Surprising Things About the Disney Cruise Line: If you've never been on a Disney cruise, you may not know what to expect

There are a few things that you may find surprising on the Disney Cruise Line because you may not expect them

Disclosure: I've been on a complimentary cruise and some at a discount, but I've also paid for many.

Rotational Dining: You'll switch restaurants, but your servers stay with you. There are three restaurants in the rotation.

There's also adult-only fine dining on the ships. It's available at an additional fee, and needs to be booked separately.

You can get a discount on a future cruise if you book while onboard. There's a desk onboard, or you can use the app to request a booking.

Of course, you'd expect kids' activities, but there are also lots of adult-only activities that are available on the ships.

The Caribbean cruises have a pirate night with fireworks, a pirate show, and more. Lots of families get in costume for it (although it's optional)

There are adult-only beverage seminars offered - these can be booked, and are offered for an extra fee.

 fish extender exchanges ( unofficially run by other passengers and you sign up before you go) can be lots of fun

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