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Everything You Need to Know About Disney Pandora – The World of AVATAR

In 2017, a new “world” took over Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World, replacing some of the less popular areas of the park. Disney’s Pandora – The World of AVATAR is a beautiful land, offering quick service food, two attractions, and an immersive experience.

Planning a trip to Pandora at Disney’s Animal Kingdom? Here’s everything you need to know about Disney Pandora – The World of AVATAR.

Disclosure: I had the opportunity to attend the Disney Pandora – The World of AVATAR press event at no cost. I’ve returned many times at my own cost. All opinions are my own. Affiliate links are included – we may make a small commission when you purchase through our link at no additional cost to you. 

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Pandora – The World of AVATAR features one new quick-service restaurant, two fabulous new attractions, a gift shop offering exclusive merchandise, and a drink/snack stand. Pandora is located in the old Camp Minnie-Mickey area at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and is a short walk from the park’s front entrance.

The whole area is completely themed for Pandora – it’s the most immersive experience I’ve witnessed at a theme park. Animal Kingdom, which used to be considered more of a half-day park, is now definitely more of a full-day park with the addition of this land. 

Huge plaska reclinata interactive plant at the entrance of Disney Pandora - Animal Kingdom Resort

Everything You Need to Know About Disney Pandora – The World of AVATAR

Even just walking through Pandora is an experience. As you enter the Valley of Mo’ara, you’ll see so much of the plant life and culture of Pandora, including a Na’vi drum circle that guests can play, a plaska reclinata that sprays water when you touch it, waterfalls, plants, and the famous floating mountains of Pandora. It looks completely different at night, so you’ll probably want to visit Pandora twice – during the day and after dark. 

The Attractions

When you hear about Pandora – The World of AVATAR, you are likely to hear about Avatar Flight of Passage, which is the highlight of the land. The .3-mile queue is an experience in itself – filled with beautiful plants and a realistic-looking lab where you’ll see a life-sized avatar.

Floating Navi in ride queue

Avatar – Flight of Passage

With Avatar Flight of Passage, you can experience a Na’vi right of passage – flying a banshee. After going through the queue, you’ll walk into a room where you’ll be scanned for your perfect avatar.

There are a few versions of this pre-show – I went through it a few times and saw a slightly different show each time. After you are matched with an avatar, you’ll go through another room where you’ll learn about the ride.

If you have a lightning lane reservation (not part of Genie+, offered for an additional fee) for the ride, you’ll pass through the queue but can see the preshow to get scanned for your avatar. While the ride queue is well done, you’ll probably want to purchase the lightning lane to avoid waiting in line for too long.

I’ve already heard a lot of chatter about the Avatar Flight of Passage ride vehicle, so I’ll address what I experienced. The ride vehicle is similar to a motorcycle, and after you are seated, you’ll be “sealed” in. That involves something that holds your back, as well as your legs.

I don’t like enclosed spaces, but didn’t have an issue at all – I just felt secure. The ride vehicle does have a size constraint, but there is a sample outside the ride that you can try before going through the queue. There are eight vehicles in each room, and sixteen people go through the pre-show at a time (two rooms of eight are connected).

This is a motion simulator ride, so you’ll be handed 3D glasses before you go on the ride. I do get motion sickness, especially on motion simulation attractions like Star Tours, so I was concerned.

Avatar Flight of Passage is a cross between Soarin’ and Star Tours, but even more immersive. I did feel the motion and started to get a little motion-sick. But I found that closing my eyes, just for a second, helped.

Honestly, the ride is so breathtaking and fantastic that you really won’t want to miss anything. It’s amazing – you’ll find yourself ducking, bobbing, and weaving as you go through the ride. The smells, sensations (water lightly sprays at you at just the right moments), and sights are spectacular. So, if you do need to close your eyes, try to only do it for a second. 

Wondering if it’s worth the wait? In my opinion, it is – but I’d recommend going early in the day for the shortest lines or purchasing a lightning lane to save time. 

Pandora Navi River ride with bright colors

Na’vi River Journey

The Na’vi River Journey is the calmest of the two new attractions. Similar to Pirates of the Caribbean or it’s a small world, you’ll board a boat that takes you on a beautiful journey through the bioluminescent rainforest.

During your boat ride, you’ll search for the Shaman of Songs. It’s a dark ride, but not scary, so it’s great for families. Everything is absolutely beautiful – my photo above doesn’t do it justice because it’s so hard to photograph in the dark while riding a moving vehicle.

Cheeseburger Pod at Pandora - the World of AVATAR

The Food

Satu’li Canteen at Pandora

I’ve always loved the food at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, but the Satu’li Canteen at Pandora takes things to the next level. Officially the original “mess hall” at the RDA (Resources Development Administration), Satu’li Canteen offers fabulous, unique food options.

Pictured above is the Cheeseburger Pod. Each bite tastes just like a deconstructed cheeseburger, but even tastier. The restaurant also offers built-your-own Satu’li bowls – my favorite protein was the delicious chopped wood-grilled chicken.

This has become one of the most popular quick service locations at Walt Disney World, so arrive early or late to ensure you can get a seat. You can also order food online through the My Disney Experience app. Mobile ordering is a convenient way to save time.

Pongu Pongu at Pandora - The World of AVATAR

Right across from the Satu’li Canteen is Pongu Pongu, a stand that offers two frozen drink options (one alcoholic, one non-alcoholic) and two draft beer options.

They also offer a yummy dessert/snack – Pongu Lumpia – a pineapple cream cheese spring roll. I had the Mo’ara Margarita (flavored with strawberry and blood orange with boba balls) and it was delicious and refreshing.

Merchandise options at Pandora - The World of AVATAR - banshees

The Merchandise

Outside of Avatar Flight of Passage is Tradewinds – the gift shop at Pandora offering some exclusive merchandise. Guests can adopt a banshee that can sit on your shoulder and is controlled by an attached remote.

You can also make your own Na’vi necklace and purchase your very own avatar. Tradewinds also offers glow merchandise, Na’vi headpieces and tails, and much more.

At the entrance of Pandora is the Colors of Mo’ara where you can have your face painted in Na’vi-inspired designs.

Face Painting at Pandora

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Floating mountains with greenery, interactive large plant statue, interior of Na'vi River ride

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