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Canada With Kids

We love our neighbors to the north. As residents of Massachusetts, Canada isn't too far away. We can easily road trip up to the coast, or fly right into one of the major cities. There are also numerous cruise lines who make the trip up to Canada on a regular basis.

Are you planning on visiting Canada with kids? This large country is filled with so many fabulous and beautiful places to visit, from Vancouver to Newfoundland. We especially love Quebec City, a quaint city that is loaded with European charm. It's a great place to visit with kids - especially as a preview to visiting Europe in the future. My kids love experiencing the culture and language in Quebec.

The coastal cities of Halifax and Saint John are also great for a family vacation. We visited these gorgeous spots during a family cruise and really enjoyed them.

All of our Canada posts are listed below.

Note that we've experienced some of the destinations/attractions below at no cost for purposes for review in the past.

iles d'orleans winery

A Morning in Iles d’Orleans Quebec

Cobblestone sidewalks, quaint cafes, and a bustling arts scene are what most people think of when they imagine a Quebec City vacation. While those things are all frequently seen in Quebec City, there’s a completely different environment just a short drive away. Iles d’Orleans (Orleans Island, in English), an island about the size of Manhattan, …

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