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An Afternoon at Rum Point, Grand Cayman

Disclosure: I experienced Rum Point Grand Cayman for the first time during an expense paid press trip to Grand Cayman. I paid for my second excursion there during a second press trip with JetBlue Getaways. All opinions are my own.

Grand Cayman is a fun island with lots of great beaches, but my favorite is Rum Point. This beach off the beaten path offers restaurants, snorkeling, water sport rentals, and more. It's a great spot for a cruise excursion or beach day during your family vacation.

Why Rum Point Grand Cayman is a Must-visit on Your Grand Cayman Vacation

The turquoise blue sea shimmers in the distance, as I sit nursing my refreshing pina colada and breathing in the fresh Caribbean air. One visit to Rum Point Grand Cayman and I knew it would be one of the most special places that I would ever visit. After swimming with the stingrays, snorkeling, riding a semi-submarine, seeking out blue iguanas, holding turtles, and learning about bugs, we were ready for a little relaxation on our last afternoon in the Cayman Islands.

Luckily, our hosts had set up the agenda anticipating this, and our afternoon stop was a three-hour visit to Rum Point Grand Cayman, a public beach about an hour drive from Seven Mile Beach. I loved it so much that during my second trip to Grand Cayman, I made sure that I took my whole family there. We booked a boat excursion from our hotel, which also stopped at Stingray City.

Where is Rum Point Grand Cayman?

Rum Point is located on the quieter North Coast side of the island. As a result, it is filled with more locals and fewer tourists than the other Cayman Island attractions we visited, most likely due to the drive (or boat ride) required to get there. But it’s a place I highly recommend visiting.

Rum Point Grand Cayman Things to Do and Restaurants

The onsite Wreck Bar, a beach bar that is credited with creating the first mudslide, offers a fabulous pina colada also. That’s what I got, and it was absolutely delicious. We got lunch there, and the kids loved the smoothies. Lunch is standard Caribbean beach fare, but is served right on the beach, making it easy to grab a bite and head back to the fun.

The best part of Rum Point is the fabulous beach. The water was shallow, calm, and warm, and you can snorkel right by the pier. Young kids will especially love the shallow waters. If you love water sports, there’s a Red Sail sports kiosk on site. Our group got to rent waverunners, snorkel equipment, and paddleboards during our visit. Life vests are also available for rent.

My daughter and I got some snorkeling equipment and had fun exploring the water at our own pace. Rum Point snorkeling is definitely fun, but you don’t need to rent equipment to enjoy a day at the beach – it’s also great to just sit in the water and relax.

Rum point with a sailboat docked

Rum Point Grand Cayman Amenities

Rum Point has their own beach chairs as well as picnic tables by the bar and grill. The two times that I visited, it was pretty easy to get a beach chair. There’s also a Rum Point restaurant open in the evenings, and a gift shop, restrooms, and changing rooms on premises.

You could easily spend the day there, but if you only had part of a day, I’d recommend spending at least three hours. During our day-long excursion, we were able to spend the afternoon after visiting Stingray City earlier in the day. Cruise ship passengers may also be able to book an excursion to Rum Point.

How to Get to Rum Point Grand Cayman

Because of its tucked away location on the north side of the island, it can be a bit challenging for tourists to get to Rum Point. However, there are some options.

If you are staying on Grand Cayman, you may consider renting a car and driving there. That’s probably the most straightforward way to get there. However, I’ve found that in most cases, you won’t need a car for a Grand Cayman vacation. In that case, it may not be worth having the car.

Another option is the boat shuttle offered from Camana Bay. There’s a fee, and you will need to take a bus shuttle after you get off the boat. But that’s a budget-friendly way to get there.

You could also book a day trip excursion or a get a private boat charter. Our hotel, the Westin Grand Cayman, offered a day trip excursion with a trip to Stingray City and an afternoon at Rum Point. Regardless of how you get there, I definitely recommend visiting!

You can learn more about Rum Point here.

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