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Family Travel Magazine® is an online magazine-style blog that has been inspiring families to travel since 2011. Our goal is to make family travel accessible – whether it’s taking a cruise with the whole family, touring National Parks, or visiting theme parks. We offer tips and reviews to make traveling with family easier and more enjoyable.


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About Managing Editor Jodi Grundig

Jodi Grundig is a passionate family traveler who has loved traveling since she was a child.  From her annual childhood family trips to Florida aboard Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor route (her dad worked for Amtrak) to her two parent-free international trips in high school (with Girl Scouts and her school), Jodi couldn’t get enough of seeing the world.  But her love of travel didn’t stop there.  She chose to study abroad in England in her junior year of college, taking day trips and weekend trips throughout the UK and Europe.

As a mom, Jodi began instilling the love of travel in her children since they were babies.  Now that they are 7 and 8, they travel frequently, often vacationing monthly.

It’s all of this experience that has made Jodi a family travel expert, and many destinations and hotels have reached out to her to review and evaluate their destinations and accommodations.  Jodi has traveled to Orlando, Arizona, Virginia, Nova Scotia, Saint John, Grand Cayman, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, California, and many other destinations.  She understands what it’s like to lug suitcases, a double stroller, and car seats through an airport, and has dealt with vomiting kids on airplanes, flight delays, and much more.

Jodi also writes for Hotel-Scoop.com, MiniTime.com, and is the editor for SherpaReport.com.

You can reach Jodi via email – jodi @ familytravelmagazine.com.


MPT08-StacyC Stacy Cacciatore

Stacy Cacciatore is a mother, wife, writer, runner and social media with over 15 years experience in corporate communications. Stacy pens the popular health and fitness blog, Five a Day the Fun Way, which provides healthy eating recipes, tips, activities and games for making eating healthy fun for the entire family. Stacy’s also the author of several books, including: Candy Around the World, Guilt-Free Cupcakes and Culinary Duct Tape: Greek Yogurt: Just as versatile, not as tacky. She has been married for 16 years to her high school sweetheart and has two beautiful children, ages 10 and 6. Visit www.stacycacciatore.com or contact her at stacy@stacycacciatore.com.

ChristyMatteChristy Matte

Christy Matte is a Boston-based freelance writer and blogger. She discovered the joys of travel in her 20’s and launched her first blog as a travel site in 2001. Now, as the mom of two kids, she covers family-related topics (including travel) on her sites, QuirkyFusion.com and Quirky-Tech.com.

Whitney Pickering

As a former cookbook editor and small business owner, Whitney Pickering enjoys not only traveling for business to 5-Star hotels but also relishes “roughing it” in the family RV. She lives in South Mississippi with her husband and their four children.

Charlene Headshot at CharleneChronicles.comCharlene DeLoach

Charlene is an attorney turned blogger writing about luxury living for practical Moms at CharleneChronicles.com and family fun for Massachusetts Moms at Metrowest-Mamas.com. She likes to travel in style and vacation in luxury, while doing fun local activities with her kids.  Charlene has spoken at over 10 social media conferences and events since 2011 and in addition to Family Travel Magazine, also writes for Savvy Source and The Toy Insider. She hosts several shows on Mom TV for travel, social media and fashion, and has been quoted and seen in a variety of news outlets. Charlene lives outside Boston, Massachusetts with her husband and two very young children.

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