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Pirate’s Dinner Adventure Review

I received a complimentary admission to the Pirate’s Dinner Adventure in Buena Park, CA during the AWEsome Retreat. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links. A purchase/click through one of these links may result in a commission paid to us at no additional cost to you.

On the first day at the AWEsome Retreat in California, half of our group headed to the Pirate’s Dinner Adventure, located right down the road from Knott’s Berry Farm. This fun, family-friendly dinner show combines acrobatics, singing, a fun storyline, dancing, and dinner.

In addition to the Buena Park location, there’s also a Pirate’s Dinner Adventure in Orlando, Florida on International Drive. I would assume the locations are similar, but this article is based upon my experience at the Buena Park, CA location.

Pirate’s Dinner Adventure Review

A review of the Pirate's Adventure Dinner, an interactive dinner show, located in Buena Park California - with another location in Orlando.

Ticket Options at the Pirate’s Dinner Adventure

When purchasing tickets, you’ll select your preferred show time from the available options. There are generally two shows per day on the weekends, and one per day on weekdays.

There are three different types of tickets – an adult ticket for those aged 12 and older, a child ticket for those aged 3-11, and an infant ticket for those under 3 sitting in a lap. Within those tickets, you’ll be able to choose vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, or standard meals. Gratuities and alcohol are extra.

There are also add-ons that you can choose to purchase. These include a cake (for those celebrating a birthday or other special occasion), a package including a pirate flag, bandana, necklace, and chocolate cake, and an option to include a lobster tail with the regular dinner.

Upgrades are also offered. These include a VIP package with guaranteed lobby seating for the pre show, a package including seating within the first three rows of the arena, and a package including booth-style seating. While front of the arena seating would be great, it’s not absolutely necessary, however. The stadium-style seating means that you’ll be able to see

You may also be able to purchase discount ticket vouchers from third parties. In that case, you’ll need to call the Pirate’s Dinner Adventure to make your specific reservation. Get Away Today offers discounted tickets to this California location – you can find them on their website.

The Pirate's Dinner Adventure

Arriving at the Pirate’s Dinner Adventure

Guests can check in to their dinner 90 minutes prior to the start time. You’ll walk up to the side entrance and check in at the ticket booth. At that point, you’ll be given your table assignment. Colors are assigned, and it will coordinate with the pirate that you’ll be cheering for.

Then, you can head into the venue, and get a professional photo taken of your group. You’ll have the opportunity to see that picture and purchase it if you’d like, once you are seated for dinner. Some of the dinner packages include the photo.

When you walk past the photo area, you’ll be in the main waiting area, which includes several different connected rooms. In these rooms, you’ll be able to dine on passed appetizers, shop in the gift shop, and get a drink at the bars. Most drinks are served in collectable cups. After purchasing one, your drink refill is less expensive. Drinks are not included in the dinner package – you’ll purchase them separately.

Before You Are Seated

They stop serving appetizers about a half hour before showtime. Right before you are seated, you’ll get to see the pre show in the waiting area. If you can’t get a good spot to see the preshow, there are lots of monitors where you can see it.

Most of the time, the show you’ll see is the Legend of the Loch Ness Monster. There’s also a separate Halloween and Christmas show. The pre show sets up the theme of the show, where Princess Anita, the Golden Gypsy, and all of the wedding guests (the Pirate’s Dinner Adventure guests) are kidnapped by Captain Sebastian the Black.

After the pre show, each pirate is introduced along with their color, and you’ll follow your pirate into the venue – a huge pirate ship surrounded by a lagoon. Guests are seated stadium style in their color section surrounding the pirate ship. There’s a table in front of you, and everyone faces forward so they can see all of the action.

The interior of the Pirate's Adventure DInner

The Dinner

After you are seated, you’ll be greeted by your server, who will confirm your meal. I had the standard meal, which included chicken, mashed potatoes, and a shrimp skewer. Of course, we’d already had our share of appetizers, so I wasn’t too hungry. The food was good – it wasn’t necessarily what I would have ordered a la carte, but it tasted great and there was just the right amount on the plate.

The Show

The show is absolutely the highlight of the experience. I was so impressed with the talent level of the performers, including the singing and the acrobatics. There’s a full storyline, and young kids from the audience are incorporated, so it’s very interactive. The set is also gorgeous, and so realistic looking. The lagoon surrounding the ship definitely adds to the atmosphere.

I don’t think you’d need to be a pirate lover to enjoy the show. While it’s definitely pirate-themed, it had wide appeal to anyone who would enjoy singing, acting, and acrobatics. The younger kids in the audience definitely seemed to enjoy it, but I think my teens would also like seeing it.

To learn more about the Pirate’s Dinner Adventure, check out their website.

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