Thrill Rides at SeaWorld Orlando

Rides at SeaWorld OrlandoDisclosure: This was part of a hosted trip to SeaWorld Orlando.

If you haven’t been to SeaWorld Orlando in a while, you’ll be surprised to see that this is not your mother’s SeaWorld anymore. The addition of a pair of thrill rides has made SeaWorld Orlando a viable theme park option for older children that are looking for exciting rides. On my recent press trip to SeaWorld Orlando, I headed out to the park on a mission to experience Manta and Kraken for myself.

Thrill Rides at SeaWorld Orlando

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Photo credit: Wikipedia

I started at Manta, a roller coaster that was built in 2009. The coaster was designed to mimic the gliding of a manta ray, and goes very fast and upside down. You can’t bring bags on the ride, and you can’t wear sandals or flip flops, so it’s best to leave those items with a member of your party that isn’t going on the ride, or you can rent a locker at the entrance of the attraction. There are also small baskets by the ride where you can leave items, but they aren’t secure. Once you are seated on the ride (including the over the head harness and a restraint for your feet, the entire ride car tips so you are face down on the track.

Manta is very fast, and goes upside-down several times. I loved the ride, but it’s definitely not appropriate for little kids or anyone that doesn’t enjoy thrill rides.

Next, I headed down to Kraken, which opened in 200o. Kraken is a floor-less roller coaster, which means flip flops and sandals definitely aren’t allowed. As with Manta, it’s best to rent a locker for valuables, or give them to a member of your party not riding. There are small cubes by the ride entry area to store shoes.

Kraken isn’t quite as wild as Manta in my option, but it’s still very fast and goes upside down several times. I loved it – but again, this ride really isn’t for the faint of heart at all.

SeaWorld Orlando also offers several other rides, including Atlantis (a flume ride), and the brand new Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin.  Of course, there’s everything else you’d expect to see at SeaWorld, including shows and animal exhibits.

To learn more about SeaWorld, visit their website.


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