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Family Travel With Exclusive Resorts

Disclosure: Our travel to New York City, including some activities, was covered by Exclusive Resorts. All opinions are my own.

I enjoy spending time with my children, regardless of what we are doing. But traveling with them is something I would do all of the time, if we didn’t have time and money restrictions. So, when we do travel together, I like to maximize our time and experience as much as possible. I want to make sure we are staying in locations that are best for our family, and want to include as many family-friendly activities in our trip as possible. We recently traveled to New York City for a few nights with Exclusive Resorts, a destination club that helps families maximize their vacations.

Family Travel with Exclusive Resorts, including benefits, amenities, and more.

Family Travel With Exclusive Resorts

What is Exclusive Resorts?

Exclusive Resorts is a destination club with 10 year and 30 year membership options. The 30 year option is an inheritable membership that can be passed on. These memberships are purchased with a combination of initiation fees plus annual dues. As a member, you’ll have access to over 400 luxury residences, located in popular travel destinations, including spots in the US, Caribbean, Africa, Asia, and Europe. Most members travel between 15 and 30 days per year. You’ll also be able to access the vacation experiences, which go beyond a property and include a full itinerary of activities.

What are the Benefits of an Exclusive Resorts Membership?

The access to these properties is one of the top benefits. While some are standalone vacation homes, others are located within world class resorts with fabulous amenities. During our visit, we stayed in a gorgeous two-bedroom, two and a half bath unit right in the heart of midtown Manhattan. Unlike the typical hotel room in the city, this luxury unit had so much space. While we wanted to explore the city, we also enjoyed our time in the room.

A full kitchen at an Exclusive Resorts property

This residence featured a full kitchen (with a regular coffee maker and an espresso maker), washer and dryer, luxurious Molton Brown toiletries, a Google Home, a high-tech entertainment center with Apple TV, comfortable linens, and so much more. Many of the luxury residences within the Exclusive Resorts portfolio have the same or similar appliances, so they’ll be familiar to you as you stay in different locations. Our property also gave us access to a nearby world-class fitness center.

Upon becoming a member, you’ll be assigned a Vacation Ambassador. Although I am not a member, for purposes of this media stay, I was assigned one. Your vacation ambassador will get to know you and your family, and help you as you choose your next vacation.

A bedroom at an Exclusive Resorts property

You’ll also receive access to the Source, an internal website just for members. There, you can access information on the various properties and make your requests. Once you’ve got a location booked, you can also use the Source to communicate with the property personal concierge. The concierge will help you with activity ideas, make reservations, and will stock the property with groceries if you’d like. Because the residences have full kitchens, you can save time and money by eating in the property for a few meals.

Groceries at an Exclusive Resorts property

We choose to place a few items on our grocery list – staples like milk and bottled water, as well as snacks including apples and crackers. I also thought it would be easiest for the kids to eat breakfast in the property since they wake up so early, so we got cereal. It was so nice to have these things sitting there, waiting for us. My kids were so hungry after our train got in around 2pm, and they immediately each grabbed an apple to snack on when we arrived.

Having access to the personal concierge really helped us maximize our vacation. We wanted to visit the One World Observation and do The Ride NYC during our trip. Our concierge purchased the tickets on our behalf, and knew that it was best to get priority access tickets. I would never have known to do that, and it was so helpful to skip the line. He also got us guaranteed front row seats to the Ride NYC.

The Ride NYC review and guide, including information on what to expect with the ride, is the Ride kid friendly, where does the Ride NYC go, and how to get discounts.

In addition to purchasing tickets and groceries, our personal concierge set us up with a full agenda, based upon our preferences and plans. He asked about our favorite types of food, and then gave us restaurant ideas – even making reservations where necessary/available. When we got to the property, we had a printed agenda with everything listed. Everything is totally optional – you can have the concierge make as many reservations as you’d like.

For our busiest day – the day that we visited One World and The Ride NYC, we followed all of his meal recommendations. They were perfect for us, and were in exactly in the right location. It’s so helpful to have vetted options when traveling with kids.

Our stay with Exclusive Resorts helped us maximize our vacation time, because we were in a great location for our trip, and our personal concierge made sure that we did as many activities as we wanted to do during our stay. I can only imagine that every luxury vacation experience with Exclusive Resorts is like this, whether it’s a city vacation, a beach vacation, or a ski vacation.

To learn more about joining Exclusive Resorts, visit their website.

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