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JetBlue Airlines: Tips for Flying JetBlue as a Family

We fly frequently as a family, and we almost always leave out of Boston’s Logan International Airport. Because of that, we often find ourselves flying on JetBlue Airlines. There are loads of JetBlue flights leaving out of Boston because the city is one of their bases. But convenience isn’t the only reason we fly JetBlue. We also love the airline for their fantastic customer service, great frequent flier program, and other amenities. Here are our tips for flying JetBlue as a family.

Disclosure: I’ve received several complimentary JetBlue Airlines flights as part of various campaigns and programs for review. All opinions are my own. In addition to these free flights, I’ve paid for many, many more on my own.

Guide to flying JetBlue Airlines as a family, including getting seats together, fare classes, and baggage fees.

Guide To Flying JetBlue Airlines as a Family

JetBlue Bases

Obviously, not every airport in the US is serviced by JetBlue. But, many of the bigger and most popular airports are. JetBlue is definitely one of the major airlines within the US now.

There are five JetBlue Airlines bases (where crews originate), including Boston, as mentioned above. There’s also Fort Lauderdale (which is also near Miami), New York JFK (where JetBlue’s Terminal 5 is definitely something to see!), Long Beach California, and Orlando International Airport.

Seating on JetBlue

Family seating on airplanes can be a huge concern. I know how frustrating and stressful it can be when you think that you may have to sit separately from your children. I’ve been very lucky with getting seats together on JetBlue. When booking a ticket with JetBlue, you don’t have to pay for a seating assignment. There are “Even More Space” seats, which cost more and have more legroom.

But for standard seats in the core cabin, you will have access to any standard, regular seat, including aisle and windows. I find that it’s best to just select my seats when purchasing a flight. I’ve never had a problem getting at least 2 sets of 2 seats together.

If you do have a problem, it may be worth contacting the airline directly to ask about options. You can also ask when you arrive at the airport.

Food on JetBlue Airlines

When flying on JetBlue, you’ll be served complimentary drinks and snacks. Complimentary snack options include Terra Chips Blue Chips, cookies (nut-free, which I really appreciate), Doritos, Popcorners, and more.

Drinks include standard soft drinks, as well as iced tea, water, and Dunkin Donuts coffee. Depending on the length of your flight, you may be served a smaller selection of items.

JetBlue also offers a selection of other items for purchase. There are almost always box meals filled with different snack items. If you are flying on a longer, cross-country flight, you may have additional options. I love the boxes, because they are filled with delicious snacks and are good to snack from.

One thing I really like is that JetBlue flight attendants serve the snacks from a basket and the drinks from a tray. So if you have to use the restroom during your flight, you won’t be blocked by the cart.

Bag Fees on Jetblue Airlines

Gone are the days when you’ll get a free bag when you fly. In recent years, JetBlue has started to charge for bags for standard fares (there are options, mentioned below, that will include bag fees).

You can pay for bags in advance, or at a kiosk in the airport. Currently, carry-on bags are included in all fares, for up to one carry on bag and one personal item. If you are TrueBlue Mosaic, you’ll receive two free checked bags. JetBlue credit card holders may also receive a complimentary checked bag.

Pink Sky at Logan Airport

Fare Options and Extras

When purchasing your JetBlue flight online, you’ll see that there are several fare options. Blue is the standard, and has no bags included. If you know you’ll be checking bags, you may consider one of the other options that includes baggage fees.

Blue Plus includes one bag, and Blue Flex includes two. Flex has other benefits as well, including no change fee. Because we have the credit card, we typically book the regular Blue fare. But it can be more cost effective to book the Plus if you know you’ll be checking a bag.

There are other extras that you can purchase as well. If you are traveling with a pet, you can add on that service to bring the pet with you. There’s also Even More Space, where you’ll be seated in a row with more legroom. If you are in a hurry, there’s also Even More Speed. Note that this is not the TSA PreCheck line, so standard security procedures will apply.

JetBlue Mint Service

Mint on JetBlue Airlines

Mint service debuted in 2014 on service from NYC and Los Angeles, San Francisco, Barbados, and Aruba (seasonal). This premium cabin has expanded into more locations, but is primarily on cross-country or longer distance flights. These routes are operated on JetBlue’s new Airbus A321 aircraft. The Mint cabin offers 16 lie-flat beds. Rows 1, 3, and 5 are in a 2×2 seat configuration, and rows 2 and 4 are in a private 1×1 configuration. Currently, there is no cost difference between the 2×2 and the 1×1 configurations.

Here are the other features of Mint:

  • Seats offer air cushions with adjustable firmness and massage functionality
  • Completely lie-back beds (up to 6 ft 8 inches) with a relax (partially reclined) position
  • Dual 110 volt power outlets and 2 USB ports at each seat
  • Seats 20.7 ‘ wide for the 2×2 configuration and  22.3’ wide for the 1×1 configuration
  • Pre-departure drink, in-flight cocktail, and amuse bouche
  • Meal choice of three items among five options, all curated by NYC’s Saxon + Parole
  • Desserts from Blue Marble and a sweets box from Mah-ze-Dahr Bakery
  • Men and Women’s amenity kits from Birchbox
  • Fresh cappuccino and espresso
  • Specially curated wine from JetBlue’s wine expert

These new Airbus A321 planes also offer a new “marketplace” between the Mint and Core cabins. The marketplace is loaded with cool beverages and packaged snacks that all travelers can take at their leisure. Beverage and snack service will still be offered- so the marketplace is for additional in-flight snacks and drinks.

Plane at <a href=Grand Cayman” width=”600″ height=”440″ />

Other JetBlue Amenities

In addition to the complimentary snacks and drinks, there are other amenities that you’ll get on JetBlue. Each plane is now outfitted with Fly-Fi, their version of WiFi. It’s free to access, and works pretty well. Keep in mind, however, that it doesn’t work when you aren’t over the US mainland. So, if you are flying to the Caribbean or Bermuda, or just happen to be over the Atlantic for part of your flight, the WiFi will stop working.

JetBlue also offers DirectTV. There are limited channels, but you can watch right on the screen on the back of the seat in front of you. Like WiFi, it doesn’t work when you aren’t over the continental US.

A select number of movies are also available. There are typically three offered at one time, and these do work regardless of the plane’s overhead location. There’s usually at least one movie that’s kid-friendly, although it isn’t a guarantee. I’ve flown on JetBlue when there aren’t any PG movies offered. So, it’s a good idea to have a backup plan.

You’ll need any standard set of headphones to access any of the entertainment options. They also sell earbuds if you don’t have your own. If you have an iPhone, remember that you’ll need a regular headphone jack, not the new style that Apple is including with the newer iPhone models. Some of the planes also have outlets for charging your electronics, so be sure to bring your cords in your carry-on bags.


TrueBlue, JetBlue’s frequent flyer program, is one of my favorites. You’ll earn points by booking and taking JetBlue flights, and then can use those points to book other flights. There are no blackout dates, and it’s pretty straightforward to book reward flights. There are also bonuses that you can earn a variety of ways, including flying to the same airport multiple times.

I have the JetBlue credit card, and earn points that way as well. If you are going to fly that one airline consistently, it’s definitely worth looking at if you are considering a new credit card.

JetBlue Vacations

JetBlue also offers bundles of hotel, airfare, and sometimes rental cars with their JetBlue Vacations offering. You can visit the website, search for flights and hotels, and book all together. I’ve booked several, including trips to Nashville, Marco Island, and Bermuda.

There are lots of benefits for booking a vacations package, including price and convenience. In researching prices, I’ve always found great deals – much better than what I could get by purchasing separately. It’s also easier to book in just one place.

If you are part of the TrueBlue program, you’ll also get 6 points per dollar spent on a package. That can be a great way to quickly accumulate ever more miles for another trip!

JetBlue International Flights

In addition to US cities like Fort Myers, Seattle, San Diego, Chicago, Boston, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Cleveland, Detroit, and San Juan Puerto Rico, JetBlue also serves international destinations, many of which are in the Caribbean. Some examples include:

  • Liberia and San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Providenciales, Turks and Caicos
  • Havana, Cuba
  • Grand Cayman
  • Cancun, Mexico
  • Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
  • St. Maarten
  • Bogotá, Colombia
  • Quito, Ecuador
  • Lima, Peru
  • Port au Prince, Haiti

JetBlue Customer Service

I book JetBlue flights frequently, which means that I have needed customer service on a few occasions. I’ve always found my encounters with staff members, both online and in person, to be pleasant. Issues are typically resolved quickly.

In some cases, when flights are delayed by an avoidable reason (NOT weather), their customer bill of rights will provide you with a credit. You can also get a small credit if your tv monitor doesn’t operate during your flight. I have found it relatively easy to get a representative on the phone, in the cases when I do have questions or an issue.

Have you flown JetBlue? How was your experience?



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