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East Coast

East Coast Family Vacation Destinations

Living on the East Coast, we've had the opportunity to travel to so many different types of destinations. From beaches to theme parks, cities to quaint towns, the East Coast offers a variety of different vacation spots.

If you are considering an East Coast family vacation destination, there are lots of different locations to look at. In the Northeast, you'll find cities such as Boston, MA and Portland, Maine as well as the beaches of Cape Cod and the Islands.

Travel south and you can explore US history in cities such as Williamsburg, VA and Washington DC. Or go even further south for fabulous beaches in Florida, as well as the theme parks of Orlando.

In this section, you'll see all of our reviews on East Coast Family Vacation Destinations.

Note that we've experienced some of the destinations/attractions below at no cost for purposes for review in the past.

Clearwater Florida Beach at Sunset

5 Best Beaches in Florida With Kids

Due to its geographic location, Florida is home to a number of gorgeous beaches that are perfect Florida vacations for families. From the panhandle, with its white-sand beaches, to the Gulf Coast’s sugary sand beaches, to the more traditional sand on the Atlantic side, there are so many options for family travel. Many families travel …

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