Tips for Road Trips With Kids: Save money on airfare and rental cars, and visit multiple destinations in one trip

If you want to plan a road trip with kids, it’s also important that you prepare ahead of time so you can enjoy your trip

Start with a shorter road trip of no more than 5 hours to get started. That way, you can make sure everyone enjoys the idea of a road trip.

Try to travel in good weather, so that you'll arrive at your destination with limited delays. Keep your eye on the weather forecast.

Pack safety items, road trip games, portable chargers, snacks so that you are fully prepared, won't have to stop as often, and will keep your kids entertained

Load essential apps on your phone - things like weather apps, traffic apps, map apps, GasBuddy, and other travel apps.

Check your route before you go, even if you use an app like Waze. You'll want to get an idea for where you are headed.

Plan stops along the way at various tourist destinations and other points of interest that you may want to see.

Get your car ready for the road trip by getting a tune up, emptying the trunk of all non-essentials, and making sure your tires are properly inflated

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