Have you heard about cruise ducks? Learn about how to participate in this fun activity on board most cruise lines.   


A fun new activity for cruisers, cruise ducks is when cruisers purchase and hide rubber ducks for others to find.   

Cruise ducks can be found on almost every cruise line, including Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, and the Disney Cruise Line.   

Social Media Groups

There are many groups on social media where cruisers post their finds. Some are specific to a cruise line while others are more general. 

Keep or Hide

If you find a hidden duck, it's up to you whether or not you want to keep it, or hide it for someone else to find. 

Cruise Duck Rules

There are some accepted rules for hiding, for instance, no pools, hot tubs, or retail spaces, and only in public areas. 

Where to Buy

Rubber ducks can be bought almost anywhere and tags can be made or purchased. There are lots of options online. 

Read our blog post to learn more about cruise ducks and to get links on where you can purchase sets of ducks and tags.