The Scariest Rides at Walt Disney World:  Looking to find out which rides to avoid with sensitive kids, or are a thrill seeker yourself?

Disney World isn't known for scary rides, but there are some dark rides that may frighten kids as well as thrill rides


The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror: A scary theme, with a ride that plunges down and sails up. One of the best themes in the park

Splash Mountain: not scary but does have a large drop, and you will definitely get wet. Be sure to keep your electronics safe. 

The Rock n' Roller Coastr

The Rock 'n' Roller Coaster: The only ride at Walt Disney World that goes upside down. It's so fun, but can be scary. 

The Rock n' Roller Coastr

The Haunted Mansion: It's a gentle ride movement, but the theme of a haunted house can be scary.

The Pirates of the Caribbean: A relatively gentle boat ride that has some loud noises, darkness, and a scary theme

Space Mountain: one of the iconic Disney rides, this roller coaster operates in the dark making it scary for younger kids

Expedition Everest: It doesn’t go upside down, but the backwards movement of Expedition Everest will temporarily disorient you.

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