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Tips for Remote Schooling and Work On the Road

When you have school-aged children, it can be challenging to incorporate travel into your lifestyle. As kids get older, it is more and more difficult to miss school, as school districts often have strict guidelines for attendance. This year, as in-person instruction has moved to remote learning and virtual school, students may have more flexibility about where they actually are when learning.

This can make it very tempting – especially for your mental health and well-being, to travel somewhere with your kids during the school year. It can work out, but it’s important that you follow some very important tips when considering taking your online learning on the road.

This past summer, like many other families, we were disappointed to have to cancel our summer vacation. Instead of visiting Germany with Adventures by Disney, we explored our small corner of the United States. While the kids weren’t officially in school when we traveled, they were in a small semi-school environment with some virtual classes and camps.

To accomplish that, we definitely had to make a few changes to our usual travel style. Here’s what to consider when doing remote schooling and work on the road.

This post contains affiliate links. A purchase/click through one of these links may result in a commission paid to us. We attended a complimentary media trip to Ocean Edge several years ago but paid full price for our most recent stay.

Tips for Remote Schooling and Work On the Road

Follow State/Country/Local Guidelines

Most importantly, it’s essential that you research and follow state, local, and country guidelines when traveling with your family. Regulations are constantly changing, so you’ll want to make sure your plans are flexible in case the rules are modified.

For us in Massachusetts, it was easiest to spend our summer exploring our home state rather than worrying about increased restrictions. There are so many beautiful places in Massachusetts to visit, and we really enjoyed visiting places we normally never would have seen.

If your kids are currently in remote school, you’ll also want to make sure that the school system won’t change back to in-person learning while you are away.

Desk space at the Embassy Suites International Drive Orlando
Desk space at the Embassy Suites International Drive Orlando

Find a Vacation Destination With Plenty of Room

My family typically stays in hotels, but when we traveled this summer, we needed more space than a typical hotel room would offer. Hotel suites or vacation homes are definitely a good idea. We traveled four times this summer – three times in vacation homes and once in a hotel suite.

When our kids were in camp/class and my husband was working, they each wanted their own space to put their cameras and microphones on. A vacation home gave us the room that we needed.

One bedroom villa at Ocean Edge
Britterige One-Bedroom Villa at Ocean Edge

Check on Necessary Amenities

You’ll also want to make sure that whatever you rent – whether it’s a vacation home or a hotel suite, has the necessary amenities for schooling and work. In addition to the rooms, you’ll actually want to see what is in the rooms to make sure you have desks, chairs, and other furniture.

WiFi is also extremely important. You’ll want to do more than just make sure the property has internet access. Make sure that it is reliable WiFi, and that you can connect all of your devices at the same time.

Ask the question when you make your reservation. You may also want to check property reviews to see if WiFi is mentioned.

Depending on what your kids are doing, you may also need other amenities as well. These would include printer access and cellular service.

Understanding these needs, some hotels and resorts have created packages and deals that cater to working and schooling travelers. These can be a great way to get out of your house and into a new environment.

Ocean Edge Resort in Brewster, MA, for instance, is offering a “Business in Brewster” package that is perfect for those who are sick of working from home. It includes IT help-desk support, access to the front desk printer, a workstation with WiFi, and breakfast/snacks/bottomless coffee.

This package is offered exclusively for mansion rooms, so it may not be a good fit for families with multiple people online at the same time. However, Ocean Edge does have some great villas offering multiple rooms if you need more space without the IT help or printer access.

Another hotel, the Plunge Beach Resort in Lauderdale By The Sea, is offering in-room workspaces with daily and weekly rates.

When packing for your remote schooling/remote work trip, be sure to bring along everything you need. This includes any books, binders, notebooks, pens, pencils, chargers, and computers that you may potentially need. Don’t forget your charger, which will be absolutely essential.

View of Salt Island in Gloucester

Plan a Schedule

Remote schooling requires discipline, and if you are traveling for school, you’ll need to set up a rigid schedule. It can be very tempting to go to the pool or beach rather than do homework or attend meetings and classes. But you’ll want to make sure the work gets done before you enjoy yourself.

Are you doing remote schooling and/or working from home? If you plan to travel during this time, check out these tips, including what to look for in a hotel room or vacation home.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.