Fun Online Escape Room Games: Did you know that you can complete escape rooms from the comfort of your own home?

If you love and miss escape rooms, some can be done at home and online. You may even be able to work with others remotely!

Breakout City: Free from Breakout Games: You’ll need to solve puzzles to find the suspects in order to solve this point and click game.

The Heist: From The Escape Game: You’ll start with an online portal, as well as a download drive of documents and clues.

Cold Case Crackers: Folders Filled With Clues-It’s less escape room and more mystery – with a lesser focus on puzzles and more focus on analyzing clues

Box Sets From Breakout Games - Breakout Games also offers physical, escape room boxes that you can purchase through their brand Dispatch

EXIT: The Game Boxes: A series of escape room boxes with different themes and puzzles. These are available at many different stores.

The Escape From Iron Gate Board Game: Escape from prison first using your puzzle, guessing, and strategic matching skills

Some in-person escape rooms also offer online options. Check with your favorite escape room for details on their options.

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