White Mountains Inn to Inn Cookie Tour

Last month, my husband and I attended the Inn to Inn Cookie Tour, as guests of the Country Inns of the White Mountains.  While we’d spent lots of time up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, we generally stayed in rental houses or hotels – I’d never stayed in a bed and breakfast.  So, I was looking forward to having the chance to check out 15 different country inns in the area.

Inn to Inn Cookie Tour in the White Mountains of New Hampshire Held Each DecemberEach inn showcased a handcrafted gingerbread house as well as their own cookie creations.  My husband and I drove from inn to inn, touring each one and tasting the cookies, and at the end, had a chance to vote for our favorite gingerbread house.  We were so impressed to see how beautiful and unique each inn is – especially all decorated for the holidays.

Our favorite gingerbread house was actually the one at the inn we stayed at – the Covered Bridge House.  It was created by the owner’s 13-year old daughter, and was really beautiful.  In fact, that was the winner!

I wrote a review of the Covered Bridge House, of the 1785 Inn (where we had dinner), and of the entire event on Uptake.com – check them out.

Disclosure: We were given free tickets to the Cookie Tour, two night’s stay at the Covered Bridge House, and dinner at the 1785 Inn.

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  1. This place sounds neat! I want to take a trip there.

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