Is Your Cruise Ship Sailing to Puerto Costa Maya? Here's What To Expect At The Port.

Puerto Costa Maya

The port of Costa Maya is located in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, on the Yucatan peninsula. It’s bordered by the Caribbean Sea and is in the Western Caribbean.

Exiting the Ship

Upon exiting the ship you'll walk right to the port. There are desks where you can book an excursion at this point, although it's best to do so in advance. 

The Port is A Destination

You don't necessarily need to book an excursion if you don't want to, because the port itself is a destination with lots to do.

Activities at the Port

Port activities include chocolate and tequila tasting, shops, restaurants, bars, and even a swimming pool. 


There's even an excursion package with admission to the aviary,  tequila museum, chocolate tasting, and three drinks. 

Maya Chan

During our cruise we booked a day at Maya Chan, a resort that is booked separately from your cruise. 

Maya Chan

It offers a beach and pool, all inclusive drinks and delicious food, large seating areas (reserved for you), transportation to/from the port, and more. 

Read more on our website to learn about the Costa Maya cruise port including activities, amenities, excursions, and more.