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Staycation Ideas For Families In Their Hometown

With the current economic and health situation in the country, I can imagine many families will be looking for staycation ideas for the upcoming year – or even longer. If implemented correctly, staycations can be a great way to explore your local area, have fun with your family, and enjoy some relaxation, right in your own backyard. Here are some staycation ideas as well as tips for planning your family staycation.

View from the Boathouse Restaurant in Rhode Island
View from the Boathouse Restaurant in Rhode Island

Staycation Ideas For Families In Their Hometown

Staycations can be a great idea for any time of year. This year, I’d imagine they will be especially popular for summer vacation. It’s the perfect time to enjoy the weather and the outdoors.

Decide How to Structure Your Staycation

The term staycation can mean a variety of different things, so you’ll want to figure out how to structure your staycation. There are a few different at-home vacation ideas to choose from for lots of family fun.

To save money, you can decide to stay at home, instead of a hotel, and venture out on different adventures. You can even choose to do some things in your house or may prefer to spend the days outside your home. This way, you can stay in your own bed while enjoying local attractions.

For more of a real vacation feel, you might consider staying close to home but in a local hotel. This can be especially fun if the hotel or resort you choose has a pool or other amenities that you don’t have access to in your house.

Either way, you’ll still save money and time from a regular family vacation, because you won’t be flying anywhere and it won’t take very long to get there.

Sunflower picking

Ideas of What To Do During Your Family Staycation

Regardless of where you stay for your staycation, you’ll want to develop a list of things to do during your time. Don’t forget to include things that all members of your family want to do so that everyone is on board with the plan.

Create a fun staycation bucket list in advance. Here are some of the best staycation ideas to consider and include on your list:

  • Spend the day at an amusement park
  • Hike or bike in a local state or national park
  • Visit a beach
  • Set up a tent in your living room, basement, or backyard
  • Plan a tournament of your favorite board games for a fun family game night
  • Go berry or flower picking
  • Do a movie night each night with every member of your family choosing the movie (or do a movie marathon over one day)
  • Visit a local nature center
  • Play laser tag
  • Go bowling
  • Play miniature golf
  • Take a bike ride
  • Visit ropes, zip line, or obstacle courses
  • Go to some of your favorite, as well as some new restaurants
  • Do a new escape room
  • Explore local museums (see if your local library offers discounted passes)
  • Spend the day at a water park
  • Plan a scavenger hunt
  • Go to a zoo or local farm or go horseback riding
  • Visit a popular tourist attraction that you’ve never been to in your own city
  • Pack a picnic lunch
  • See a major or minor league sporting event
  • Go to a local music festival

If you are going to stay at a hotel, you’ll want to make sure you choose the perfect spot for your specific plans. You could, for instance, stay at a hotel and resort in a convenient location so that you don’t have to drive very far.

Or, you may choose a spot that has a pool, beachfront location, water park, or other family-friendly amenities that you can enjoy during your staycation. If you do that, you may not even need to make plans beyond the hotel.

Another option is to take a road trip not too far from your home. In that case, you may choose to stay at two or three different hotels/resorts within a short distance from your home.

Ice cream cone

Day Trips for Your Staycation

When we choose to staycation, we typically decide to take short day trips each day. Luckily, in Massachusetts, we have so many beautiful and quaint cities and towns to explore.

I recommend choosing your day trip destinations based on activities that you want to do there. For instance, if there’s a specific museum that you want to visit, you can plan to spend the whole day in that town. Do some research in advance, and you can choose restaurants, shops, and other activities that you can do while you are there.

Flowers along the Boston Harbor

Tips for Managing Your Staycation

Regardless of the type of staycation you choose, there are some general ground rules you’ll want to set in advance. This is especially important if you are staying at your own house, rather than at a hotel.

Make your plans in advance, and commit to them. It can be very tempting to get caught up in everyday life, and if you haven’t paid any deposits, you won’t lose money so you may not feel bad canceling. However, you’ll want to make sure you stick with your plans.

I also recommend that your whole family gets on board with the staycation plans. If you have teens, they may end up wanting to skip out on family time to make plans with friends. Plan together so that everyone is excited about your adventure. Let each family member choose at least one fun activity.

The temptation to do chores, such as laundry, or bigger home projects, may be high. Try your hardest not to let that happen. Instead, set aside a day or two of your vacation to do work around the house.

Develop a list, and run through it. Then, you’ll be able to enjoy your staycation without the risk of getting caught up in housework or projects.

Have you done a staycation? What are your favorite staycation ideas?

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Staycation ideas and tips for your next at-home vacation, including things to do, ground rules to follow, and how to organize your trip.

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