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The Pirate Museum Nassau and More

On my recent press trip to Nassau and Paradise Island, we spent most of our time at Atlantis Resort – Bahamas. However, we did head into Nassau one morning for tours of both the Pirates of Nassau Museum and the Heritage Museum of the Bahamas. Both museums were definitely worth checking out, and the kids on the trip enjoyed them as well.

Whether you are staying in Nassau/Paradise Island for your family vacation, or are visiting the port on a cruise ship, these museums would be a fun place to visit and learn more about the history and culture of the Bahamas. The Pirate Museum Nassau is especially exciting for kids that are obsessed with the Pirates of the Caribbean. 

Our trip to Nassau Paradise Island was complimentary as part of a press trip. This post contains affiliate links. A purchase/click through one of these links may result in a commission paid to us. All opinions are my own. 

Fun Things to do in Nassau: The Pirate Museum Nassau and other museums that are right near the Port of Nassau cruise port.


Things to Do in Nassau Bahamas: The Pirate Museum Nassau

Things to Do in Nassau: Pirate Museum

Pirates of Nassau Museum

The Pirates of Nassau museum, located in the heart of Olde Town Nassau, is an easy trip for any guests arriving via cruise ship. We took a motor coach from Atlantis and it was a short drive. Guests are greeted outside the museum by a very realistic pirate, and then led into the museum through the gift shop. After posing for photos, we headed through a pirate ship exhibit to the the self-guided tour.

Things to do in Nassau: Pirate Museum

The museum focuses on the history of pirates in the Bahamas and offers interactive exhibits with lots of information. It provides factual information, and the exhibits generally have to be read.

The museum is very realistic, and can be a bit gory for younger kids. My nine-year old son loved it however, and wasn’t scared at all. Expect to spend about an hour or so in the museum depending on how much time you spend checking out each exhibit.

If you are visiting with younger kids, I would definitely carefully consider your visit. The younger members of our group were definitely a bit scared. 

Cruising on the Disney Dream? If you are on the three-day itinerary, you’ll often find that the day in Nassau is the same day as the Pirate Party. In that case, you can add to your exciting pirate day by visiting the museum. You can walk one block up from Bay Street, just up from the Straw Market. Visit early, and you can get back on the ship early in time to enjoy some of the ship’s activities before dinner!

Admission is currently $13.50 for adults and $6.75 for kids under 18 years old. The Pirate Museum Nassau is open from 8:30-5:30 pm from Monday through Saturday and 9am-2pm on Sunday. Tickets can be purchased right at the museum. There’s also a gift shop where your kids can purchase some fun pirate souvenirs. 

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Things to Do in Nassau: Heritage Museum The Heritage Museum of the Bahamas

After visiting the Pirates of Nassau museum, we walked a few blocks to the new Heritage Museum of the Bahamas, located across the street from famous Graycliff Hotel. The museum is small, but offers lots of great exhibits and artifacts showcasing the history of the Bahamas. Most of the collection is on loan from a British antiques collector.

Our guide led the kids to the front of our group, and carefully explained many of the exhibits. My son, who really enjoys hearing about history and heritage, really loved learning everything, from the British ownership of the Bahamas, to the history of the maritime culture. It’s a great place to visit – whether you are in Nassau for the day or for a longer vacation.

I’d recommend the museum more for adults and older kids who are interested in history. The guide really does add to the visit – it’s difficult to walk through everything on your own and understand the context. The museum is open from Monday through Saturday from 9am-5pm. It’s about a forty minute tour, and you can book it online here

Chocolate lovers will also want to head over to the nearby Graycliff Chocolatier. While you can purchase chocolates there, you can also book a short factory tour where you’ll be able to choose two chocolates to try. Tickets for that can be purchased here



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Samuel Caverly

Thursday 10th of August 2017

I went to the Pirate Museum last year. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, even though the establishment is not very well developed or diverse. It showed a part of Nassau that I never heard of.

Considering that I watched and enjoyed the show associated with the island (Black Sails), I was very curious regarding the differences between the plot and the actual history. Turns out that the TV show was pretty accurate…

As I was going through the shadowed chambers I can say I somehow relived the experience of the Golden Age of Piracy. Did you know that the exhibits depicted show actions that took place in the year of 1716?

Per total, I can say that it was worth my 13 bucks and that I would visit again the place if I ever happen to go to Nassau again.

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