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An Overview of Celebrity Cruises Concierge Class Benefits

If you are looking for an elevated experience with some special perks on your next Celebrity Cruise, concierge class may be a great option. It doesn’t cost too much extra, and includes some fun bonuses and perks that may be worth the extra expense.

If you are considering this class of service on your cruise, read more about Celebrity Cruises concierge class benefits as well as our experience with this class on our latest sailing.

Disclosure: We paid full price for our cruise. This post contains affiliate links and a purchase/click through one of these links may result in a commission paid to us. All opinions are my own.

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An Overview of Celebrity Cruises Concierge Class Benefits

Celebrity Cruises already provides fantastic service to all guests. But, when you book your stateroom, you’ll see the option to book concierge class. This higher service level does come with a higher price. However, it’s important to know that concierge class isn’t the highest level (unlike some other cruise lines were concierge is the highest level).

Other options include:

  • The Retreat: A full luxury experience with exclusive dining options, sun decks, and much more.
  • AquaClass: Comes with spa Persian Garden access, a spa concierge, and more.

On my first time on the Celebrity Cruise line, I decided to book a Concierge Class stateroom. I was eager to experience this new-to-me cruise line and wanted to get the additional benefits from booking Concierge.

What is Celebrity Cruises Concierge Class?

Concierge class on Celebrity is a premium level of both service and accommodation. Specific rooms are designed as Concierge rooms, and you’ll need to book one of these when you reserve your cruise.

When you purchase your cruise, you’ll see a variety of options that are available, and concierge class will be one of these choices. Within the category, some subcategories further differentiate the type of room you’ll have but won’t change the service you’ll experience.

These options may include concierge rooms, prime concierge rooms, and sunset concierge rooms. The prime rooms are in a better location and sunset rooms are at the aft of the ship. During our sailing, we booked a regular concierge room, and had a verandah stateroom with a slightly smaller verandah with an obstructed view.

As a concierge class guest you do get some perks, but keep in mind that the best perks are reserved for those in the Retreat.

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Key Benefits of Celebrity Cruises Concierge Class

Concierge Rooms

Concierge rooms are a step above the traditional stateroom. These rooms have floor-to-ceiling glass windows and doors, as well as a verandah.

You’ll also feel a little pampered with 100% cotton bathrobes, slippers, and towels, as well as Co Bigelow toiletries in the shower (including shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and body lotion). Rooms contain a golf umbrella and a small pair of binoculars for your use on the ship.

While the website states that guests will receive a Celebrity keychain in their concierge room, we didn’t. Instead, we had a gray Celebrity card case, which is perfect for holding IDs and credit cards. Complimentary shoe shine is also offered to concierge guests as one of the extra benefits.

The rooms also offer a pillow menu if you’d like to upgrade from the standard pillows in the stateroom. The menu includes several options, including a body pillow, a Swedish Isotonic pillow, and a hypoallergenic pillow. We didn’t try any of those options, however, because the pillows in the stateroom were very comfortable.

Solarium with a glass roof, statue, pool chairs, and water falling from a spigot.

Concierge Service

When we arrived in our Concierge stateroom, we had a note from our concierge team. They are available for any assistance you may need during your sailing, including booking reservations for restaurants and scheduling excursions. We never interacted with our team, because we were easily able to book everything we needed, but it was nice to know that it was available to us.

Concierge Perks

So, what are the additional perks available to Concierge guests? Here are some of the benefits you’ll experience:

Embarkation Lunch in the dining room: This was my favorite of the perks, and it made the concierge class worth it for us. The exclusive lunch on embarkation day is offered in the main dining room and is a nice relaxing environment rather than the chaos of the buffet.

The food was delicious as well and included items like braised short ribs and apple pie. We enjoyed the opportunity to sit and look through our schedule as we planned out our 4-night cruise.

Sparkling Wine in the stateroom: As a concierge class guest, you’ll have a bottle of sparkling wine delivered to your room. We had the classic drink package, and never even ended up drinking this wine. If we weren’t flying home right away, we would have taken it with us.

Afternoon Canapes (officially called “daily delectable delights” delivered to the stateroom: Every afternoon, we had a small plate of canapes delivered directly to our stateroom. Again, we really didn’t feel like we needed these, because there was so much delicious food readily available on the ship.

Captains Club Points: Concierge class guests receive 5 Captains Club points per night of their cruise. These extra points can be useful if you are getting close to the next level.

Disembarkation Lounge: On our sailing, Concierge guests were invited to wait in the Tuscan Grille restaurant for their disembarkation time. We didn’t take advantage of that because we left the ship right after breakfast and didn’t have to wait at all.

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Is Concierge Class on Celebrity Worth It?

The big question is whether the Concierge class is worth the extra money. We purchased it for our recent Celebrity Summit cruise, and while we didn’t take advantage of all of the benefits, we still found it worthwhile.

For us, the major benefit was that private embarkation lunch. It was a real treat and a great (relaxing) way to start our cruise. To take advantage of this, you’ll want to have a port arrival time before or around lunchtime.

We all enjoyed the benefits of the concierge class staterooms, including the toiletries and the robes. If it had rained, we definitely would have liked having the umbrellas as well.

If you are considering this upgrade, it’s a good idea to look through the benefits to decide which you will use. Even a few of these can make the extra cost worthwhile.

Back of Celebrity Summit ship docked in port

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