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A Guide to Beaches Turks and Caicos Restaurants

When visiting an all-inclusive family resort, you may have relatively low expectations when it comes to food. After all, all-inclusive resorts don’t always have the best reputation when it comes to food. Over the past two years, my family has visited Beaches Turks and Caicos twice, and we were so impressed with the food.

We were never hungry during our stay and we enjoyed delicious and healthy food at every meal. Here’s our guide to Beaches Turks and Caicos restaurants, some of which are among the best restaurants in Turks and Caicos.

Disclosure: While we paid full price for this past family vacation, I did have the opportunity to visit Beaches at no cost in the past. During our most recent stay, we received a room upgrade. All opinions are my own.

Barefoot by the Sea at Beaches Turks and Caicos

A Guide to Beaches Turks and Caicos Restaurants

When deciding where to go for meals at Beaches Turks and Caicos, you may want to see what is being offered before visiting. If you download the app, you can see some menus online. They are strictly menu samples, so the current offering may be a bit different.

For more updated and complete information, you can find menus to the Beaches Turks and Caicos restaurants in the concierge lounges. We usually looked at them before deciding where to dine. We noticed that many of the menus changed in the year since we visited, so keep this in mind when reading this post.

With the exception of Kimonos (the teppanyaki restaurant, which is one of the top restaurants in Turks and Caicos), you won’t need reservations at any of the Beaches Turks and Caicos restaurants. When the resort is busy, it’s a good idea to arrive early to avoid lines. This is especially true if you have a preference of where you want to sit

Neptunes at Beaches


I have to start with Neptunes because this was probably our favorite restaurant overall. Located in the Key West village of the resort, Neptunes is situated overlooking the beach. Arrive early, and you just might get one of the front tables with a gorgeous view of that famous Turks and Caicos turquoise water.

We loved Neptunes for breakfast. My husband and I usually got the avocado toast, while our kids absolutely loved the pancakes. The berry blast and the fruit salad were also delicious. You really can’t beat the view.

During our second visit to Beaches Turks and Caicos, we decided to have dinner at Neptunes. As you’d expect, the menu is very seafood-heavy. My kids were able to get a salad and pasta, however.

View from Schooners


Another restaurant with a gorgeous water view is Schooners, located in near the watersports booth by the Caribbean Village. It offers breakfast and lunch and is a beautiful restaurant.

For breakfast, I enjoyed the fish escovitch dish, while the kids loved the chocolate chip pancakes. There are also other delicious options on the menu – including a standard American breakfast.

We also dined at Schooners for dinner one evening. Most of the menu contains seafood dishes (I loved the chowder) but there are also some non-seafood items that my kids were able to enjoy.

Although the service was great at all of the restaurants at Beaches, I especially enjoyed the service at Schooners.

Barefoot by the Sea

Barefoot by the Sea

One of the more casual restaurants at the resort is Barefoot by the Sea, which offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This outdoor restaurant is right on the sand, as the name implies. It’s very casual, and perfect if you want a convenient lunch close to the main pool and beach.

We visited for lunch multiple times and especially enjoyed the fish tacos and conch salad. We also visited for breakfast and enjoyed the omelet and pancakes.

During our most recent visit, we found that the line to get into Barefoot by the Sea was especially long when they opened for lunch. Get there early, or wait until the lunch rush passes if you want to avoid that.


On our first day, we immediately went to Arizona’s, a restaurant located near the Seaside Villas. Arizona’s offers a buffet at lunchtime, with both outdoor and indoor buffets. I prefer the outdoor buffet, where you can make your own gyros and tacos with freshly grilled sausage, pork, chicken, steak, and lamb.

There’s also a smoothie bar, chicken nuggets, vegetables, and a small dessert bar. In the evenings, Arizona’s offers an a la carte menu with traditional Mexican specialties.

The Jerk Shack

The Jerk Shack

I think my favorite food overall is the delicious, casual lunch served at the Jerk Shack. This outdoor restaurant is right on the sand and is the perfect spot to visit if you are spending the day at the beach. There’s no dress code, so you can go as you are.

Choose your table, and then go up to the counter to order. Menu items include jerk chicken, jerk pork, and fish cooked in foil. I ordered the fish the three times that I visited, and it was absolutely delicious.

However, I also sampled the pork and chicken when my kids and husband ordered it. Everything was cooked to perfection. Keep in mind that they are a bit spicy.

There’s also a rum bar at the Jerk Shack with premixed rum cocktails, as well as beer, water, and soft drinks. This was my favorite place to get a drink.


If you love sushi, you’ll definitely want to visit this sushi bar located by the French Village. It offers mostly outdoor seating and is only open for dinner.

Soy offers the most popular sushi dishes, including rolls, nigiri, and sashimi. In addition, there are some island specialties, like conch ceviche. Although my kids don’t love fish, they did enjoy the vegetable sushi rolls available at Soy.

If it is raining outside, you’ll want to arrive early. Because there are only a few covered tables, they do go quickly when it’s raining.

The rolls at Soy are small. I recommend ordering a small amount initially, then placing a second order if you are still hungry.


The only restaurant at Beaches that requires reservations is Kimonos, a teppanyaki restaurant where the chefs cook right in front of you. I definitely recommend that you get those reservations as soon as you arrive at the resort, to make sure that you get the time and date you’d prefer. If you have a concierge, they can make the reservations – otherwise, you can contact Kimonos directly.

Kimonos offers a tasting menu, so there’s no need to order off the menu. The tasting menu includes rice, vegetables, shrimp, fish, chicken, and steak. The menu also includes soup, appetizer, and dessert.

The chefs are so entertaining, and the food is delicious. We loved our first visit so much that we made another reservation for our last night. You’ll definitely want to check it out.

Cafe de Paris

I always need my morning coffee, so we always started our day off with a visit to Cafe de Paris. This cafe located in the French Village offers coffee specialties as well as French pastries and crepes throughout the day. While there are other places to get coffee at the resort, Cafe de Paris has espresso drinks.


If you love Italian food, you’ll probably want to visit Mario’s. While they offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we visited for dinner. On the weekends, dinner is an Italian buffet with loads of options.

Every night, there’s an antipasto buffet, where you can load up on cheese, meats, pickled veggies, and more. When we were there on the weekend, there were also meatballs, carving stations, and a pasta bar. During the week, you’ll still see the antipasto bar, but you’ll get a menu to order entrees from.

We also had breakfast at Mario’s. It’s open early, so it’s a great option for your departure morning.

Bobby Dees

Bobby Dee’s

For late-night snacking, or other light bites, you can visit Bobby Dee’s in the water park. This 50’s inspired diner is open from 11am – 6am, and offers ice cream, cotton candy, popcorn, as well as hamburgers, sandwiches, and hot dogs. My kids’ visited daily for snacks.

Dino’s and Bella Napoli

Do you want to have pizza on your Beaches Turks and Caicos vacation? Both Dinos and Bella Napoli offer personal-sized pizza that you can either eat there or take away.

The wait for pizza was generally about 20-30 minutes, so it’s a good idea to place your order early. My son really liked the pizza, and it was so convenient.

The Cricketer's Pub at Beaches Turks and Caicos

The Cricketer’s Pub

This British-themed pub offers indoor and outdoor seating, right by the Italian Village pool. We visited for a pre-dinner snack and really liked the atmosphere and food.

It’s pretty casual and would be a great place to get a drink. There’s also a pool table in the pub, as well as several televisions.

Sky Lounge

Sky, located in the Key West Village above Bayside, is open for breakfast and dinner. All ages are allowed for breakfast, but dinner is adult only.

We visited with our kids for breakfast one day. Keep in mind that it’s open-air, with umbrellas, so you’ll want to wear sunscreen. The food was delicious. My son especially loved the pancakes and my daughter enjoyed the beignets.

Food Trucks

One of the newest food destinations at Beaches is the two food trucks located in the water park. These are a great option for grabbing a quick bite during the day. Mr. Mac serves different varieties of mac and cheese (my kids’ loved the deep-fried mac balls) while Curls n Swirls serves ice cream, frozen yogurt, and shakes.


Another Italian restaurant on property is Giuseppe’s. It’s very casual and offers a buffet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There is both indoor and outdoor seating.

We visited for breakfast, and enjoyed the full buffet, with freshly made hash browns, omelets, and other breakfast specialties. On our second trip, we had the dinner buffet. It includes carved meats, made to order pasta, pizza, and more.

Beach Party sign

Fish Fry and Beach Party

In addition to the restaurants at Beaches Turks and Caicos, there are also two separate events where you can get dinner. On Wednesday, Beaches hosts a Fish Fry event, a smaller version of the popular Turks and Caicos weekly event. At the Fish Fry, you’ll find local vendors, a buffet of fresh fish, macaroni and cheese, conch chowder, conch salad, fruit, and more.

There’s also the weekly Beach Party, where you’ll see a show with Sesame Street characters, participate in family games, shop from vendors, and enjoy a full buffet. Even if you’d prefer to dine elsewhere, I’d recommend visiting the Beach Party just to enjoy the entertainment.

During our second visit, there was also a buffet one night at the Jerk Shack, including chicken, pork, s’more making, and more. We had already had dinner but stopped by for a little more food.

There are other restaurants on property that we didn’t get the chance to enjoy. There’s also the Reflections buffet, the Bombay Club, Courtyard Bistro, and Bayside Restaurant.

If traveling with older kids, you may also consider the adult-only restaurants. Sapodilla and Sky are open to those 16 and over, while Le Petit Chateau is open to those 12 and over. Keep in mind that a dress code does apply for some restaurants, so pack appropriately.

Those traveling with young kids may be interested in the Sesame Street themed meals. These are available at an extra cost and can be booked right at Beaches resort. There are also candlelight beach meals that can be booked separately.

See our best Beaches restaurants story here.

A guide to Beaches Turks and Caicos restaurants, including the best dishes at some of our favorite places.
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