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5 Places to Eat During Your Smugglers’ Notch Vacation

Places to Eat Smugglers' NotchIf you are traveling to Smugglers’ Notch Resort in Vermont on a family vacation, you may think that your meal options are limited to eating in your room or at the resort’s several on-site family-friendly eateries.  However, there are some really great Jeffersonville VT restaurants offering delicious food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner right nearby – you just need to know where to look.  Here are five places to eat right near Smugglers’ Notch  that you can’t miss on your next trip! These Jeffersonville vt restaurants are family-friendly and great for travelers. 

Smugglers’ Notch Places to Eat

The Burger Barn

Route 15, Jeffersonville, VT (aka, take a right at the Mobil)

The Burger Barn, pictured at the left, could most optimistically be described as “unassuming”.  There’s barely a sign identifying it (except for the one that is still up in their old location down the road), and most tourists would drive right by.  But, you’d be missing something fabulous – gourmet, grass-fed burgers with amazing toppings, and the most delicious fresh-cut fries. The Burger Barn has some of the best burgers I’ve ever had, and is definitely worth the visit during your Smugger’s 

The Burger Barn is a trailer, so there’s no indoor seating and no table service. Eat outside, or take back to your hotel room to enjoy. It’s open seasonally from April to October. They post updates on their Facebook page, so check that before heading out to make sure they are open for the season. 

The Mix Cafe and Bakery – unfortunately closed

55 Church St, Jeffersonville, VT (behind the Smugglers’ Notch Inn)

For an out of this world breakfast, don’t miss The Mix Cafe and Bakery, which is tucked behind the Smugglers’ Notch Inn.  Fresh, local ingredients, and a innovative menu are the standouts here – try the Jersey Sliders, which are a fabulous option on the seasonal menu. We usually visit this spot several times during our Smugglers’ Notch vacation. 

Hearth and Candle

4323 Vt Route 108 S, Jeffersonville, VT (on-site at Smugglers’ Notch Resort)

This privately-owned and operated restaurant located right on property at Smugglers’ Notch is fabulous.  With a family dining room and an adult dining room, everyone can enjoy their dinner.  The menu focuses on modern American cuisine with fresh, local ingredients. 

Menu items include small plate dishes like mussels, pork belly, and crab cakes. There are also soups and salads as well as entrees including steak, lamb, scallops, and lobster. 

There are also entrees for younger diners, with menu items including salmon, grilled chicken, and cheeseburgers. Younger kids also have options including English muffin pizzas, chicken strips, and pasta. 

Take out is also available, if you’d prefer to eat in your room.

Boyden Valley Winery

Junction 15 & 10470 Vermont Route 104, Cambridge, Vermont

The kids are in camp at Smuggs all day, so what can mom and dad do?  Visit the nearby Boyden Valley Winery, which now also offers cider and spirits! 

While there isn’t a cafe in the winery, you can order a cheese plate with a glass of wine to eat on the patio or in the winery – a perfect light lunch! During our Smugglers’ Notch vacation, my husband and I did this several times while the kids were in camp. It was such a nice way to spend the afternoon. 

The Family Table

4807 Vt Route 15, Jeffersonville, VT

As the name implies, the Family Table is a great restaurant for families.  There are loads of kids options, and the regular menu is outstanding. Items include steak and seafood, and there’s a kids’ menu as well. Try the Lamb Burger – you won’t be disappointed!  If the weather is nice, ask to sit in the screened porch where you’ll get a great view of the river

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Johnny D

Friday 29th of July 2011

Here is a true & complete list of places to eat in Jeffersonville. The Winery is great, but they do not serve food. The Burger barn is a trailer on the busiest road in town, but people do say its good. I prefer to eat out of an actual brick and mortar building unless I'm at the fairgrounds! My top choices for breakfast are The Mix Cafe, 158 Main, and The Family Table. For lunch, 158 Main or try The Cupboard Deli at the Citgo Station on Route 15, they make great sandwiches to go (no eat in). For dinner; Hearth and Candle, Three Mountain Lodge, The Family Table, the new El Zorro Mexican Restaurant, and Stella Notte Italian Restaurant. These are all fine establishments, sorry someone had a bad experience at The Family Table. I have been there several times and the food on everyone's plates has always been out standing and a great value for the price.

For a list of all establishments in our little town, please visit:


Three Mountain Lodge Route 108, Jeffersonville, VT, 05464 Telephone(802) 644-5736

158 Main Restaurant 158 Main St., Jeffersonville, VT, 05464 Telephone(802) 644-2011

Burger Barn Route 15, Jeffersonville, VT, 05464 Telephone(802) 644-2069

El Zorro Mexican Restaurant 87 Edwards Rd., Jeffersonville, VT, 05464 Telephone (802)-644-1499

Hearth & Candle Restaurant 4323 Vt Route 108 S, Jeffersonville, VT, 05464 Telephone(802) 644-8090

Jeffersonville Pizza Department 158 Main St, Jeffersonville, VT, 05464 Telephone(802) 644-5550

Stella Notte Restaurant 44 Desjardins Rd, Jeffersonville, VT, 05464 Telephone(802) 644-8884

The Brewski 4087 Route 108 South, Jeffersonville, VT, 05464 Telephone(802) 644-6366

The Family Table Restaurant 4807 Route 15, Jeffersonville, VT, 05464 Telephone(802) 644-8920

The Mix Cafe at The Smugglers Notch Inn 55 Main Street, Jeffersonville, VT, 05464 Telephone(802) 644-6371

The Village Tavern at The Smugglers Notch Inn 55 Church Street, Jeffersonville, VT, 05464 Telephone(802) 644-6765


Friday 29th of July 2011

Thanks Johnny. For the winery, I was referring to the cheese/meat plate you can purchase with your wine - a great place to have a light lunch while the kids are in camp!

I didn't like Stella Notte, and the Brewski looked closed? 158 Main is another great option!


Friday 29th of July 2011

We love Smugglers' Notch and I agree with nearly all of your recommendations, except for The Family Table. We tried it this year, and we really wanted to like it. We had such a bad experience, though. The service was terrible and completely inattentive, and, worse, my mom's veal came out raw. We won't be trying it again. Another of our favorite's in the area is Gracie's, on Edson Hill Road in Stowe.


Friday 29th of July 2011

Sorry you had a bad experience there. I wouldn't return if I'd been served raw veal either!

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