Tips for Easier Holiday Travel for Families

Traveling during the holidays can certainly be challenging, especially when you are traveling with kids. With the peak of holiday family travel happening right now, I have some tips for how you can best plan for easier holiday travel.

Tips for Easier Holiday Travel for Families

Easier Holiday Travel

Tip #1: Leave lots of time for traveling
Airports face record traffic during the holiday season, so arriving with extra time can help make sure your trip stays stress free. If you are driving for your trip, remember that traffic will cause your trip to take much more time than it usually would.  Figure out how much time you think you need, then add at least a half hour to that time (more for a long road trip).

Tip #2: Pack a first aid kit in case anyone gets sick
With all of the germs in airports and at family gatherings, it’s likely that someone will get sick. Pack a first aid kit with a thermometer, Children’s Advil or Tylenol, Sudafed (especially since it’s difficult to purchase this in a hotel gift shop), and adult painkillers so you won’t have to search for a pharmacy on your trip.  Also bring along anti-bacterial gels or lotions so you can disinfect your hands when you don’t have access to soap and water.

Tip #3: Check the weather along your route
Most families make the mistake of only checking the weather at their destination, but if you are road tripping, or have a flight layover, make sure you check the weather along your whole destination so you are prepared if you need to make a detour.  I had this happen last year when traveling from Boston to Plattsburgh, NY.  We checked the weather in Plattsburgh, but didn’t realize there was a bad snowstorm in Vermont – the highway was closed and we were delayed hours.

Tip #4: Get your car checked out
If you are road tripping, you can save yourself some hassle by getting your car checked out. Small things like properly inflated tires and new windshield wiper blades can really improve your road trip experience.  Plus, if there is something wrong with your car, don’t you want it fixed before you leave?

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