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Review of the LimoLiner Bus From Boston to NYC

Note: On December 31, 2019, LimoLiner ceased operations.

LimoLiner Review: A luxury bus from Boston to NYC that is convenient and fun to take into the city.

Disclosure: We received two complimentary LimoLiner tickets and paid for the others. All opinions are my own. Affiliate links included. A purchase/click through one of these links may result in a commission paid to us at no additional cost to you.

Living in the Boston suburbs, we have a lot of options for traveling between Boston and NYC. You can fly, take the train, drive, or take a bus. We’ve tried all of them, but hadn’t found the perfect solution.

Driving to NYC is tedious, and taking the train or flying can be really expensive, especially when you factor in parking. For our recent NYC family trip, we took the LimoLiner bus from Boston to NYC and loved our experience.

LimoLiner Review: Bus from Boston to NYC (and Back)

Review of the LimoLiner Bus from Boston to NYC

What is the LimoLiner?

The LimoLiner bus is a family-friendly, pet-friendly (on some routes) luxury motor coach that travels between Boston’s Back Bay and Midtown Manhattan, with a stop in Framingham, MA.

When booking the LimoLiner tickets, guests have the opportunity to select their seat and choose a meal (options include a hot meal, a cold meal, a vegetarian meal, or a salad with meat). These meals are provided by their caterer, the Main Course Market, and aren’t prepared on the bus.

I love being able to choose seats in advance – that way you know that your family can sit together, even if you get on at the second stop. The LimoLiner Framingham stop is currently at the Sheraton Framingham Hotel and Conference Center, and parking is offered for $10 for your whole trip.

LimoLiner passengers have to park in the bottom lot, but it’s still a quick walk to the entrance of the hotel, where the bus stops. This parking cost is a huge bargain in comparison to parking at the train station or airports.

LimoLiner offers a number of amenities on their service between Boston and New York, including power outlets, leather seats, hot towels, free snacks, free beverages, blankets and pillows, and more.

Our LimoLiner Review and Experience

On Sunday morning, we boarded the bus in Framingham and were greeted by our driver and the onboard attendant. It’s nice to have a bus from Framingham to NYC, because then we don’t have to travel east to Boston just to go west to NYC.

The attendant on the bus is there to make your trip more comfortable, and provides beverage, meal, and snack service (all complimentary with your ticket). He also provided headphones to those who needed to borrow them, and put on a movie for our trip.

There’s a restroom on board, which is essential if you are traveling with kids. There’s also free WiFi on board. There’s plenty of legroom, and the recliner seats are comfortable.

The food on board the LimoLiner bus was actually really good. On the Boston to NYC bus, the hot meal was potstickers with rice, and on the NYC to Boston bus, we had BBQ chicken quesadillas. The kids also enjoyed the meals. On evening trips, a complimentary glass of wine is also offered to passengers over 21.

The trip from Framingham to NYC was approximately 4 hours. The bus picked us up on time for both the trip to and from NYC, and was just a little late due to evening construction on the Mass Pike on our return.

Keep in mind that this is bus service, so things like construction, traffic, and weather conditions can affect your commute. If traveling during a peak time, you may find that the travel time to and from New York City is longer due to traffic.

Where does the LimoLiner Drop Off in NYC?

Once you arrive in NYC, the bus stops right at the Hilton Midtown, which is so convenient. We weren’t staying at the Hilton, but next time, I probably will. I’ve stayed there before and enjoyed my stay.

On the return trip, the stop is the same. We took the opportunity to grab some food from the Halal Guys since we were already in the area and had arrived early.

This midtown NYC stop is so much more convenient than taking the plane from Boston to NYC. When flying, you’ll be at LaGuardia or Kennedy – neither of which is very close to downtown Manhattan. Even if you have to take a cab from the Hilton, it will be a shorter ride than if you fly into one of the airports.

LimoLiner Boston Bus Stop

The LimoLiner originates and ends in Boston’s Back Bay,  in front of the Sheraton Back Bay. Again, while this may not be exactly where you are staying, it shouldn’t be too long of a ride to your destination in Boston. There’s also the Framingham stop, both to and from NYC.

Overall, the LimoLiner is extremely convenient, and the price is better than taking the train or flying. With the additions of complimentary meals, beverages, and snacks, it can be an even better deal. Just keep in mind that your travel time may be a bit longer. You can learn more about the LimoLiner on their website.

Disclosure: We received two complimentary LimoLiner tickets. All opinions are my own.

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Nicole Feliciano

Monday 25th of April 2016

Beats driving in the traffic. This is a great find!

Susan Carraretto

Monday 25th of April 2016

Sounds awesome. Anything to make a long drive feel more comfortable.

Lauren Barth

Monday 25th of April 2016

Awesome. sounds like a great (and fun) family-friendly option! I have to look into this for our next trip to Boston!

Jo-Lynne Shane

Monday 25th of April 2016

That sounds fabulous. I wonder if they have one from Philly to NYC.

Jodi Grundig

Tuesday 26th of April 2016

I think it's just Boston/NYC, but Philly would be a good option!

Melissa @ the Staten Island family

Monday 25th of April 2016

What a great way to take a trip! Sharing this with ally friends!

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