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Vacation Packing Lists

Family Packing ListsTraveling with kids isn’t always easy, and if you’ve spent lots of time planning the perfect family vacation, you want to make sure you’ve brought along everything you need. The best recommendation I can offer any family is to use vacation packing lists. We are pleased to offer free printable vacation packing lists as a starting point – print out one master list for each adult, and one child list for each of your children. Then, go through the list, customizing anything that may differ for your family. I try to have my kids pack as much as possible, so if your child is old enough, have them use to the list to pack. Then, you can go through and make sure they haven’t missed anything.

But packing the right bags isn’t the last step in packing for your family vacation – you need to make sure you actually pack all of those bags in your car or taxi. So, make a list off all the bags/big items you need to bring along (camera bags, suitcases, diaper bag, stroller, garment bags, computer bags, purses, etc), and leave that note on your door. When you are leaving the house, check the list to make sure you’ve got everything!


See the lists here.