Putting Apple AirTags on your luggage can help you keep track of your bags when traveling 


AirTags can’t prevent your bags from being delayed or lost, they can help you realize they have been left behind.

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Set Up

AirTags work with Apple devices and can easily be connected to your iPhone by pulling the plastic tag and following the prompts. 

Tracking Your Item

Once your device is set up, you can use the "find my" app on your iPhone to search for the location of your bag.

Location of Tags

You can include your AirTag in your bag, or purchase a separate holder that can keep it attached to the exterior of your bag. 


You'll be able to check the location of your bag to see if it's moved to the plane, and if it's at your location upon arrival. 

Visit our website to learn more about AirTags, including how we used them twice when our bags were lost this past year. 


AirTags and holders can be purchased on Amazon.com.