Is A Disney Cruise Worth It? We look at all of the factors to consider to help you decide.


We've been on media and complimentary sailings but have also paid our own way at least a dozen times. All opinions are my own. 

What's included:

Before deciding if a Disney Cruise is worth it, you'll want to look at what's included and what the total cost of the cruise is. 


DIsney Cruises aren't all inclusive but there are lots of things that are included in your sailing. 


These include: Main dining meals Movies Entertainment Character interactions Fireworks (Caribbean sailings)

Not Included

There are some things that cost extra during your sailing. Some of these are optional costs/experiences. 

Not Included

Here are some (but not all) things that aren't included: Gratuities Spa treatments WiFi Nursery Alcohol  Transportation to the Port Premium Restaurants

Differences from other cruise lines

Disney cruise line does have some differences from other lines including characters, kids clubs, and their rotational dining experience. 

So Is A Disney Cruise Worth it?

I believe it is, but only if you'll take advantage of those inclusions and differences from other cruise lines. 

Next steps

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