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The Disney Fantasy Staterooms: What You Need to Know

Disclosure: I wrote this post after a complimentary 3 day media preview cruise about the Disney Fantasy. I’ve since been on two 7-day cruises aboard the Disney Fantasy that were not discounted. All opinions are my own.

When I went on my first Disney Cruise Line cruise, I was curious about the staterooms on board the ship. I’d always heard that the rooms on a cruise ship are tiny, which makes sense, given the nature of a cruise ship. There just isn’t a ton of room on the ship. However, this is not the case with the Disney Fantasy rooms.

During the media preview cruise (as well as subsequent cruises with my family), I had a deluxe oceanview stateroom with verandah, and was impressed with the size. While it was certainly smaller than a standard hotel room, it definitely had enough space for families of 3-4.

My family of four is able to fit in a Disney Fantasy stateroom with no problem – including all of our belongings for a 7-day journey. There’s lots of space for clothes, toiletries, and personal items, as well as our suitcases.

Like most travelers on a cruise, we really don’t spend too much time in our actual stateroom. So, it’s more of a place to get ready, sleep, and store our belongings.

The Staterooms on the Disney Fantasy (With a Video Review)

Disney Fantasy Staterooms

verandah disney fantasy
The View from my verandah in my Disney Fantasy stateroom

The deluxe oceanview stateroom with verandah offers a pull-out couch, as well as a regular bed. If you are traveling with two children, they also have a bunk bed that comes down. The stateroom attendant will put this down every evening and put it back every morning, so it’s not in the way at all during your vacation. In my experience, the stateroom attendant comes by early in the sailing to learn about how you want the room prepared on a daily basis.

The bunk beds are not nearly as comfortable as the queen beds, but they are great for kids. The actual regular beds, however, are extremely comfortable, with cotton linens. I always sleep well on a cruise ship because the light rocking lulls me to sleep.

A small desk has several plugs for devices and room for lots of items. You can get another by unplugging the wave phone on the desk. There are also USB ports in the alarm clock by the bed. While it initially may seem like there aren’t enough outlets, I find that our family of four can easily charge our devices.

The double closet and numerous drawers will easily hold all of your clothes for the week, and storage space is also available in the trunk/coffee table and under the bed. We usually unpack all of our belongings, and store our luggage under the bed. There’s plenty of room for each member of your family to have two drawers.

The Disney Fantasy staterooms also offer split baths, with the toilet in one room and the shower/tub in the second room. I love this set up with a family because two family members can get ready at the same time. Note that a limited number of rooms don’t have this split bathroom, but most do.

On the first day on the Disney Cruise Line, I also like to hang up any clothes that need to be hung, and head to the laundry room to iron anything that needs a little bit of ironing. There are no irons or ironing boards in the room, but there are separate laundry rooms on the ship that include ironing facilities.

There are lots of other types of staterooms on the Disney Fantasy as well. These include Inside Staterooms (Standard and Deluxe), Oceanview Staterooms, and Concierge Rooms offering concierge services.

Some rooms don’t have verandahs, but do offer porthole windows. That can be a nice alternative to an inside stateroom. They are a little more budget friendly, but do have an ocean view if you want to look outside.

For larger groups, connecting rooms are available. While we don’t typically spend too much time in our staterooms, we do like having the verandah. It’s definitely nice to sit outside and enjoy the ocean breeze.

When you book your Disney Cruise Line trip, you’ll be able to select your stateroom. Within the specific categories, you’ll have the choice of whether you want to be forward or aft, and if you have a specific floor preference.

I typically like to be on a higher floor, but I personally don’t notice a huge different in floors. It’s really a matter of personal preference, however.

A few tips on the Disney Fantasy staterooms:

The lights and TV do not work if you don’t place your Key to the World in the slot by the door. This is different from the Disney Magic and the Disney Wonder. Remember to remove your key when you leave the room because you’ll probably need it.

Leave your personal hair dryer at home. There’s one in the desk drawer, and it has a special plug. A regular hair dryer won’t work in this plug. I’ve had no issues with the hair dryer – they work just as well as any hair dryer I’ve used in hotels

Wave phones are offered in each room. These phones can be used to call other Wave phones on the ship. Although this can be very convenient, we actually prefer to communicate through the Disney Cruise Line app. Guests on the ship can text each other through the app at no cost.

Room service of standard items is available 24-hours and is free. You can also receive delivery of premium items for a fee. We love all of the restaurants on board the ship, but it’s also fun to order room service as well. My kids always have fun ordering food.

The doors are magnetic – bring magnetic hooks from home to hang up items vertically (I used one for my hanging toiletry bag).

Many guests also decorate their stateroom doors with magnets. Bring some from home, and they will immediately customize your door and make it easier to spot among all of the other identical stateroom doors. I like to put our stateroom door magnets in my day bag, so that I can decorate my door right away.

There’s no iron in the room, however, there are a few laundry rooms with irons on the ship. These rooms also have washer and dryer facilities. 

Some guests on the ship also participate in a fish extender exchange – where they exchange little gifts with each other. You can learn more about fish extenders on this post.

Note that I’ve been on all four Disney Cruise Line ships and the staterooms are similar for all of them. While there are some differences, the sizes are really consistent.

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