How To Make A DIY Travel Journal: Using a DIY travel journal can be a great way to personalize your vacation stories.

There are a lot of different ways that you can approach creating your DIY travel journals  - here is some inspiration

Choose the perfect journal: If you are going to be doing traditional writing in the book, without gluing in materials or sketching, you’ll probably want a lined book.

You can get a themed book, or choose to paint your own cover on a plain journal. Or you can keep it plain.

Get materials, like colorful pens and glue, which you can use to write in the book, decorate it, and add in any small papers

Start working on your travel journal before you go - add things like itinerary, hotel info, and flights

Collect mementos on your trip as you go - things like luggage tags, maps, business cards, ad cutouts

Jot down notes while you are traveling so you remember everything - I usually do this on a separate paper because it's messy.

Create your final pages when you return. Do this as soon as possible so you don't forget anything or lose anything.

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