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Guide to Epcot for Kids

I have always loved Epcot – even back when I was a kid and it was called EPCOT Center. However, it is often thought of as more of an “adult” park. As a result of that, some families opt to skip it when planning their Disney World vacation.

I feel that every family visiting Disney should plan a day at Epcot. This theme park has lots of things that kids love, and it’s such a unique place. Here’s our guide to Epcot for kids.

I am a former member of the Disney Parks Moms Panel and have been on some complimentary press trips at Walt Disney World, but all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links. A purchase through one of these links may result in a commission paid to us at no additional cost to you.

A guide to Epcot for kids - including attractions, character greetings, and restaurants that kids will love during their Walt Disney World vacation.

Guide to Epcot for Kids

When we first visited Epcot with our toddler and infant, we decided to go there first on our trip. We felt that once they saw the Magic Kingdom, they wouldn’t appreciate any of the other parks. Depending on the age of your kids and what they enjoy, that may be a good option for your vacation.

Epcot has two distinct lands: the World Showcase and Future World. Typically, Future World opens when the park opens, while the World Showcase opens later.

Attractions at Epcot for Kids

There are lots of fun attractions at Epcot for kids. There are some that are best for slightly older kids, and others that are great for all ages.

The Seas with Nemo

The Seas with Nemo and Friends: This dark ride is open to kids of all ages. Board a clamshell vehicle, and you’ll travel through the story of Finding Nemo. It features all of the popular characters and is slow-moving. Young kids, however, may find the dark queue a little scary (my young daughter did).

Turtle Talk with Crush: Also located in the Seas pavilion is the show Turtle Talk with Crush. During this show, kids can sit in the front and interact with the beloved surfer turtle from Finding Nemo. My kids always loved this attraction, especially when they were younger.

Journey Into Imagination With Figment: This fun ride has been updated over the years, but is an Epcot classic. Travel with Figment through an open house at the Imagination Institute. My kids (now teens) still love this ride.

It’s open to all heights/ages and offers FastPass+. Once you get through the ride, you’ll find some educational hands-on exhibits.

Gran Fiesta Tour: The Gran Fiesta Tour, located in the Mexico Pavilion of the World Showcase, is one of my favorite rides. This boat ride features the Three Caballeros, and you’ll travel through the ride searching for the missing Donald Duck. It’s really cute and a nice way to get out of the sun for a little while.

Frozen Ever After

Frozen Ever After: This relatively new ride in the Norway Pavilion features beloved Disney characters from the movie Frozen. It’s definitely a must-do for any Frozen fan. Lines are still pretty long for this attraction, but FastPass+ is available.

It’s open to all ages and heights. Keep in mind, however, that there is a small, mild drop in the ride.

Soarin’ Around the World: Soarin’ (located in the Land pavilion of Future World) continues to be one of the more popular rides at Walt Disney World. This latest iteration is a hand-gliding tour over the world. It’s best for slightly older kids, however, as the minimum height is 40 inches.

Test Track: With a minimum height of 40 inches, Test Track is another ride that is best for older kids. Kids love designing their own car to test on the track – and once it goes outside it’s fast and fun.

Living With the Land: While some may think of this boat ride through the greenhouses in the Land as unexciting, Living with the Land has always been one of my favorite rides. It’s educational, and I always loved learning a little bit about growing food.

Spaceship Earth: This icon at Epcot features a fun ride through time. Kids may not love the history component, but they will love the end part of the attraction, where they can select specific elements of their future to create a simulation of what they can expect.

Kidcot Fun Stops

If your kids love collecting stamps and doing projects, they will love the Kidcot Fun Stops. These are located throughout the World Showcase at Epcot and include activities at each stop. Older kids would probably rather do different things at the park, but younger kids will really enjoy these stops.

Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure

If you are looking for a little adventure while exploring the World Showcase, join Phineas and Ferb’s pet platypus to foil Doctor Doofenshmirtz’s latest plan. Visit (while you are in Epcot), or use the Disney Play app to join the game. There are six different adventures – each in a separate World Showcase country.

The Skyliner outside of Epcot
The Disney Skyliner station at Epcot

Food at Epcot for Kids

Epcot is my favorite restaurant for Disney Dining. There are so many fantastic options – especially within the World Showcase. Luckily, there are plenty of restaurants that specifically cater to children.

Akershus Royal Banquet Hall is the very first Disney World character dining experience that my kids attended. It’s located in the Norway pavilion of the theme park and is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Although the World Showcase is typically closing during breakfast time, Akershus is open.

Guests dining at Akershus, regardless of the meal, are greeted by the princesses, who visit each table. Specific characters are never guaranteed, but you’ll usually see a few of the following: Snow White, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, and Cinderella. Because of its size, it can often be easier to get reservations at Akershus rather than Cinderella’s Royal Table in the Magic Kingdom.

Another fun character dining experience at Epcot is the Garden Grill in the Land pavilion. This restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and includes food grown right in the Land.

The restaurant slowly rotates while you are eating, and characters in attendance include Chip n Dale and other Disney characters. We always loved eating at the Garden Grill because the food is delicious and it’s always fun to see the characters.

There are other delicious restaurants in Epcot, and all are kid-friendly. Our favorites include the Tangierine Cafe in Morocco, Via Napoli in Italy, and the San Angel Inn in Mexico.

Alice in Wonderland at Epcot

Characters at Epcot for Kids

It’s sometimes surprising to see how many fantastic character greeting opportunities there are in Epcot. There are some characters at Epcot that you can’t see at the other parks.

The biggest draw for Frozen lovers is Elsa and Anna. They can be seen at Royal Sommerhus in Norway. Other princesses, like Snow White, Princess Jasmine, and Mulan, as well as Alice in Wonderland, can be found at the World Showcase in the corresponding countries.

There’s also the Epcot character spot, where you’ll see Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy. Because of construction at Epcot, the character spot has moved, so you’ll need to check the park map when you arrive to find the current location.

Other characters at Epcot include Joy and Sadness, Donald Duck, and Ralph and Vanellope. Keep in mind that characters can change, so look at the times guide at the park or the My Disney Experience app.

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