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The Best Road Trip Games for Kids

Sick of hearing “Are we there yet”? If you are headed out on a family road trip (Need inspiration? Check out these road trip ideas) you’ll probably want to bring along a few road trip games to keep the kids occupied. While my kids will often play their electronics for much of our road trips, they do usually run out of power well before we arrive at our destination.

I also love for them to look up from their devices once in a while, so they don’t get car sick and so they see where we are going. Load your car up with these games so your kids will be entertained for your entire trip.

I recommend pulling these games out individually after a while of travel. You won’t want to get sick of them too early in the journey. You may also consider playing games when devices run out of power, when you are in traffic, or when you are in a long stretch between stops.

Did I miss your favorite? Leave me a comment to this post and we’ll update this post regularly with more ideas.

If your next family vacation involves a long car ride, you'll want to be prepared. Check out the best road trip games for kids to keep them entertained and having fun the whole trip!

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The Best Road Trip Games for Kids

Mad Libs on the Road

My kids love Mad Libs, and this one is perfect for a family vacation. Remember to bring some pens or sharpened pencils with you.

Even if you don’t purchase this particular version of Mad Libs, there are lots of other options to choose from. I love Mad Libs for teaching kids about nouns and verbs too.

Travel Scavenger Hunt Game

Looking for things along the journey can be fun. If you need inspiration for what to look for, you may consider this travel scavenger hunt game. This pack includes 54 scavenger hunt cards, and is good for kids ages 7 and up.

This type of game can be a great way to get kids to look around and see their environment while traveling.


This game goes beyond the travel road trip scavenger hunt. For instance, one of the challenges is to get someone in the car next to you to wave back at you.

It’s best for slightly older kids. I think it would be great for a very long trip because it can be a different experience every time you play it.

License Plate Game

The license plate game is so much fun to play, and this game from Melissa and Doug makes it easy. If you don’t want to purchase the game, you can make your own before heading out.

Since it can be hard to find some states, like Hawaii and Alaska, you may just want to focus on a specific region of the United States so you aren’t playing for too long.

Play this one when you are on the highway and are more likely to see different states’ license plates. On smaller side roads, it will be tougher to find multiple states.

Auto Bingo

I remember playing this game when I was a kid, and it’s still a classic. Older kids may get bored after a while, but younger kids will love it. These cards make it easy to play over and over again, without using paper and pens.

Like the license plate game, you’ll want to play this one on a highway or other road with lots of things to see. It’s best when you are traveling at a steady speed because when you are in traffic, you won’t see a variety of things.

Crayola DryErase Travel Pack

I bought my kids these packs for a road trip, and they love them. The kits include activity sheets, dry-erase crayons, and a sharpener, and they would also be great for a plane trip.

This isn’t a game specifically, although you could use it for Hangman or other games that require pen and paper. These are also great for a plane trip.

Travel Spirograph

This isn’t a game either, but it’s a fun toy for on the go. A few years ago, I bought my kids a full spirograph set and they loved it.

This travel set is great for on the go designing. It would also be a fun toy to play with while you are in a hotel room, or on a long flight.


Several years ago, on our Adventures by Disney trip to Italy, one of the kids brought a deck of cards. My kids weren’t too familiar with card games, but they ended up having so much fun.

Now, we never travel without a deck of cards. Before you go, search for age-appropriate games for your kids, so you have lots of options.

Another fun card game is UNO, which is great for all ages. On our Greece Adventures by Disney trip, our guide had a small keychain version of UNO that the kids loved playing as we waited for flights and ferries.

Loaded Questions

The travel version of this popular game includes a bunch of questions that you can play with.

Other Road Trip Games That You Don’t Have to Purchase

There are other fun road trip games that don’t require you to bring or purchase anything. These games are great to learn and play wherever you happen to be, including busy lines and in hotel rooms.

Guess the movie/TV show: The kids love playing this one. One player chooses a movie or tv show and just tells everyone the initials.

For instance, High School Musical would be HSM. The first person to guess then comes up with the next movie.

Alphabet game: Everyone in the car looks outside the car to look for items that start with letters of the alphabet. Start with A, and go in order. Set rules ahead of time, and decide whether or not you’ll include items in the car.

Eye Spy: One person in the car looks outside or inside the car and finds an item. They then say, “I Spy With My Little Eye something that ….” and chooses an adjective to describe it.

Other players can guess and additional clues can be given. The person who answers correctly can then choose the next item.

20 Questions: In this game, one player chooses an object and other players can ask up to 20 questions to try to guess it. For younger kids, you may want to turn this into more of a 5 questions game.

Traveling on a road trip? You'll need something to pass the time with your kids. Here are the best road trip games.

What are your favorite road trip games?

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