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A Review of Story Land in Glen, New Hampshire

Disclosure: We received complimentary admission for purposes of review. We’ve also visited Story Land NH numerous times at our own cost. I’ve been visiting since I was a child and always loved my visits. This post also contains affiliate links. A purchase/click through one of these links may result in a commission paid to us. All opinions are my own.

If your children love rides, characters, and shows, they’ll absolutely love Story Land in Glen, New Hampshire. While it isn’t nearly as large as other theme parks like Walt Disney World, it’s still loads of fun for children.

A review of Story Land theme park, located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, in Glen near North Conway.

Whether you live within driving distance or plan on vacationing in the White Mountains, I definitely recommend making a trip to Story Land NH. It’s a great spot for a first theme park visit because it isn’t overwhelming and is easy for a family to navigate through. Storyland NH has lots for families to enjoy.

Review of Story Land NH Theme Park

Where is Story Land NH?

Story Land is about a 3 1/2 ride from Boston, MA, in Glen, NH, right in the heart of the White Mountains. This adorable fairy tale themed amusement park is nestled among the White Mountains. If visiting, you have lots of options for where to stay.

North Conway and Barlett are just a few minutes away, while Lincoln is about an hour away on the scenic Kancamagus Highway. If visiting the area, you’ll have loads of other family activities in the White Mountains to do while you are there.

Visiting Story Land

There are two parking lots at Story Land, and the earlier you arrive, the closer you’ll be able to park to the entrance. The front parking lot is very close to the front entrance, and the other lot, across the street, isn’t too far. If you arrive later in the day, you may be lucky and find a spot in the front after the first wave of visitors has left for the day.

The front of the park features small classic “exhibits” featuring some of the most popular fairy tales, like the Women Who Lived in a Shoe and Heidi.  These are generally more crowded when the park opens and quiet down throughout the day – so visit them last.

They are great photo ops – I have pictures of my kids sitting in the very same spot that my sister and I posed when we were children. If you visit annually, it’s fun to take these same pictures every year. You’ll see how the kids grow as you compare the pictures.

This fairy tale area of the park is best for younger kids. As my kids got older, they were less interested in fairy tales and more interested in the rides.

Story Land Review Splash Battle

For our visits, we typically go toward the back of the park when we arrive. Some of the rides don’t open until a little after park opening, but there are plenty of rides that you can check out before the crowds come.

By heading to the back, you can limit the amount of time that you spend in lines because so many guests start at the front. That works best if you arrive at park opening. If you arrive late in the day, you may find the front of the park to be less crowded.

Story Land Rides

Story Land has rides that will appeal to younger kids as well as some that appeal to older kids. In general, the park is best for younger kids – maybe up to lower middle school (or even younger). Some of the most popular rides include the following:

  • The new Roar-O-Saurus (wooden roller coaster)
  • Crazy Barn
  • Dr. Geysers Remarkable Raft Ride (closes after Labor Day)
  • Bamboo Chutes (Flume ride)
  • Huff Puff & Whistle Railroad
  • Antique Cars (you need to be at least 48 inches to ride alone)
  • Splash Battle: Pharaoh’s Reign (bring swimsuits so your clothes stay dry)
  • Swan Boats
  • The Polar Coaster

My kids’ favorites were always the antique cars, the Polar Coaster, and the Bamboo Chutes. Once you visit once, you’ll find that your kids have their own favorites that they will want to visit year after year. We usually go to the Polar Coaster first when we arrive so that we can ride several times.

There are other rides at Story Land as well, including some that are best for toddlers or younger children. On occasion, especially in the spring, some rides may be closed for renovation. Check the website before you go to make sure that you know what is open.

In addition to the rides, there are other attractions at Story Land. One of my kids’ favorites is the Loopy Lab, where you can experiment with gravity. It’s also an indoor space, so it’s a good opportunity to get out of the sun for a bit. When my kids were younger, we would sit back at the Loopy Lab and let the kids enjoy the space. 

The park also offers shows, including the Farm Follies, a magic show, Cinderella’s Royal Celebration, and Daniel Tiger’s Grr-ific Day. These shows have changed over the years, so I definitely recommend checking the schedule when you are getting ready to go.

Living Shores Aquarium at Story Land

In November of 2019, Story Land will be opening a brand-new aquarium called Living Shores Aquarium. This 32,000 square foot aquarium doesn’t have a grand-opening date yet. Combo tickets will be available for both the amusement park and the aquarium.

It’s on the former location of Heritage New Hampshire and is within walking distance of Story Land. Unlike Story Land, it appears that the Living Shores Aquarium will be open year-round, with holiday closures. The Living Shores Aquarium will be an indoor experience.

Story Land Food

Food at Story Land is decent, but not great. It’s really just something to grab and eat – which is exactly what we do while we are there. Meal options include pizza, grilled cheese, ice cream, burgers, and sandwiches.

There’s also a Dippin’ Dots and a Dunkin Donuts location on property. If you are planning to visit for multiple days during the season, it may be a good idea to purchase a refillable cup which will help you save money.

There are also character dining experiences, as well as a tea time experience. These should be booked and purchased in advance. The schedule is available online when the season starts. Review it when booking your trip so you can make whatever reservations are necessary.

We typically eat breakfast before arriving at Story Land. Then, we have lunch in the park and leave before dinner.

Characters and Amenities at Story Land NH

Keeping with the fairy tale theme, there are several characters to view throughout the park. These include the woman in the shoe, Mother Goose, Cinderella, and Heidi’s Grandfather.

The park offers free parking, $10 premium parking (subject to availability), wheelchair rentals, and stroller (both single and double) rentals. Locker rentals are offered at the Splash Battle, Dr. Geysers Remarkable Raft Ride, and the Roar-O-Saurus so you can keep your belongings safe.

If you travel with your pets, a free kennel is on the property, but it’s subject to availability. They don’t offer reservations, so arrive early and bring everything that your pet needs with you.

Story Land Tickets and Closing

Guests who arrive within three hours of closing receive a pass to return another day – a great way to spread your visit out for two days. We like to arrive in the afternoon of our first day in New Hampshire, and then visit the park for a few hours.

If you choose to do this, you may want to spend the first day doing the front of the park. Then, you can return the next day and do the bigger attractions.

There’s also a season pass option for those who plan to visit three times or more in a season. You can save money by purchasing your ticket online in advance, rather than at the gate. Combo tickets will be available that include the aquarium, but information about that hasn’t been provided at this time.

I definitely recommend arriving within three hours of closing on your first day so that you can do some of the rides one day and then return the next day at no cost.

Story Land Closing

Story Land generally opens for the season on Memorial Day weekend and closes for the season Columbus Day weekend. Although there was a rumor that Story Land was closing permanently, the owners have said that is not true. It’s once again open for the season, and season tickets are already on sale.

Certified Autism Center (CAC) Designation

In July 2019, Story Land became the first amusement park in New Hampshire to receive the Certified Autism Center (CAC) designation from the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES).

Story Land currently offers Sensory Sensitive Weekends on select weekends during the season. During these weekends, families will experience lower volumes of music and announcements. Some of the water features are turned off for the weekend, and guests may request a pass if they aren’t able to wait in line.

During the entire season, guests can also visit the calming room and quiet dining room if necessary.

Hotels Near Story Land

If you are planning a trip to Story Land, there are loads of hotel options for you. These include the following:

Restaurants Near Story Land NH

Are you looking to eat outside the park? There are lots of delicious restaurants located in the area, many of which are kid-friendly. I would recommend dining at the park for lunch and at one of these other restaurants for breakfast or dinner. 

Glen Junction, located right down the street is a train-themed diner with a train that runs around the perimeter of the interior of the restaurant. My son especially always loved this place because of the train.

Moat Mountain Smokehouse & Brewing is a casual BBQ restaurant that we always love to visit. It’s open for lunch and dinner. 

Flatbread Company is a mini-chain restaurant offering fresh ingredients. This is always a must-visit when we are in the White Mountains, although it is a short drive from Story Land in North Conway. 

Horsefeathers is a popular restaurant located right in the center of North Conway Village. We usually eat here when shopping in the area. 

Open for dinner during the week and lunch and dinner on the weekends, Margarita Grill offers Mexican specialties and is located down the street from Story Land. 

Story Land
850 NH Route 16
Glen, NH 03838

Originally published in 2012, updated in 2019.

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Ali Taleb

Friday 12th of April 2019

I would like to try it, I think my 3 kids (2 boys(10 &9 years old) & girl (6)) will like the place! Any specials for the Good Friday holiday next week 4/19/19 weekend?

Jodi Grundig

Monday 15th of April 2019

Unfortunately, I don’t think the park opens until May.