Taking Your Children Out of School For Family Vacations

Do you take your children out of school for family vacations?  Many families do, and so I decided to see how Mom’s Favorite Stuff and Family Travel Magazine readers felt about this topic, with a poll on this site, and on my Mom’s Favorite Stuff Facebook page.

The majority of responders indicated that they have taken their children out of school for vacation, and others indicated that they haven’t yet, but would.  Only a small percentage of parents responded that they wouldn’t take their kids out of school at all for a family vacation, citing reasons such as classroom disruption.

Families often find that school vacations are limiting for family vacations.  Prices are generally higher, and crowds are usually heavier.  I’m taking my kids out of school this month for our trip to Phoenix for spring training baseball – which doesn’t occur during their school vacation.

So, what do you think?  There’s still time to vote in our poll!  While you are there, check out our other poll, about airport amenities.

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  1. I’m totally fine with it. Especially because I know they will probably get more of an education on the trip than in school – most of the time.

  2. Kristin Malavenda says:

    i prefer to call them “family field trips” :0)
    totally ok with me!

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