The Best Vacations With Teenagers: Take advantage of the time that you have with your teens to plan a great vacation

Wondering where to go on vacation with teenagers? Here are some ideas of places to go.  We recommend talking as a family to plan.

We experienced some of these types of vacations at no cost as part of media trips or for reviews. All opinions are my own.

Family road trip: One of the best family vacations with teens is the quintessential family road trip

Cruise: kids can take advantage of the teen clubs, and many make their own friends when they are cruising, leaving you with some free time on your own

International Travel: I’ve always loved traveling internationally, so I was thrilled when my kids were older and ready to be on a flight for long periods of time

Caribbean Travel: The Caribbean is filled with beautiful resorts and gorgeous islands that are perfect vacations for teens.

Theme Parks: If you are thinking of visiting a theme park with teens, consider pairing it with another family-friendly attraction or destination.

Educational/ History Trips: Kids who have already learned about various historical events may find vacationing in a historical place fascinating.

Action / Adventure Trips: Some ideas of adventure travel include rock climbing, ziplining, and whitewater rafting.

City Vacations: There are so many things to do, including museums, parks, landmarks, and other attractions.

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