Got an early morning flight? Check out these tips so that you are fully prepared.

early morning flight tips

There are lots of great reasons to book an early morning flight but you'll want to be prepared before you go. Here are some essential tips. 

Opening Time

Before you go, you'll want to check what time the airport opens for the day. It can sometimes be less than two hours before your flight leaves. 

Set Alarms

It can be difficult to sleep when you are worried about an early wake up, so set multiple alarms.  

Prep the Night Before

Check in to your flight, choose your seats, and pay for your bags the day before your flight so you have less to do in the morning. 

Pack in Advance

With the exception of things you may need in the morning, like retainers and glasses, be sure to be fully packed the night before. 

Set Transportation in Advance

If you aren't driving to the airport yourself, make sure that all of your transportation is set up in advance. 

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