How many days should you go to Disneyland? We give you our recommend-ation and other tips.


I've received complimentary and discounted Disneyland tickets and have also paid my own way. All opinions are my own. 

Disneyland resort

With two theme parks within walking distance of each other, Disneyland is much more manageable than Disney World.

How many days?

We recommend three days at Disneyland, as long as you are planning to spend full days at the theme parks. 

Maximize Your Days

We recommend getting a three-day ticket with the park hopper option, so you can go to more than one park per day. 

Saving Time

We also recommend getting the paid Genie+ option on your tickets, so you can save time in line. 

Stay nearby

Stay either on site or in the nearby area, so you can walk to the theme parks, saving time. 

How many days at Disneyland?

Read our blog post to learn more about our recommended number of days at Disneyland. 


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