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How To Organize Your Travel Photos

With the popularity of smartphones that take photos on par with digital cameras, many families find themselves with hundreds (or thousands) of photos, including vacation pictures. Now is the perfect time to organize your travel photos – even selecting a few gems for wall art or other home decor options.

How to organize your travel photos

How To Organize Your Travel Photos

Organizing Online

Regardless of whatever else you do with your travel photos, it’s a good idea to take everything off their memory cards and place them in some sort of digital storage. There are lots of options, depending on what type of services/devices you have.

Apple Photos

I am very invested in the Apple ecosystem – with an iPhone, MacBook, and iPad. As a result, this is my preferred system for storing my travel and family photos.

With iCloud, your photo files will sync automatically through the cloud, so that you’ll have access to them on any device logged in to your account. This can also serve as a backup of your images.

The photos are organized based upon date, and there’s also a basic search function. For instance, you can search “fireworks” and get any photo that the AI finds fireworks in.

This works well, but you may also be looking for ways to organize your pictures by the event. In that case, you can create photos and subfolders for each vacation. This page shows you how to create and group albums within Apple Photos.

Google Photos

Google Photos is another option for photo organization and storage. This free service also includes organization. Like with Apple, you can search on a specific item or location and will get all of the photos with those attributes.

You can use Google photos on your computer, or you can download an app to your smartphone. You’ll also be able to create shared folders with others, who can also add their own photos.

Beach at Turks and Caicos Beaches Resort

Amazon Prime Photos

All Amazon customers have access to Amazon Prime photos, which can be downloaded as an app on your phone. If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you’ll have unlimited storage.

The nice thing about Amazon Prime Photos is that you can set up the app to automatically sync to your smartphone’s camera roll. You can also share your photos, and create albums.

Photos are automatically organized based upon dates, people, and places. Because I already have Amazon Prime, I like using the Amazon Prime Photos app as a good backup so that I will never lose my pictures.

Within the app, you’ll also be able to show your photos on a Fire TV, Kindle Fire, or Echo Show. You can also order photo prints and other photo gifts.

Scrapbook Options

Most of us take many more photos than you could possibly display in a photo album or scrapbook. However, there are definitely occasions where you’ll want to memorialize a special vacation with something more than just a digital folder of pictures. In this case, you may consider scrapbooking.

Digital Scrapbook

The world of digital scrapbooking is almost as big as the paper scrapbooking world. There are templates, tutorials, and lots more available, and the digital pages can look just as beautiful as paper scrapbook pages.

I like the website which offers lots of freebies and tutorials for digital scrapbooks. You may use Photoshop and/or Photoshop Elements to create these beautiful online memories.

Physical Scrapbook

I love the idea of scrapbooking -all of that gorgeous paper, fun stickers, and beautiful borders coming together to create amazing physical depictions of your family memories. If you are feeling especially crafty, consider making your own scrapbook.

There are hundreds of different tutorials and products available. I’ve only made a few scrapbooks, but I’ve always enjoyed walking through Michaels choosing stickers and paper that perfectly match my style and theme.

Views from the Greek Adventures by Disney

Scrapbook Alternatives

You may love scrapbooking too, but sometimes the idea is better than the actual implementation. Between shopping for the supplies, ordering the printed photos, and putting together the actual scrapbook, many find themselves choosing to forgo these printed memories.

Thankfully, due to a few great websites, it’s pretty easy to put together a nice looking scrapbook page or photo book with much less work. While the paper scrapbooks definitely still have a fabulous look to them, these are a great alternative for those moms with limited time.

If you have pictures of an event or vacation sitting on your hard drive waiting to be added to a scrapbook, Shutterfly offers printed photo books that are a great option.

You can choose a style with a preset background and layout and then add your photos. There’s also space on each page for text and captions. Once you create the perfect book, you can order it and it’ll arrive printed and bound on great quality paper.

If you are short on time, you still have options. You can also have a professional designer create your photo book for an additional fee.

Easy Scrapbook Ideas

If you want to create something that’s easier and cheaper to make, you can create individual scrapbook pages on free software such as Canva. Create various photo collages, add text and other elements, and then print them out. You can either laminate them or place them in plastic sleeves in a binder.

Photo art in living room
Photo art in my living room

Other Ways to Display Photos

On some occasions, you’ll have some travel photography that you absolutely love and want to display or gift to others. There are lots of different photo art options that would be perfect for this.

Over the years, I’ve selected some of my favorite travel photos to turn into large canvases for our home. I have a picture of Castaway Cay in my office, a sunflower from a Vermont road trip in my hallway, and photos from Turks and Caicos and Martha’s Vineyard in my living room.

Other photo items are also options, including pillows, blankets, and bags.

How do you organize your travel photos?

Do you have lots of travel photos sitting around? Now is a great time to organize your travel photos, upload them, and create photos albums or scrapbooks.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.