night


Entertainment on board includes larger-scale shows, live performances, dance parties, cabarets, magicians, and more. Most of these onboard activities and entertainment are included with your cruise at no extra cost. There are also private karaoke rooms where groups can enjoy their own karaoke sessions.


Want to stay in touch with friends and family back home? Basic free WiFi is included with your Virgin Voyages Cruise. This can be a great bargain as other cruise lines generally don’t include WiFi in their fares.

What is Extra on a Virgin Voyages Cruise?

While many things are included with Virgin Voyages that aren’t on other cruise lines, there are some things you’ll pay extra for. It’s important to understand these things so you can budget for them if you’d like to include them in your cruise.

Umbrellas over street with pink flowers

Shore Excursions

Other than the Beach Club at Bimini, expect to pay extra for any shore excursions (shore things) that you book. If purchased in advance, you’ll need to pay for these at the time of booking. Availability for shore excursions may be limited if you wait until you are onboard.

Premium Coffee

Virgin Voyages offers two premium coffee cafes, called the Grounds Club. Coffee and other drinks sold at the Grounds Club do cost extra. Drip coffee is always offered for free throughout the ship.

Thermal Suite on Virgin Voyages

Spa Treatments

Do you want to visit the spa? Spa treatments, along with the thermal suite, are available at an additional charge at the onboard Redemption Spa.

During our most recent visit, we took advantage of the thermal suite. It’s available for purchase either for a one-hour block or for the entirety of your cruise. We opted for the full cruise pass.

On Virgin Voyages, the thermal spa includes a salt room, a steam room, heated stone loungers, a mud room, a sauna, a hot tub, two cold plunge tubs, and more. I found that it was most quiet in the evenings, after dinner.

Alcoholic Drinks

Unlike other cruise lines, Virgin Voyages does not offer drink packages. Instead, guests are able to prepurchase “bar tab”, which is usually accompanied by some extra bonus bar tab. This is a “use it or lose it” situation, so you’ll want to think about what you’ll drink before you make a purchase.

A Bar tab is not required – you can always purchase your drinks on an a la carte basis. While some guests would prefer to have a drinks package, there are often some great bonuses that are offered when pre-purchasing bar tab.

Premium WiFi

While Virgin Voyages does offer free basic WiFi to Virgin Voyages sailors, an upgrade is available to purchase. Depending on your WiFi needs while on board, it may make sense to purchase the premium WiFi upgrade.

Tattoo Parlor

Virgin Voyages is the first cruise line to have a permanent tattoo parlor at sea. The tattoo parlor, called Squid Ink, features a rotating array of visiting tattoo artists from around the world. Tattoos start at $150 for flash designs (there is a small collection of sea-themed flash designs) and $250 for custom designs. Prices are always subject to change.


High Street on Virgin Voyages offers a variety of different shops, including a designer bag resale shop, a makeup shop, a merchandise shop, a jewelry shop, and a clothing shop. Any purchases here can be charged to your shipboard account.

Six glasses of champagne on paper coasters

Classes and Tastings

Virgin Voyages also offers special classes and tastings that cost extra. We’ve done several of these, including:

  • Shot for Shot – a mixology event where you learn to make drinks and also how to take photos of your creations to post on social media.

  • Brunch plating class – you’ll learn to plate a popular brunch item and then will learn how to take photos of it for social media. After, you’ll get the opportunity to eat your creation.

  • Bubbles & Bites – this special tasting is offered as part of the Eat and Drink Festival on board Virgin Voyages in August and September. You’ll learn about champagne, taste three different brands, and also eat some delicious fried chicken.

Pressed Juices

As part of their health focus, Virgin Voyages offers pressed juices in several locations on the ship. These delicious juices do cost extra, but you can use your bar tab for them.

Casino and Bingo

Like most cruise lines, Virgin Voyages does have a casino on board. It’s smaller than most cruise line casinos. Bingo is also offered onboard. Both of these cost extra, although you do have the opportunity to win cash prizes.


Need to do laundry while on vacation? While there aren’t self-serve laundry facilities on board, you can send laundry to be done. You can send individual items or an entire bag. This is offered for an additional fee.

Salon Services

Salon services, including blowouts, haircuts, haircuts and shaves for men, and nail services, are offered on board. These can and should be booked when you arrive, and do cost extra.

Deep Blue Extras

Through the end of 2024, Virgin Voyages is offering Deep Blue Extras, their version of a frequent guest program. Those eligible for Deep Blue Extras are those who sailed at least once the first year, at least twice through 2023, or who status-match with other cruise lines.

Deep Blue Extras can provide additional inclusions in your cruise, including the following:

  • One free bag of laundry

  • $10 per stateroom for premium coffee

  • Premium WiFi

  • A $100 bonus for every $300 Bar Tab purchased

  • A cocktail party

  • Dedicated priority embarkation

These are scheduled to end in 2024.

Paying for Things on a Virgin Voyages Cruise

Unlike on other cruise lines where you are given a key card, Virgin Voyages provides guests with a wearable sea band. This band will open your door, get you on and off the ship, and let you bill items to your onboard account.

You’ll add a credit card to your account, and things will be billed at the end. You may also have some credit on your account. Sailor loot can be used for anything, and you may get it as part of a promotion. Bar tab is purchased and can only be used for beverages.

Scarlet Lady docked at port, watermelon with granola and berries, umbrella street in Puerto Plata.

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